Living Single

Season 3 Episode 13

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow... Dammit

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Dec 14, 1995 on FOX
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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow... Dammit
Overton invites everyone to spend Christmas at the Canadian cabin his family frequented during his childhood. He is disgusted to find that the area is now a tourist attraction, complete with an amusement park. He has several run-ins with an overzealous Mountie (who cites him for fishing without a license and trying to chop down a protected tree), and Synclaire accidentally turns his Santa suit pink in the wash. Khadijah challenges Kyle and Max to be civil to one another throughout the trip, but all bets are off when she shows him up by buying him a laser disc player after they'd agreed to a twenty-dollar spending limit on gifts. Regine dumps her date when he assumes she will be sleeping with him, then accidentally reveals that he is about to be fired from the soap opera. Regine is not pleased when Khadijah cheers him up and helps him get home. Synclaire tells Overton that what made the Christmases of his youth special was the presence of loved ones, not the cabin. The others, including a reconciled Kyle and Max, join them outside. The Mountie tries to give Overton a ticket for an illegal campfire, but will back off for a date with Khadijah. She declines so that Regine can have a shot at him. Tag: Caroling on a roller coaster. Music: "Deck the Halls" and "Silent Night," performed by the castmoreless

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    John Henton

    John Henton

    Overton Wakefield Jones

    Kim Coles

    Kim Coles

    Synclaire (James) Jones

    Mel Jackson

    Mel Jackson

    Ira Lee "Tripp" Williams III (season 5)

    Kim Fields

    Kim Fields

    Regine Hunter

    Erika Alexander

    Erika Alexander

    Maxine Felice Shaw (a.k.a. "The Maverick")

    Queen Latifah

    Queen Latifah

    Khadijah James

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      • Overton: I see the happy truce is back in effect.
        Kyle: No, not really. But you know, after much debate, Brumhilda and I came to the conclusion that it just takes way too much energy to be nice.
        Max: Yes. Once Beelzebub and I started criticizing each other's gifts and calling each other names, it rekindled that old flame, you know?

      • Khadijah: I'm not one of those girls who needs a man hanging on her arm like some kind of ornament.
        Regine: Ladies, I would like for you to meet my date, an actor I've grown quite close to at the soap. His name is Tyler, but he plays Brent.
        Brent: Actually, my name is Brent, and I play Tyler.
        Khadijah and Synclaire: Ornament!

      • Max: The woods have transformed us. I mean, we were hiking up a hill and Kyle lost his balance, and I actually reached out a hand to help him.

      • Regine: Thank you for taking the time to comfort my date.
        Khadijah: Thank you for making it necessary.

      • Kyle: If you'll excuse us, we've got a date with the jacuzzi.
        (Max and Kyle yell and run toward jacuzzi)
        Synclaire: I don't think we wanna use that later on.

      • Kyle: For the next three days, there will be no yelling, no slamming of doors, not even an upraised finger. Unless you don't think you can handle it, Little Miss Flapjaw.
        Max: I'm more than capable of civility, you little cretin.

      • Overton: Sweetpea, how'd you find me way out here?
        Synclaire: I asked around. You're the only black pink Santa in town.

      • Regine: I thought your parents fell into a volcano.
        Brent: Those were my character's parents.

      • Synclaire: I hate to bring you down, but since you're already seems to me that your Christmases were always a little lame.
        Overton: Lame?
        Synclaire: Yeah! Uncle Tibby puking on a manger. Cousin Margaret singing those homicidal carols. Unwrapping your training bra in front of fifteen hootin' cousins...oh, wait now. Ooh. That was from my childhood!

      • (Regine storms off.)
        Brent: Is she upset?
        Khadijah: Usually.

      • Regine: I'm gonna turn in.
        Brent: I'm right behind you.
        Regine: I don't think so. I only learned your real name this morning.

      • Regine: I'd join you, but I promised my mom I'd join her and her bowling buddies for Christmas potluck and five-dollar grab bag. (Goes into kitchen. Quickly swings back into living room.) Don't you people know a cry for help when you hear one?!

      • Overton: Savory turkey. Carols around the tree. It was like living in a Norman Rockwell painting...except without all the white people.

    • NOTES (2)

      • At the 1996 NAACP Image Awards, the series won the award for Outstanding Comedy Series, and Erika Alexander won Outstanding Actress in a Comedy. Queen Latifah, Kim Coles and Kim Fields were also nominated for Outstanding Actress, and John Henton for Outstanding Actor.

      • Kim Coles briefly appeared as Synclaire in that night's episode of The Crew.

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