Living Single

Season 1 Episode 15

Living Kringle

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Dec 19, 1993 on FOX



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  • Quotes

    • Overton: Not another fruitcake.
      Max: The worse kind. It's Kyle.

    • Max: I was just assigned a new case. My client found his wife in the changing rooms knocking boots with the department sore Santa.
      Khadijah: Ooh. Santa Claus was going to town.
      Synclaire: Santa having sex. Christmas just isn't what it used to be.

    • Synclaire: I think a starfish on a tree is a beautiful idea. Starfish come from the water, and people are mostly water. And starfish have five limbs, and people have five limbs if you count the head.
      Khadijah: You finished?
      Synclaire: I'm never sure.

    • Little Elf: Oh, maybe they're right. I'm so little. Maybe I can't.
      Synclaire (sobbing): Don't you believe it, little guy! Don't you believe it!
      Overton: Oh girl, now you got me started.

    • Kyle: These are Kwanzaa gifts, Synclaire.
      Synclaire: You bought us gifts from that Australian airline?

    • Max: Damn Synclaire! Just when I get a groove on. Now I gotta go over there and give her a big hug. In ten minutes (Michael kisses her) twenty minutes.
      Michael: I can do it in ten.
      Max: Okay, but, uh, for future reference, that's not a good thing.

    • Max: If it makes you feel any beter, I damn near killed a man to get here.
      Synclaire: Is that an apology?
      Max: For me? Yes.

    • Synclaire: Where's Santa?
      Bartender: Well, I didn't see him leave.
      Synclaire: Oh. Maybe he was supposed to bring us together. Maybe his job here is done and he's just moved on. Maybe it's all a part of the wonder and magic that is...
      (Santa comes out of bathroom)
      Santa: You know, what they say is true: you don't buy beer, you rent it.

    • Overton: Uh, Synclaire, I think I can speak for everyone when I say you're a very kind and giving woman. And you're very attractive. Okay, that's speaking for me.

    • Synclaire: When you hit your twenties, Rudolph's nose doesn't glow so bright, Frosty's not a jolly happy soul, and Santa Claus, well, he's just a big fat loser getting blitzed on beer. (to Santa) No offense, man. (Santa weeps)

    • Carolers (singing): Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, snow is glistening. A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight...
      (Synclaire opens window)
      Synclaire: Oh, shut up!

    • Synclaire: Please, please, please!
      Khadijah: Okay. God! Stop your whining. Where'd you learn how to beg like that?
      Synclaire: From Regine. I have to tell her it works on women too.

    • Kyle: I forgot to tape that show for you.
      Overton: My favorite holiday special.
      Synclaire: Which one is that?
      Overton: The Little Elf That Could. See, they kept telling him he couldn't, but in a surprising plot twist, it turns out he could.

    • Synclaire: And then when I was eight, I decorated the living room with icicles and snow and a little snowman. Oh, it was beautiful. And when my father finished mopping up, we got some fake snow. It actually worked out even better.

  • Notes

    • Richard Lyons would later work with Queen Latifah as her theatrical coach in the movies, "Living Out Loud," "Bringing Down The House," "Barbershop 2: Back In Business" and "Beauty Shop."

    • Edafe Blackmon went on to star in Yvette Lee Bowser's next series, For Your Love.

    • Chip Hurd, mother of Kim Fields, makes an uncredited appearance as one of the bar patrons. She would make a credited guest appearance two episodes later, and eventually had a recurring role as Regine's mother.

    • Synclaire's gifts: Starfish for the Christmas tree (Khadijah); tickets to The Nutcracker (Max); Barbie's Corvette (Regine); video of The Little Elf That Could (Overton); homemade Kwanzaa gift (Kyle).

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