Living Single

Season 4 Episode 6

Multiple Choice

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Sep 26, 1996 on FOX



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    • Max: I can get as many numbers as I want.
      Kyle: Bathroom walls do not count.
      Max: I already got your number, Kyle.

    • Kyle: The first question was, 'If you found out your spouse was having an affair, what would you do?' Synclaire answered, "Hope he doesn't rush home so as not to interrupt my time with the gardener."

    • Synclaire: Question number one: we're embroiled in a heated debate about a deep philosophical issue. What do we do? Go!
      Kyle: Agree that the first Lionel Jefferson was the best and press on.

    • Kyle: Poor Maxine. Just jealous because the last phone number she got was to a pay phone at Rikers.
      Regine: Hey girl, when did you cut off the guys at Attica?

    • Max: To me, rejection is about as natural as that thing on Regine's head.

    • Max: In the past two years, he's dated five women, and there is no history of mental illness in his family.
      Regine: Well, honey, there go your chances.

    • Regine: Now homeboy will scrape gum from under a table, but he won't go out with you. I like him.

    • Khadijah: Max, you really think that guy's worth your 'Peel Me Like a Banana' dress?

    • Regine: Max, I thought you were gonna eat with us, but by the looks of that dress, you're just gonna pick something up.

    • Synclaire: I think we should study. Right, Khadijah?
      Khadijah: I don't know. I'm still working on that Lionel Jefferson thing. See, the second one couldn't act, but see, the first one had that funky 'fro.

    • Overton: Our relationship is as smooth as Grandpa Jones' moonshine. Smoother, actually. You never made me cough.

    • Regine: There are two types of men. The first type wants you to take charge. They are so afraid of rejection that they wait until you make the effort.
      Max: Yeah, yeah. The wimps and the losers. Go on.
      Regine: The second type are hunters. They are in it for the challenge.
      Max: Jerks and the morons are.

    • Kyle: I don't know, Overton. I don't think even a man of God could forgive your answer to number 14.
      Synclaire: Oh snap! We really are compatible. I said burn down your house and blow up your car, too.

    • Mrs. Taylor: Don't they remind you of us when we first started out? So full of life.
      Synclaire: You better believe it.
      Mrs. Taylor: Ready to grab the world by the tail.
      Overton: That's right.
      Rev. Taylor: And not give in to the pleasures of the flesh until that magical wedding night.
      Overton: Oh, would you look at the time! We've really got to go.

    • Rev. Taylor: Impress the church? Son, you signed your name Overton 'Better Dead Than Wed' Jones.

    • Max: Look, if I gave you my number, is there any chance you'd give me a call?
      Tim: Okay. I'll call you.
      Max: Good. That's more like it. Now blow it out your bus box. I don't go for desperate men. Come on, Khadijah. Let's get up on out of here.

    • Khadijah: Max, those books are for dysfunctional losers. No offense, Regine.

    • Synclaire: Why don't you go back to reading your comic book and find out if Betty gets married to Pigpen?
      Overton: Pigpen's a Peanut, not an Archie.
      Synclaire: Well, if there's a category on this test called 'Who Gives a Rat's Butt?' I'm sure we'll pass with flying colors.

    • Regine: As far as I'm concerned, there are only three compatibility questions that truly matter. (to mannequin) Do you love Regine? Would you die for Regine? If you did die, would Regine be taken care of financially?
      Kyle: And would she receive psychotherapy to keep her from talking to mannequins?

    • Synclaire: Obie, turn that off! Reverend Taylor's gonna be here in a few minutes. I don't want him offended by all this violence.
      Overton: Synclaire, he's taking the subway over. If he makes it here in one piece, I'm sure he'll be relieved to see Charles Bronson's angelic face.

    • Khadijah: I ordered chicken wings, not chicken legs.
      Regine: Neither did Max, but that's what God gave her.

    • Tim: I'm not interested.
      Max: Oh. You married?
      Tim: No.
      Max: Gay?
      Tim: No.
      Max: No phone?
      Tim: Excuse me. Those folks are waiting for their gazpacho.
      (After a moment, Max returns to table)
      Max: Can you believe that? A married gay guy with no phone.

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