Living Single

Season 1 Episode 1

Judging by the Cover

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Aug 29, 1993 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • (After she found out Brad was married, door bell rings)
      Regine: There's mister bigamy now.
      (Leaves to get the door)
      Max: It's showtime!
      Khadijah: It's on.
      (Max, Khadijah and Syclaire huddle up right by the kitchen door)
      Brad: Hi, baby.
      Regine: I am not your baby tonight. You have a wife.
      Brad: But, Regine...
      (Cuts to the girls in the kitchen)
      Khadijah: Right, now he talkin' bout "I was gonna tell you, baby."
      (Cuts to Regine and Brad)
      Brad: ...I was gonna tell you, baby.
      (Cuts to the girls)
      Khadijah: He'll also try, "I was just lookin' for the right time."
      (Cuts to Regine and Brad)
      Brad: I was just lookin' for the right time.
      (Cuts to the girls)
      Syclaire: How do you know everything that he's gonna say?
      Max: He's a man, they never vary from the script.
      (Cuts to Regine and Brad)
      Brad: Regine, I understand why you're angry. I just want a chance to explain, please? Just give me a few minutes. How about we go somewhere so we can talk.
      (Cuts to girls)
      Max: Now, she's gonna kick him to the curb.
      (They hear a door slam and come out to congradulate her but she left with Brad)
      Khadijah: I can't believe this.
      Syclaire: Well, that was awfully polite of her to walk him ouside.