Living Single

Season 2 Episode 24

Raw Talent

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Apr 27, 1995 on FOX



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    • Khadijah: (on the phone) Hey. Hi, ma? Oh, nothing. I just wanted to call you and tell you I loved you. Okay, here's the favor. I need you to run over to Vinnie's mother's house and get his number for me. She's not talking to you? Well, Ma, there is a pooper-scooper law. You shouldn't have let Smokey do that on her lawn. She said what about Smokey?
      Max: She didn't track down Naughty yet.
      Khadijah: Look, I am a journalist, Max. Would you let me work my sources? Okay, ma, thanks anyway.

    • Overton: You don't have to use our relationship as an excuse not to pursue your dream. I find plenty of time to practice the oboe. And it doesn't interfere.
      Synclaire: I didn't know you played the oboe, Obie.
      Overton: And I didn't know you had head shots.

    • Max: I've been to a lot of nude beaches, and this is no different.
      Synclaire: Yeah, but you don't have fifty people staring at you with their mouths wide open.
      Max: Speak for yourself.

    • Synclaire: Aaron is thinking of expanding my part.
      Regine: So now you're Woman With Two Shopping Bags!

    • Regine: There. Your face is done. And these are the only cheeks I'm doing.

    • Kyle (To Syclaire): When I trod the boards while I was in college, I had the occasional bout of stage fright. So I'd just imagine the audience in their underwear. However, in this case, maybe you should imagine yourself in your underwear.

    • Synclaire: I'm so nervous I'm shaking.
      Overton: Well, don't shake too much. You are here to inform and entertain, not titilate.

    • (Synclaire removes her robe and wiggles her toes)
      Synclaire (Looking down): All right. You guys lead. I'll follow.
      (Camera shot of Synclaire's barefeet as she walks to the stage)

    • Max: Would you guys like to go to a play with us? Khadijah's cousin is starring in it.
      Kay-Gee: Thanks for the offer, but we really don't have the time.
      Max: She's going to be naked.
      Treach: Whoa!
      Kay-Gee: We can carve out an hour.

    • Synclaire (practicing speech): Aaron, how do I put this? There is no way on God's green earth that I'm gonna show my ta-ta's on stage!

    • Synclaire: Isn't this part of the commitment I've made to my craft?
      Overton: Well, hey, I'm a craftsman too, but you don't see me using my ratchet in the raw, do you?

    • Synclaire: Aaron reconceputalized the play. He made a very interesting costume change.
      Regine: If you don't like the wardrobe, just accessorize. Some pearls and a purse makes a world of difference.
      Synclaire: I'd need a whole lot of pearls and a mightly big purse.
      Max: So what does he want you to wear?
      Synclaire: Nothing.
      Regine: You're gonna be naked?
      Khadijah: Synclaire, I'm asking you this because I love you. You're not gonna be dancing in a cage or nothing, are you?

    • Synclaire: Oh, eggplant.
      Max: Back off. It's mine.
      Synclaire: I don't want to eat it; I want to say it.
      Max: Oh, well, uh, that makes sense.

    • (Regine and Synclaire mirror each other's movements. Regine stops and fixes Synclaire's hair)
      Synclaire: What are you doing?
      Regine: Well, in my mirror, you need a touch-up.

    • Khadijah: I sold all this space based on having TLC on the cover, but now TLC has to go to L.A. to shoot a PSA for the NBA. Now I'm p.o.'d!

    • Overton: So what part do you play, my little Mahogany?
      Synclaire: Woman With Shopping Bag. Sounds good, huh?
      Regine: I don't know. Depends on where she went shopping.

  • Notes

    • Treach and Queen Latifah both appeared in "Juice," and Latifah and Kay-Gee both had small roles in "Who's the Man?"

    • Tom Chick reprises the character of Aaron from School Daze. He was one of Synclaire's night school classmates.

    • Naughty By Nature were clients of Queen Latifah's management company, Flavor Unit. She appeared in the group's videos for "O.P.P." and "Hip Hop Hooray," and Treach made guest appearances on "Rough" and "Coochie Bang" on her Black Reign album. Vinnie also appeared in the "U.N.I.T.Y." video.

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