Living Single

Season 4 Episode 24

Never Can Say Goodbye

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 08, 1997 on FOX
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Never Can Say Goodbye
As the girls reminisce in Synclaire's room the night before the wedding, a drunken Regine laments the fact that she hasn't been able to find a man. After Regine staggers off to bed, Max announces her intention to go buy some beer; but Khadijah and Synclaire are well aware of what she really wants. A defensive Max refuses to admit that her relationship with Kyle is serious. She meets him on the fire escape, where he shares the news that he has been offered the chance to head up a new office in London. She pretends to be unmoved, and claims that she is considering a partnership in Philadelphia. The next day, Khadijah fears that she and Synclaire will grow apart after she is married, until her cousin reminds her that she will still be in the building. Overton feels the effects of going 24 hours without food and faints. Regine is depressed when Russell shows up with a beautiful woman; and Max makes her feel even worse when she tells her that she was seeing Kyle, and that only Regine didn't know about it. Regine's prayers for a man are later answered when Super Bowl MVP Desmond Howard (Overton's cousin) asks her to dinner. Kyle takes Max aside in the hall to say that he enjoyed knowing her, as he has decided to take the job in London. As he turns away, Max says that she loves him. Regine whisks her away for the ceremony, leaving Kyle and Khadijah to deal with the shock. Kyle and Khadijah perform a gorgeous duet that he had written for the ceremony, and Kyle professes his love to a clearly moved Max as he sings to her. Overton and Synclaire are married, and stride happily down the aisle. Music: "MacArthur Park" (Donna Summer), sung by Erika Alexander; "Wedding March"; "I Commit to You" (Kyle Bowser), performed by Queen Latifah and T.C. Carsonmoreless

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  • I love this episode, I love Kyle and Max as a couple they're just so funny and so right for each other.

    I love this episode, I love Kyle and Max as a couple they're just so funny and so right for each other. Max kidding Regine is funny too. I like the Syclair Khajiah parts too. This series is just really really funny, and should have been kept on the tv.
  • This is the best episode I have ever seen and I have not missed one since the series started.

    This was the best episode yet. When Khadijah and Kyle sang \"I committ To you\" I cried like a baby. It was so beautiful. Max should go with Kyle. If I were to end the season I think this would be the episode I would end it with. There should be a sequel to Living Single. It can't just end with Kyle leaving.
  • This Living Single episode was the best that I have ever seen. I really loved the song that was sung by Khadijah and Kyle. That song was very meaningful and it fitted right in with the wedding.moreless

    I loved this episode. It was one of the best shows that I have ever seen. The best part of this episode is when Queen Latifah and Kyle sung for the wedding. That particular song was very touching and it had a lot of meaning to it. This particular song made me cry when I was watching this show. Also, I was shocked when Max told Kyle she loved him. I thought that he was going to propose to her and she was going to accept. I just really enjoyed this episode and everytime it comes on television, I\'m always right there to watch it, and I even get on the telephone to call my mother to let her know that it is on.moreless
  • This Episode was the best episode ever. I love all the shows, but I thought the wedding scene was marvelous! It made me laugh as usual but also made me cry, I wished I had the song so I can download and listen to because it was beautiful and lovelymoreless

    This episode is the best episode ever! I wish I new the song of when Queen and Tc song at Overton and Synclair wedding..Or even can watch the show again...Do you have any reviews or recaps that I can watch of this episode, especially just the wedding part. It was extrmely nice, and than Gladis Night showed up on the air it was wonderful. I wish I could see the recaps of the show right now online. My mom introduced me into looking at Living Single and I have to say it was the best thing she could have done!moreless
  • One of my favorite Living Single episodes.

    I really love this episode too. However, it is bitter sweet. You love the fact that everyone moved on with their lives, and are in healthy relationships. Kyle and Max, Khadijah and Scooter, Synclaire and Overton, and Regine and her millionaire. But, then you realize that noone is "Living Single" anymore, and that this is the last episode of the show. Bitter sweet...
John Henton

John Henton

Overton Wakefield Jones

Kim Coles

Kim Coles

Synclaire (James) Jones

Mel Jackson

Mel Jackson

Ira Lee "Tripp" Williams III (season 5)

Kim Fields

Kim Fields

Regine Hunter

Erika Alexander

Erika Alexander

Maxine Felice Shaw (a.k.a. "The Maverick")

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah

Khadijah James

Ron O'Neal

Ron O'Neal

Clinton James

Guest Star

Denise Nicholas

Denise Nicholas

Lilah James

Guest Star

Antonio Fargas

Antonio Fargas

Otis Jones

Guest Star

Shaun Baker

Shaun Baker

Russell Montego

Recurring Role

Chip Hurd

Chip Hurd

Laverne Hunter

Recurring Role

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    • Max: Marriage is for fools. A wise person once said, 'Marriage is good for two things: sperm and support.' Well, you can go to a bank for sperm and strap on a bra for support so pssshht!

    • Max: I love you.
      Kyle: Wh-wh-wh-what?!
      Khadijah (after overhearing she walks up and is deadpanned): Huh?

    • Max: Hey girl. Aren't you the sorriest looking fire plug on the street? Girl, you look tore up. What's wrong?
      Regine: You're pathetic, you know that? Phony concern from somebody who only cries when we run out of Miracle Whip.
      Max: I care. And to prove it, here's something that's sure to cheer you up. Kyle and I have been seeing each other for months. (Regine's eyes narrow) But it's over now, and you missed every freaky-sneaky detail. Oh... and everybody knew, but you! (Regine's mouth falls open in shock)

    • Kyle: Give my regards to the City of Brotherly Love, hear?
      Max: Oh, I will. Every single brother!

    • Max: Well, I gotta go to the corner for some beer. (to Synclaire's giant troll) Regine, I thought you left. Oh! (laughs)
      Synclaire: Wait a minute! There's plenty of beer in the fridge, missy.
      Max: Not the kind I like.
      Khadijah: I know what you're thirsty for. A deep brown lager with a full body and a smoking jacket.
      Synclaire (deep voice): Barker Beer!
      Max: You know about this, too?
      Synclaire: Oh please! We all know about it. Please! Everybody except Regine. Isn't it ironic, don't you think?
      Khadijah: Admit it, Max. You can't get the man out of your system. And don't tell me it's just the sex.
      Max: You can call it whatever you like. But it's not gonna end up at the altar. You can freak that. You can just freak it.

    • Khadijah: Hey Max, why do you treat this thing with you and Kyle like it's a game you have to win? What if he's the one?

    • Synclaire: Ooh. Last time I'll touch this banister as a single woman. Last time I'll touch this wall as a single woman. (to Max) Last time I'll see you stare at me with that confused look as a single woman.

    • Rita: This is so beautiful.
      Laverne: Yes, it is. Now I got to get Regine hitched so she can get some beans in that oven.

    • Kyle: Maxine, what a thoughtful wedding gift: endless hours of rambling footage, punctuated by grating commentary.
      Max: Watch it, or I'll shoot you from an unflattering angle. Meaning I'll work your face into the shot.

    • Kyle: I hope I'm not this jittery the day of my wedding.
      Overton: Yeah, that's 'cause you'll be too busy arguing with Max over who's gonna wear the tux.
      Kyle: Max?
      Overton: Yeah. Tragic as it is, Shorty, she's your destiny.

    • Desmond: Excuse me. I just can't stop staring at you. Would you like to have dinner some time?
      Regine: Desmond Howard?!
      Desmond: Yep. I'm Overton's cousin-- Smoke Eye's son.
      Regine: Oh, save me a dance at the reception. (looks up) Oh, thank you! You're good, and you're fast!

    • Synclaire: What about Russell? He certainly has a love jones for you!
      Regine: Russell is not marriage material, unless I want my first son to come out hitting on the nurse.

    • Overton: I take it she wasn't phased when you told her about your job offer in London, huh?
      Kyle: I didn't tell her.
      Overton: What?
      Kyle: Man, every time I came close, I just pictured her staring at me with those bullet eyes saying, 'So the freak what?!'

    • Kyle (to Overton, about Max): I'll tell her about London tonight. Hell, what have I got to lose? I already lost my dignity the first time I slept with her!

    • (Entering the church for the wedding)
      Regine (to Max as she's about to walk down the aisle): Try and walk like a lady.

    • Khadijah: I just can't believe that Synclaire is the first one to get married. I always thought it would be Regine.
      Regine (sadly and drunkenly): Me too!

    • Regine: I have realized with all my husband hunting this year... I've overlooked my strongest resource, the Almighty.
      Khadijah: Yeah. God should be your full-time love connection. Bump world peace and famine.

    • Kyle: You have not eaten anything in over twenty-four hours. Don't you want a candy bar or something?
      Overton: Man, I'll eat when I get married. I don't wanna kiss my new bride with nougat between my teeth.

    • Russell: What have we here? A brick house in the house of the Lord.
      Regine: Hey Russell, have I ever thanked you for that lunch we had the other day?
      Russell: That was six months ago. And I gave you the chance to thank me properly, but you kept your clothes on.

    • Khadijah: Boo, you gettin' married. And you're leavin' me with Regine!
      Synclaire: Oh. Woo-woo-woo, boo. Woo-woo-woo.
      Khadijah: I mean, no matter how much we say things won't change, they will. We'll call less and less. And then the letters will stop.
      Synclaire: But I'll still see you when I come downstairs from my apartment, right?

    • Rev. Taylor: And by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. Go on and do your thing.
      Overton: Oh. (removes one layer of veil. Removes second layer, only to see another) Hey mama, you in there? (Synclaire flips back veil, and they kiss)

    • Max: Having successfully covered the ugly blemish on her face, the maid of honor returns to the party, where she'll no doubt offer some words of wisdom.
      Khadijah: If you're looking for Max, you'll find her in the closet, with a busted-up camcorder next to her.

    • Regine: All right, everybody. It's twenty-four hours until the ceremony. That means it's time for you two to say 'bye-bye' until you exchange vows.
      Synclaire: So when we see each other at the altar, it'll be like we're meeting for the first time and thinking, 'Man, this is moving fast!'

    • Khadijah: Charles and I are over. I mean, considering his schedule, the only way we'd ever spend time together is if I went in for another operation.
      Regine (drunkenly): Khadijah, he is a doctor. If it means gettin' you engaged, a little elective surgery ain't such a bad thing.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The series was not included on the fall schedule, but was promoted from mid-season replacement when the Scott Baio comedy Rewind tanked and was cancelled before a single episode aired.

    • Khadijah finally refers to the end of her relationship with Dr. Charles Roberts, who had not appeared since Doctor in the House or been mentioned since The Clown That Roared.

    • Lyrics:

      My love for you has no boundaries
      I give you my heart, I give you everything
      All I want is forever
      You and I as one, you and I as one

      With you I feel inspired
      To love for a lifetime
      And I'm proud to say
      On my wedding day
      I do, I do

      So with this ring
      I commit to you
      'Til death do us part, that you'll still have my heart
      And I know I'll be good to you
      I said "I do" to only you
      For the rest of my life

      My love for you grows endless
      'Cause you bring out the best in me
      For the rest of my life
      Gonna be your wife
      And so I do, boy--take my hand

      Oh girl, from the depths of my soul
      From the bottom of my heart
      I need to tell you that I
      Love you, I need you
      I love you, I need you
      For all time

      So with this ring
      I commit to you
      'Til death do us part
      That you'll still have my heart
      And I know, I'll be good to you
      I said "I do" to only you
      For the rest of my life

    • The song performed by T.C. Carson and Queen Latifah is entitled "I Commit to You." It was written for executive producer Yvette Lee Bowser by her husband, Kyle. A longer version, performed by Christopher Gaddy and Pamela Bryant, can be found on the Living Single soundtrack.