Living Single

Season 2 Episode 19

Legal Briefs

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 16, 1995 on FOX



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    • Kyle: Khadijah, women all over New York are holding their breath, awaiting the story you did on moi.
      Khadijah: Well, tell them to exhale!

    • Synclaire: Obie, you put these in my pile, but they're yours.
      Overton: Oh, I know that. I was kinda hoping you'd wear 'em later.
      Synclaire: Oh. Well, ignore that red lace bra in your pile. There's no message there.

    • Synclaire: Kyle, you were one of a bunch of men profiled.
      Kyle: Yes, but the others will simply recede into the background once the women get a load of me. It's called the Barker Effect. Yeah!
      Overton: And scientists are working around the clock to find a cure. Yeah!

    • Regine: Max ran into me outside and is helping me with my bags.
      Khadijah: How come? That's not food!

    • Max: I hear he has a very jealous girlfriend. The waits-for-you-to-come-out-of-your-house-so-she-can-run-you-down-with-her-car kind of girlfriend.

    • Preston: You're the one who has all the men in the office buzzing around you, Fred Meyer!
      Max: Fred Meyer is a dork.
      Preston: So? I saw the way he was checkin' you out in that suit. And if he wasn't looking, he was thinking about looking!

    • Max: She did not start wearing that Wonderbra until you came along.
      Preston: Well, that's because I felt that her cleavage wasn't pronounced enough, so I suggested she go buy one! In fact, I went with her to buy it. In fact, we went to pick it out together, walking hand and hand through Bra World!

    • Max: And why'd you have to bring your special coffee beans in here? Getting the women all worked up! Juan Valdes never got so much attention.

    • Regine: You've gotta work with somebody you've seen naked? Now that's distracting.
      Synclaire: Yeah. How do you think I feel every time I see Obie change a light bulb?

    • Overton: You know, it's comforting to know that, when there are no men around, you women can be as raunchy as we are. It is a bit disheartening to realize that, right now, you seem to think there are no men around!

    • Overton: So Kyle, what's the little lady cooking for supper?

    • Max: You know, if we're going to make a clean break of this, I'm really going to have to hate you.
      Preston: Okay. I'll partner you with Fred.
      Max: That helps.

    • Regine: Now, let's see. What to wear. I need something that says, "I'm with him, but it's a favor."

    • Preston: As you all know, the district attorney has promised to eliminate prostitution in New York.
      Fred: Again?
      (Max enters)
      Max: Sorry I'm late. My heel got stuck in a manhole and I had to wait for the city to come out with a crowbar.
      Fred: Again.

    • Fred: If I were to refer to a precedent, that would be...?
      Max: People v. Rickey.
      Fred: Get out of my head.
      Max: Get out of my face.

    • Overton: I have a strict policy against mixing business with pleasure. Have we learned nothing from the tragic saga of Tom and Roseanne Arnold?

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