Living Single

Season 3 Episode 16

Likes Father, Likes Son

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 01, 1996 on FOX
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Likes Father, Likes Son
While at the TV station to visit her boyfriend, simple-minded weatherman Cole Front, Regine makes a date with a handsome older man named Warner Devant. When she later learns that Warner is Cole's father, she continues to see both men (she considers it a challenge); but has difficulty keeping track of their birthdays and likes and dislikes. The men eventually figure out what is going on, and show up at her door to confront her. Regine apologizes for the deception, and Cole orders her to choose between them. She picks Warner, causing Cole to have an on-air breakdown. Meanwhile, Overton, Max and Khadijah drive Kyle crazy when they invest money with his firm. He finally resigns as their broker, prompting one of his colleagues to thank him for the "suckers." Tag: Cole loses it on the air. Music: "Theme from Sanford and Son," hummed by T.C. Carsonmoreless

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    John Henton

    John Henton

    Overton Wakefield Jones

    Kim Coles

    Kim Coles

    Synclaire (James) Jones

    Mel Jackson

    Mel Jackson

    Ira Lee "Tripp" Williams III (season 5)

    Kim Fields

    Kim Fields

    Regine Hunter

    Erika Alexander

    Erika Alexander

    Maxine Felice Shaw (a.k.a. "The Maverick")

    Queen Latifah

    Queen Latifah

    Khadijah James

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      • Khadijah (To Kyle after they invested in stocks): Just remember one thing: I'm a bitch when I'm broke.

      • Synclaire: Oh, you know what? I think Regine wants to be alone with her date and his son. Or her date and his dad. Oh, you know what I mean. I mean them.
        Khadijah: Nice save, Synclaire.

      • Synclaire: What's so special about these two anyway? It's not like they're Richard and LeVar Burton.

      • Regine: Architect, huh? Have you designed anything I'd recognize?
        Warner: Do you know the Seaton Towers?
        Regine: Oh, the one with the beautiful rooftop garden, next to that ugly brown thing?
        Warner: I designed the ugly brown thing.

      • Regine: There is no E.O.M. yet.
        Synclaire: E.O.M.?
        Khadijah: Expectations of monogamy.
        Regine: It's that critical phase of a relationship where you've just passed casual dating, but haven't yet called all the women in his phone book and told them to back off.
        Max: When you're first dating, you know you want to look your best. You know, you shave your leg, maybe both. But when you hit E.O.M., he thinks your furry legs are sexy, you know.

      • Kyle (To Overton, Syclaire, Max and Khadijah): I got more calls from you today then from all of my investors last month. And with such savvy investment strategies as "Kyle, buy ten shares of Denzel Washington!"

      • Max: I don't know, Regine. I've been in some pretty freaky dating situations. Brother-brother. Granduncle-grandnephew. Kyle.

      • Warner: I'd love to show you off to my two sons.
        Regine: You have another son?
        Warner: Yes. He's a priest.
        Regine: Thank God.

      • Regine: Warner, I did mean what I said. I really enjoy your company. But I would understand if you never wanted to see me again.
        Warner: Well, I don't appreciate you leading us on. And I have to consider my son's feelings. What the hell. I'll be dead long before he is. Let's go dancing.

      • Cole: Regine, we'd like to speak with both your faces, please.

      • Warner: I'm sorry, Regine. I've just never been a big Mario Van Peebles fan.

      • Regine: Ten million freaking people in New York City, and I have to pick a father and a son?! What are the odds, huh? Who could have predicted? This is's so...nineties.
        Khadijah: Wait a minute. I know that little elf face of yours does not mean you're okay with this.

      • Khadijah: I know one thing. I'm gonna have have five shares of Kyle's ass if he lost my money.

      • Synclaire: Now Regine, these two guys you're dating--do they know about each other?
        Regine: That's cute, Synclaire.

      • Cole: Keep that up and I'm gonna name a tornado after you.
        Regine: Honey...I am a tornado.

      • Max: We can keep a secret, Mr. Still-Plays-The-Soundtrack-From-Fame.

      • (Regine is with Warner, but she's also dating his son Cole, a weather man)
        Regine: I need to lie down.
        Khadijah: What's the matter? Feeling a little under the weather?

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