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  • I am to the point.

  • MOST television shows today are not worth watching. This show was a clear exception! Yvette Lee and the cast and crew of "Living Single" really excelled with their commitment to warm comedy and to mature, INTELLIGENT WRITING! Here's to all of you!!

    "Living Single" is a mature, INTELLIGENT, comedy dedicated to real-life issues between six friends. It puts to shame the present day trash disguising itself as television entertainment. The writing and acting of "Living Single" is high quality and polished. It is not for the immature who'd rather look for America's next "model", or watch "reality shows" about "reality shows". Watching this show creates the experience of "hanging out" with a few friends in New York. It is fresh, warm, funny, and very touching. Congratulations to the writers, cast, and crew of one of television's FEW shows that spells "excellent"! It is one of a SELECT few shows that I continue to watch and treasure. I will definitely add this to my library. Thank you, "Living Single". Take a well-deserved bow.
  • Very funny!!!

    Living Single was a situation comedy that centered on the lives of a group of six African American friends living in (or near) a Brooklyn brownstone. The series focused on the personal and professional lives of each character, as well as their relationships with one another. The funniest show ever!!!
  • A very interesting show!

    The show was great! It had a lot of fun loving characters. It was all abot a group of friends that lived int the same Brownstone (except Max)who were trying to find love! Khadijah was the leader. She owned a magazine Flava and was known as the Mother of the group. Max was the hardworking attorny who was also a mooch. Sinclair was Khadijiah's easy going cousin. Regine was the materialistic girl who looked for love in all the wrong wallets. Kyle was the self absorbed stockbrocker and also Max's love interest. And Overton was the simple minded handy man and also Sinclair's love interest. They made a great show which will always be one of my favorites.
  • Not bad.

    Loved this show and it may have been the reason why I never watch Seinfeld when it was on its original time slot. I just started to watch the reruns every morning. I wake up at 6:00 AM and watch two episodes back to back. Is a nice way to start the day. I now appreciate how well produced it was and I am proud of everyone in that show. They all did a fantastic job. If you watch, you realize it goes beyond of race or color. You don't think they are African American. You just think they are good friends. They are all unique and I can't decide who is my favorite. You identify with the characters. They are not too pretty or neurotic. They are your own friends, neighbors and coworkers. The message was positive and it remains fresh.
  • An altogether show with real issues.

    Six friends living in an urban society. Khadijah, Regine, Sinclair, Max, Kyle, and Overton. Khadijah, the overworked magazine owner and editor, loved her magazine but at the end loved Scooter more. Regine, spoiled, self-centered woman, finally got her millionaire prince. Sinclair, ditzy, yet smart actress, marries Overton, wise and lovable handyman. Max, sarcastic and intelligent lawyer inpregnates herself with Kyles' sperm, vain and pompous stock broker. All these people was effective in each other's lives even after Kyle's departure. They went through alot together. Robberies, depression, plenty of heartbreaks and no matter how many fights they were there for each other. When Regine went through her dry spell. When Sinclair went forward with her acting career. When Khadijah was severely depressed. When Max lost her job. When Overton found out about the Cleveland Browns. When Kyle left. All these things and they were still tighter then ever. Funny remarks and tasteful dialogs, I would definitely not mind to see this come back or even a reunion. To see how Max and Kyle are doing with their baby. How Sinclair and Overton are doing in California. How Regine and her millionaire are doing and see if Khadijah and Scooter got hitched or broke up again.
  • Great show.

    This is the original "Friends" and in my opinion, the best. I would love to see it return or at least a reunion show. Much more realistic than The Cosby Show, it showed every day struggles in the lives of young black people. Their friendships were from the heart and were based on who they were and not what they could do for each other. The characters ranged from Obie the handyman to Kyle the business executive. My personal favorite is Regine, the spoiled wanna be who made me laugh out loud in each and every episode. The casting was fantastic! This show is missed very much.
  • This show is one of my favorites

    This show i love it tells about life in every way . It tells about boys women and other relationships. this show is good for children and also adults. I have freinds know that love this show and i do also. they should show the boys mother because i dont remember looking at them. I think that they should come up with some more episodes because even though i like this show i want to see more of thies shows (new) I love this show but just dont like seeing the same ones over and over again. please leave a comment if you think so to.
  • We need more shows like this!

    Living Single was about four females, and 2 males all single and living in New York. Kadijah owned this magazine, Synclaire worked for her cousin, and was an actor. Regine was like a short, nosy, black, white girl, but got black when she wanted to. Max, my favorite, was just a lazy, hungry lawyer who made up a song to go with her job, and should've payed rent for how much time she spent at Kadijah, Synclaire, and Regine's apartment. Kyle was a stock broker who took pride in everything he did, and thought of himself as a ladies man. Overton, or Obie, was just as crazy a Synclaire except a little closer to earth. He was a handyman for the brownstone. Trip came in the late. He was a jingle writer. Max and Kyle had an on again, off again relationship, and probably one of the most followed couples. Kadijah and Scooter, her childhood friend, ended up together. Regine married who she always wanted to marry. Someone rich, and famous. I was kinda sad when Regine left. Synclaire, and Obie were meant to be together. Living Single is an example of good tv. I loved Living Single, and have been watching it since I was 7. If anything, do a reunion episode or something. It was a nice ending to the show, Kyle returning, Max having a baby who turns out to be Kyle's, Synclaire getting an acting job, Tripp and Ronni getting together, Russel being Russel, and Kadijah leaving with Scooter. That last few words by Kadijah would ave to be my favorite.

    "Well, get use to it, cause I ain't never looking back....Well maybe just a little bit."
  • This show provide a necessary forum that showcased situations that took place in both friendships as well as relationships.

    I remember back when I use to make sure I was home in time to see Living Single. Nowadays it only airs repeats but I still find myself rushing home to catch the show. No matter what episode you are watching it is guranteed to be funny. Somewhere in the show you can find something that relates to something that happenned to you or a friend. Personally I can see some of my own personality traits in the characters. Khadjiah was mothering and funny all in the same breath. Overton as a simple humor about him and was always undercover sexy. Maxine was smart and down to earth. Kyle was a mans man who could showcased is love of his ancestors. Sinclaire was at time goofy but always there for a friend. And Regine was ghetto yet always in fashion. I like to think I too share these same qualities. And if you think about it you probably do as well.
  • living single is about six 20 year old living in New York who are single.

    I LOVE this show!! Max is definately my favorite character!! The one thing i didnt like about the show was the fact that Max and Kyle never got married. They were the cutest cupple! I loved how they made fun of eachother because they didn't know anyother way to flirt. They were just ment to be together! Anyways the show is awsome i just wish they would make a dvd with all of the series on it!
  • I love the show all the casts and crew i just hope they will do a reunion show soon. and they come out with the complete series 1-5. please

    I love the show. and I watch it every single day. All the reruns. I think it was very important to young black people to see themself doing great things other than drug dealers or gang member. I dont think it was time to go off the air, so now I hope they do a reunion show soon. And they come out with all the complete series 1-5.
  • Living Single takes you through the lives of 4 Black women living together, single, in a 90's kind of world.

    Definitely a great show. The theme song is also very nice and catchy. I really miss this show.
    I can\'t think of any other show besides Soulfood that really took you into the lives of young Black women. We got to see their different personalities and different experiences both good and bad, and it was a great ride.
  • I loved the episode \"oh solo mio\"!This episode was an awsome and funny episode.Cece Winans did an awsome job playing her character and I would love to see this episode again!

    The episode Oh Solo Mio was funny and it was so awsome!My favorite part was when my favorite gospel singer Cece Winans sang!And her character showed alot of humility and she gave glory to God in spite of how Regina acted towards her,she just showed kindness toward her.And I admit,they all tore that song up!!!!But I did laugh when I saw Queen Latifa's dress.LoL! Not every woman that goes to church dresses like that.But I would love to see that episode on more often
  • This was a very creative and hilarious show that paved the way for such comedies as: Girlfriends and Eve.

    This is one of my all-time favorite shows. It depicts African Americans in a positive light--successful and educated. My favorite character was Maxine. She was headstrong, funny and didn't care what others thought of her. The love/hate relationship she had with Kyle is a classic, never to be duplicated. The cast should get together and have some sort of reunion.
  • Six friends living and laughing and loving in New York City.

    This show is like the African American version of Friends, but with more relatable characters. Each woman, whether it was down-to-earth Kadidjah, career driven Max, materialistic and vain Regine, or quirky and silly Sinclaire, had something in them you could find within yourself or others. Overton and Kyle were the modern day Odd Couple and were a perfect finishing touch to the four ladies. Though I wouldn\'t say the show dealt with many \'deep\' issues, it showed a realistic side to friendships. The producers and writers were able to show 4 intelligent black women in a positive light, which is so hard to find nowadays.
  • The Hood version of Sex and the City

    I loved Living Single and remember the theme song by her. It was a cool show and should have been on the air longer it started falling apart when Regin (kim fields) left for a bit. The show was funny and gave a cool aspect on black american females.-------OOOOO when your life kinda ...... Im glad I got my girls. Keep your head up. What? Keep your head up. Thats right! When ever this life get tough you gotta fight. My home girls standdin to my left and my do do haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (lol)
  • This show was definitely a show for the 90's. It showed independent women in the career field like no other shows. The females had real personalities and attitudes that most women could relate to. Girlfriends is the 2000 version of this show.

    I really like this show because it was innovative and really like shows from the 90's. This show really takes me back since I basically grew up during this time. (I am 19). I think all of the women were very funny. It also help launch Queen Latifah's now fabulous acting and now producing career. The ladies of this show were also pretty even though some may not think so.
  • An upbeat comedy situated around six friends dating and Living Single in the 90’s.

    What’s not to love about Living Single? A lot – if you don’t have a great group of friends tagging along the journey with you.

    From its debut, Living Single started out as a sharp-shooter comedy centered around three female roommates: The strong-minded Khadijah James, Regine Hunter – The Diva, and (Everybody Loves) Synclaire James-Jones; and their upstairs neighbors, roommates: Kyle Barker and Overton Wakefield Jones. Add a little spice with the outspoken and confident Maxine Shaw and you’ve got yourself thirty minutes of entertainment and fun.

    An 90’s comedy, the show never expounded on true-to-life topics of that era but instead focused on general subject matter pertinent to being single, dating and finding oneself – and this stance is perhaps what makes the show timeless and never outdated. Besides when you’re single and dating, you have enough real life drama to deal with on your own; who needs to watch it unfold on your television set as you try to unwind.

    Living Single broke ground for up and coming prospects. It debuted in an era where comedies based on the African American dating scene, were few and primarily nonexistent. It endured a strong run, but undoubtedly faltered slightly before its end as the marriage of Overton and Synclair wrestled its way into the script. By the final season, its no surprise if viewers found themselves frazzled by the seemingly rushed and disorganized bundle of episodes as Living Single’s cast and crew seemingly tried to develop and unwrap a convincing ‘happily-ever-after’ finale as the series slipped into its demise.
  • Living Single was a breath of fresh air.

    I was single until 1998, and with a lot of my girlfriends already married, I took refuge in this zany comedy featuring four very talented single women with a great chemistry. The two guys added further spice to it and made it a real hit. The characters of Overton and Sinclair were both adorable and even more adorable as a couple on the show. And their nurturing sweetness was definitely needed to counteract Field's shallow, catty character, the dry humored character of Max, and Latifah's no nonsense all business persona.
  • Funny, family-friend-orientated show. Great characters Max especially and Karl Barker.

    Living Single was the ultimate tv series in the 90's. Great celeb appearances e.g. NBN. Bring it back! or bring us the DVD. Excellent cast with the Oscar nominated Queen Latifah. Love, love, loved this show. Bring back re-runs just like the Fresh Prince this is a classic!
  • Living single was the best show to hit tv in the 90's. The show girlfriends is the same show but living single is better. Max from living single and Toni from grilfriends are the same,Synclare and Lynn are the same,Ragine and mya are the same

    Living Single review 10
    Girlfriend review 9.0

    Overall both shows are very good. This are reason you should look at Living Single and Girlfriends.

    Living Single name was orignaly called My Girls.

    Girlfriends orignaly was named Living Single with children.

    Girlfriends is now entering its sixth season.

    You can catch living single on oxygen weekdays.