Living Single

Season 5 Episode 10

Misleading Lady

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Dec 11, 1997 on FOX



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    • Synclaire/Jimmy: "After we hit a few games, we should go mack us a few honeydips. You know what I'm saying? 'Cause you know the ladies love cool James, you know. You all right, man. You all right, you know. What? What, what?"
      Overton: "'Macking honeydips'? Baby, you're a man, not a gigolo."

      Phil: "This is the part of the evening where we like to get back to our roots. Improvisation. Throw a situation at us."
      Max: "How about a pompous stockbroker that dumps a beautiful lawyer?"
      Khadijah: "Let it go, Max."

      Phil: "Jimmy is a woman. Shocking."
      Marco: "Oh, so that's why I was attracted to him."
      Phil: "Now tell me why was I?"

    • Synclaire: "Do you think I'm a good actress?"
      Overton: "Oh, absolutely, girl. Every time you re-enact that scene from 'What's Love Got To Do With It?' girl, I get chills. Come on. Work with me." (as Laurence Fishburne) "You know me so well, Annie Mae." (Slaps table.) "What I'm about to do now?"
      Synclaire (as Angela Bassett): "I'll tell you what I'm gonna do, Ike. There's people out there come to see me. Hear me, Ike? You hear that? Come to see me. So I don't know what you're gonna do. Shoot me? Mmm-hmm."

    • Synclaire: "I'll seduce the director with my womanly ways."
      Overton: "Don't make me come down there with you, Annie Mae."

      Phil: "Let's begin with Dorothy from 'The Wizard of Oz.' And give her some flavor."
      Synclaire (with Puerto Rican accent): "Hello. How's you doing? My name is Dorothea, and I come to see the almight Ooz. Oz. Whatever. Okay. I've been walking for three freaking miles in these shoes and my bunions is killing me, so I want to get to this quickly, okay? Rusty Man over there, he needs to get a coronary thing. The scarecrow over there, he needs to get his GED. And that punk lion? He needs a flea collar 'cause he's making me itchy. Know what I'm saying?"

      Phil: "How about a nurse in an emergency room?"
      Synclaire (with Jamaican accent): "Hello, darlin'. Welcome to St. Nigel's, patron saint of hardened arteries. May I help you, darlin'? Listen, darlin', I don't care if Al Capone come back from the dead to shoot you. To receive care, you must fill out all fifty forms in triplicate, and if you bleed on them, I'm gonna give you something to bleed about!"

      Marco: "Satan's personal assistant."
      Synclaire: "Gonna have to channel this one. Be in a bubble. Be in a bubble" (with cheerful tone) "Hello, eternal damnation? May I help you? Attila the Hun. How are you, babe? Hold on, sweetheart. Lucifer, it's Attila the Hun on two. Yeah. Well, I suggest you talk to him. It's his fifth call today, and he's not gonna take that whole tied-up-with-Hitler thing. All right. Fine. Fine. But he and his barbarian friends are gonna bust up the cafeteria again. You heard it from me. 'Tila. Hun. He'll get back with. Burning for you too, babe. Bye-bye."

      Tripp: "I sang it for the client and she ate it up. And that's not just because she peeped a little chest hair."
      Regine: "You get a lot of mileage out of that one little strand, don't you, bro?"

    • Max: "You can do anything, girl. You're a renaissance woman."
      Khadijah: "You know, I have been called that. But I usually just blush and say, 'Go on, now.'"

      Overton: "I got one troubling question. My friends still in there?"
      Synclaire: "Yeah. Oh yeah. Held down by God and a whole bunch of duct tape."

    • Overton: "Go ahead and show them that thing I taught you, girl. Go on."
      Synclaire (as Jimmy): "Yeah, yeah. Sho' you're right. Sho' you're right. Sho you're right. Yo, busta man. Busta man. You check out the Jets game last week?"
      Overton: "No."
      Synclaire (as Jimmy): "Uh-uh, bro. Uh-uh. Yo, Keyshawn's in the end zone, right? All alone, right? Ball hits him in the numbers, bounces out of bounds. You know what I'm saying? Come on. Give me the silly old ball! I could rock it." (Overton clears throat.) "Oh right. Damn ball. Give me the damn ball!"

      Max: "I think it's amazing you've been able to pull this off this long."
      Regine: "Why? You've been hiding your five o'clock shadow for years."

    • Overton: "Baby, that little girl just tried to roll up on you. I've created some kind of mack daddy monster!"

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