Living Single

Season 4 Episode 14

The Clown That Roared

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jan 23, 1997 on FOX



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    • Khadijah: You only care about three people: Regine, Regine and Regine's wigmaker.

    • Overton: Our twins, Syncloverton and Overclaire, will have more respect for authority.
      Kyle: Yeah, but with names like that, who's gonna have any respect for them?

    • Regine (in Khadijah's story): Nothin' says lovin' like somethin' stolen from grandma's oven.

    • Khadijah: Obie, Synclaire's back.
      Overton: Clown!

    • Regine (in her story): "God bless you, my hip-hop friend."

      Regine (in her story): "Lord, I thank you for the gift of baking."

      Khadijah: "Regine, I do not talk like that! Your story is wack!"

    • Overton: "She's right, Regine, considering you used Mom-Mom's recipe while wearing an inappropriate cocktail frock."

      Regine (in her story): "Is that the new issue of Flavor?"
      Khadijah: "Uh-huh. True dat. True dat. Yo, word. Every page in here is fly. And page seven? Fly the most like hot buttered toast."

    • Overton: "Khadijah, it pains me to say this, but girl, you know you're lying. You know very well Max ain't never rolled up in this house with her own food."

      Regine (in her story): "I would never steal from your Mom-Mom. Why, that's as foreign to me as demon gossip!"

      Max: "Regine, your feelings are hurt because Khadijah accused you of lying. Khadijah, you accused Regine of lying because she lies. Easy solution: Regine, don't lie; Khadijah, don't care. Now that I've solved the mystery of the pruny smooches, can I please get some Chinese mustard?"

    • Regine: At least I don't think I'm queen of the planet. Let's set it off!

    • Overton: "I'd love to go with you, my harlequin honey, but I haven't completely conquered my fear of...clowns."
      Synclaire: "How come you're able to watch Boxcar Bernie?"
      Overton: "Well, baby, that's a TV clown. It's not like he can reach through the screen and rip out my soul."

      Khadijah: "You know, Regine, my mom-mom's gonna be out all day if you wanna go over there and steal her social security check."
      Regine: "Oh good. And while I'm at her house, I'll steal her shawl and her dentures. Oh, and I'm sure her heart medication has a high street value."
      Overton: "Well, it seems I've taken a little trip to Sarcasticville."

      Max (in Khadijah's story and Regine's story): "Hey people. I'm too lazy to go to the store to get my own plum sauce. It's good to know I can sponge off of you two without ever havng to pay you back. Suckers."

    • Curly: There's no way I'm having Shari Lewis on my show. I mean, the woman walks around with her hand up a sheep's butt.

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