Living Single

Season 5 Episode 4

Reconcilable Differences

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Oct 16, 1997 on FOX



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    • (After she gave Kingston chocolate and it put him in the hospital and Norwood just took a phone call)
      Khadijah: You gonna go straight to hell, you gonna burn forever girl.
      Regine: Listen, listen. It was an accident.
      Max (whispers): Dog killer.

    • (About Kingston, Norwood's dog)
      Regine: I see Daddy, gave you the gucci collar I bought you, that matches my shoes.
      Max: A few more matching accessories and Daddy won't be able to tell them apart.

    • Max: Wait a minute, you got something on your arm. (Picks it off) Oh, it's just a flea. Well, I guess when you lay down with dogs. (Khadijah laughs)
      Regine: For your information I broke up with Norwood last night. I told him it was either me or the dog.
      Max: And I take it he went with the one that was house broken.
      Khadijiah (laughing): You knew she had the gun yet you gave her the bullets. (Max makes it like she's blowing off a gun)

    • Max: Funny, I didn't think you had a problem with an audience, considering that your mother caught you and your boyfriend getting busy on the roof.
      (Khadijah and Max laugh)
      Regine: When are you guys just going to let that go?
      Max: When it stops being so funny.

    • Synclaire: Don't you have the kind with the dancing bananas on the box?
      Khadijah: We did when you lived here, but you got married and moved out, remember?
      Max: Yeah, girl. The groceries are for the people who live here

    • (Synclaire flashes her ring)
      Synclaire: Overton, what is this?
      Overton: Fifty-eight more payments over the next five years.

    • Russell (to Regine): For years, I've dreamed of you in a dress like that. Only the top was lower and the bottom was higher. Actually, in my dream, it was just a belt.
      Regine: Russell, this dress isn't for you. It is for Norwood, the man who has wined and dined me for five fabulous weeks. He deserves it.
      Khadijah: And it looks like he's gonna get it.

    • Khadijah: Flatter me all you want, but you are not getting Friday off, Russell. Erykah Badu's birthday is not a religious holiday.

    • Tripp: So ladies, would you take me home? (spins around)
      Khadijah: You are home. Now get out.

    • Overton: Synclaire, we went to a gambling club, okay?
      Synclaire: Really. Well, how'd you do, Obie?
      Tripp: Did I hear my mama calling me?

    • Max: Look on the bright side, Regine. In ten years, the dog will be dead...and you'll still be single.

  • Notes

    • Jill, the dog that portrays Kingston, gained notoriety through an appearance in the Oscar-nominated film As Good as It Gets, and later was added to the cast of another Yvette Lee Bowser series, For Your Love.

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