Living Single

Season 1 Episode 17

The Hand That Robs the Cradle

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jan 16, 1994 on FOX



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    • Max: Why is everything automatically my fault?
      Khadijah: Do I have to make a list, or are you gonna go after him?

    • Overton: If you just say something nice to him, it will give you all a warm feeling inside.
      Regine: Hot tea can do that.

    • Regine: Khadijah, this party is an extension of you.
      Khadijah: I don't recall any ice swans where I'm from. And if you take a closer look underneath all those wigs, you'll find your roots.

    • Regine: What the one thing I know better than anybody?
      Khadijah: Synthetic hair.

    • Max: I've spent too much time worrying about other people's opinions.
      Regine: That's cool, Max. 'Cause I never worry about what other people think.
      Khadijah: What? You base your whole life upon what other people think.
      Regine: Uh-uh. Uh-uh. Not true. I base it on what other people say. There's a big difference.

    • Max: We'll be there.
      Khadijah: Good. And you can tell Brendan he can park his Big Wheel in my spot.

    • Regine: I bet he's home now planning a romantic evening, huh. Candlelight. Two Happy Meals.

    • Khadijah: Girl, I do believe you have just been macked.
      Max: Oh please. He still has mother's milk on his breath.

    • Kyle: Those figures look the same on those signs.
      Overton: Well, here's a hint. The one with the blue triangle dress? That's the girl.

    • Khadijah (To Max): Work it, Mrs. Robinson.

    • Kyle: Overton, I wore the glasses for a day and my eyes are much better. Watch. (Circles room, patting each woman on shoulder) Regine. Khadijah. Synclaire. (Points at Max) Sasquatch.

    • Max: He asked me some really good questions.
      Khadijah: Like, 'What are you doing Saturday night?'

    • Regine: We were just teasing.
      Khadijah: Yeah!
      Synclaire: And I was just laughing, you know, a lot.

    • Synclaire: Well, people should form their own opinions and not care about what anybody else thinks. Don't you think so, Khadijah?

    • Khadijah: Girl, you worked that two-hundred dollars. I bet next year you can do it with a hundred.
      Regine: Oh yeah. We'll just move the party to a trailer park and serve spam balls.

    • Kyle: It is a scientific fact that women mature sooner than men. Therefore, it is only natural for us to try to get to them before gravity does. Of course, I don't mean you, Max, because sagging could only improve your looks.

    • Synclaire (to Kyle and Overton): Come here. We are in the middle of a very juicy story. It seems that Max, the older attorney, has been dating Brendan, the young freshman. She thought she could get away with it until we spotted her at the cafe sharing more than just coffee.
      Overton: Well, how deep did this relationship go?
      Synclaire: Exactly! Let's rejoin them now, shall we? Break!

    • Max: Regine, you are not talking to me about relationships. You who cannot even commit to a hairstyle.

    • Overton: But on the other hand, good things come in sevens. You got the, uh, seven-year itch. The seven deadly sins. The seven circles of hell. When you think about it, it don't look so good for you, Max.
      ( A little later)
      Overton: Oh, wait. I got a good seven. The seven dwarves!

    • Khadijah: Well Max, did he call?
      Max: Who?
      Regine: Oh, you know who. The freshman. You know...jailbait.

    • Regine: I'm everything I pretend to be.

    • Max: These are my friends, Khadijah and Synclaire and...yes.

    • Overton: Kyle, stop your whining. There's nothing pathetic about you.
      (Hands him cup. Khadijah comes out of apartment and puts coin in cup)

    • Synclaire: Wow, he is seven years younger than you are. My, when you were twenty-one, he was fourteen. When you were fourteen, he was seven. When you were seven he…wasn't.

  • Notes

    • Howard later starred alongside Erika Alexander in the Showtime drama Street Time.

    • Terrence Dashon Howard appeared in the 1993 film "Who's the Man?" which featured a cameo by Queen Latifah.

    • Chip Fields is the mother of series star Kim Fields Freeman. She later made a number of appearances as Regine's mother, Laverne Hunter (credited as Chip Hurd), and also served as a consultant.

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