Living Single

Season 5 Episode 1

Love Don't Live Here Anymore (1)

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Sep 11, 1997 on FOX



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    • Max: He thinks that we should live together, like some sort of... couple.
      Khadijah: Come on, Max. Why is that such a bad thing? I mean, three years ago, I would've thought this was crazy. But it's obvious you guys can't stay away from each other.

    • Max (about Kyle asking her to move away with him, to Khadijah): Freak him. Freak that. Freakity frickity frak!

    • Max: You picked up that man last night. I lived and breathed Kyle Barker for three years.
      Regine: I gave Desmond my real phone number.
      Max: I told Kyle I loved him.
      Regine: You didn't.
      Khadijah: Yes, she did!

    • (Overton kisses Synclaire and a boat horn sounds)
      Overton: Now that's a sound I never got out of you before.

    • Synclaire: I wish we had stayed at the luau a little longer. You know, I've always wanted to see a man in a loin cloth shake his groove thing over a fire.
      Overton: The night's still young, baby.

    • Regine: I'm not impressed with your little name-dropping. Unless of course, you have their home phone numbers.
      Tripp: Home phone, car phone, and for R. Kelly, shower phone. Now if a woman answers, you might wanna hang up.

    • Regine: What the hell kind of name is Tripp?
      Tripp: It's short for Ira Lee Williams III. You know, the third? Triple? Tripp?
      Regine: How very country.

    • Overton: You could always take the bane of your existence with you.
      Kyle: And let her terrorize another continent?

    • Regine: Khadijah, you are missing the big picture. Any man living under this roof is bound to fall in love with me. No, no. You know I'm right. If Max had two percent more testosterone, she'd be hitting on me.

    • Kyle: You said, 'I love you.'
      Max: Well, 'I love you' was supposed to keep your ass here!

    • Synclaire: I left the number of the cruise ship in case there's a crisis at Flavor.
      Khadijah: Oh. Well, something tells me there won't be a single crisis while you're away.

    • Max: One more time, sugar bunch.
      Kyle: Well, I suppose I could be persuaded, if you let me hear those three magic words.
      Max: Again? Oh, come on, man. Have a heart.
      Kyle (yawning): Why do I suddenly feel so tired?
      Max: All right. (Mumbles)
      Kyle: Excuse me?
      Max: I love you. I love you! I love you! Satisfied?
      Kyle: Not as much as you're about to be.

    • Khadijah: Oh man. What's happening with this world, Kyle? Synclaire is married. Max is telling people she loves them. Life just doesn't make sense anymore.
      Kyle: Oh, boo. You've still got Regine.
      Khadijah: Damn. I need a drink.

    • Max: Khadijah, open up the window. This diva is cleared for takeoff!

    • Synclaire: And you, the man I will someday share a walker with.
      Overton: Well, uh, hobble on over here and plant one on me, mama. (Synclaire pretends to use walker as she approaches him)

    • Kyle: Why did Max have to utter those wicked words, 'I love you,' huh?
      Overton: Sometimes people are crazy that way. They actually say what they feel.

    • Khadijah: Tripp, I think this is your lucky day. I'm desperate.
      Tripp: Khadijah, you hitting on me?
      Khadijah: I said 'desperate,' not 'drunk.'

    • Regine: Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with.
      Max: Would you stop quoting 'Mahogany'?

    • Synclaire: Obie, you mean we're stranded? On a deserted island?
      Overton: Well, technically, baby, it won't be deserted until we dead.

  • Notes

    • The series moves back to Thursdays at 8 PM.

    • Jackson and Kim Fields later worked together in the 1999 film "Uninvited Guest."

    • Mel Jackson and guest star Jaszmin Lewis were later engaged. Lewis appeared with Jackson in the 2003 film Deliver Us From Eva and in the 2005 film Flip The Script; and with Queen Latifah in 2004's BarberShop 2: Back in Business.

    • The opening credits have changed. They now begin with shots of the city, followed immediately by the individual photos of each cast member, without the group scene that featured the cast dancing.

    • Mel Jackson joins the cast as Tripp Williams.

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