Living Single

Season 4 Episode 2

Ride the Maverick

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Aug 29, 1996 on FOX



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    • Kyle: Uh, Overton. I have a sinking feeling I made a... small blunder.
      Regine: Well, those socks are ugly. But, hey, they go with the suit.

    • Max: Khadijah. Can you believe the TV coverage my press conference got? They put me on before the guy who got mauled by the panda bear.

    • Regine: Oh, hey, Max. Good news, girl. I have decided to become your campaign manager again.
      Max: What's the good news?
      Regine: Because my society sisters from E.L.B.O.W. have decided to re-endorse you as their candidate.
      Max: What's the good news?
      Regine: Which means I'll bring chips and juice boxes to every rally.
      Max: Hey! Hot damn. Good news.

    • Max: You voted for me?
      Khadijah: Just because I didn't want you elected, doesn't mean I wasn't gonna vote for you.
      Max: Khadijah, as my first act as alderwoman, I'd like to retract what I said about you being a jealous control freak, without confirming or denying the allegation.
      Khadijah: Stop it, Max, I'm gonna cry.
      Max: Oh, come on, Khadijah, remember you called me shady, trifiling and full of garbage?
      Khadijah: Oh, is that all I said? You must've cut me off.
      Max: Oh, alright, go ahead, here's your chance.
      Khadijah: Max.... congratulations.
      Max: Is that it?
      Khadijah: Oh, yeah. And blam, blam, ker-blam, dingity, digity, donk.

    • Regine: Oh, Max, good news. You are neck and neck with Malava in the polls. But more importantly, the Elbows are talking about making me their tresourer.
      Max: I don't give a frog's fat ass. Alright, listen, Khadijah, when is your endorsment coming out? I just rented a billboard on wheels.
      Khadijah: Max, you better get your money back.
      Max: What'chu talkin' 'bout?
      Khadijah: I endorsed another canidate.
      Regine: You just couldn't stand seeing me become treasourer of the Elbows, now could you?!

    • Max: I suppose you think I supported Perez because you did.
      Khadijah: Mother hasn't thought about you all day.

    • Khadijah: You couldn't keep your mouth shut for two days?
      Regine: Hello, have we met?

    • (Khadijah is interviewing her for Flavor)
      Max: Okay, Khadijah let's do this Q&A, I'm speaking at a nursing home and I wanna get their vote before their medication kicks in.
      Khadijah: Now, one of the biggest problems in the school district is speeding in the school zones. Now as alderman, what would you do about it?
      Max: Children are not speed bumps
      Khadijah: And?
      Max: And I'm ready for the next question, let's go.
      Khadijah: Alright, alright. Graffetti. Now, your opponent Malava favors an increase in police patrols, but now you see that could lead to higher taxes, now what do you propose?
      Max: I say it's time to win back our walls.
      Khadijah: How?
      Max: Dedication, perserverance and a word I'm not afraid to say, sweat!
      Khadijah: You know, Max, when you answer these questions it's okay to actually say something.
      Max: No, no, look, Khadijah, that's my secret. My press conference proved I know how to talk to the viewers. I mean, what you say isn't nearly as important as the rhythm. Bam, blam, ker-blam, dingity, dingity dong. Next question!
      Khadijah: Crime?
      Max: Not on my street!
      Khadijah: Education?
      Max: Books are silent friends.
      Khadijah: Employment?
      Max: Work works!
      Khadijah: Max, could you just once speak in complete sentences?
      Max: ... Complete sentences for every criminal! Yeah!

    • Max: So tomorrow, check the box marked 'William Perez.' I know I will. I'll be happy to answer any questions.
      Regine: I have one. Do you know how much I hate you?

    • Khadijah: Max, you don't know how hard this was for me. But I have a responsiblity to my readers to endorse the best candiate. And all you keep doing is spouting these tired cliches.
      Max: Hey, the proof is in the pudding. Look, hold up here. Let's just deal with the real. This is about you and me and a little thing called jealously.
      Khadijah: What the devil are you talkin' about?
      Max: Well, see up until now you've been the self-appointed leader of our little four-some, the great provider. Syclaire needs a job, work for Khadijah, Regine needs a place to live, live with Khadijah. And suddenly, I'm on the verge of winning this election without any help from you, and mother cannot stand to share the spotlight, can she?
      Khadijah: You know Max, I stand corrected. Here I was thinking you weren't ready for public office. But you are shady, trifling and you spit more garbage than any politician I ever heard.
      Max: Why, thank you, Khadijah. But you know, it's too late to endorse me now.

    • Synclaire: You know something, Regine. If I could embroider, you'd be getting a pretty nasty pillow from me.

    • Kyle: I'd like to get a new driver's license. (a man laughs at his picture) As if your face is a Kodak moment.

    • Max: Don't thank me now. I just ask that you invite me to your wedding.
      Kyle: Oh, I'm sure they were planning on it. Every bride needs something old and much borrowed.

    • Kyle: Well, if the brownstone's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'.

    • Max: Hey people! What are we celebrating? Kyle get a vasectomy?

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