Living Single

Season 2 Episode 18

The Last Temptation

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 09, 1995 on FOX
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The Last Temptation
A handsome young man from Synclaire's psychology class kisses her during a study session. Synclaire pushes him away, but is still gripped by guilt. She blurts out her indiscretion during a special evening Overton had planned for their first anniversary as a couple. Overton goes ballistic, storms out of the restaurant, and refuses to talk to her. Concerned for her cousin's well being, Khadijah sends Kyle up to the apartment to check on her. He finds Overton and Synclaire's clothes strewn throughout the living room. Meanwhile, Regine is livid when Max snags a coat she had left outside the apartment to donate to charity. Max begins wearing it constantly to spite her. Tag: Max usurps more of Regine's unwanted clothes.moreless

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    John Henton

    John Henton

    Overton Wakefield Jones

    Kim Coles

    Kim Coles

    Synclaire (James) Jones

    Mel Jackson

    Mel Jackson

    Ira Lee "Tripp" Williams III (season 5)

    Kim Fields

    Kim Fields

    Regine Hunter

    Erika Alexander

    Erika Alexander

    Maxine Felice Shaw (a.k.a. "The Maverick")

    Queen Latifah

    Queen Latifah

    Khadijah James

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      • Max: Guilt is a trick emotion. It's put there by your parents to stop you from doing things that feel good.

      • Khadijah: Synclaire, if you tell Overton, he will be devastated. Especially this close to your anniversary.
        Regine: When you're about to get a gift!

      • Khadijah (to Kyle): The second you get up there, you call us and let us know everything's cool.
        Max: Yes. Signal us. Jump off the roof and when you pass the window, flash the OK sign.

      • (Max pulls arm out of sleeve and pretends that coat is talking)
        Max (with high-pitched voice): Max is my mommy now!
        (Regine starts attacking Max until she hears Overton and Syclaire come home)
        Regine: Wait. Gossip!
        (Runs to the door)

      • Synclaire: The girls were right. I shouldn't have told you.
        Overton: Oh yeah! They real geniuses when it comes to relationships!
        Regine (from behind the door): Hey!
        Khadijah: Shh! Don't!

      • Synclaire: I'm asking you. Let's please discuss this like mature adults.
        Overton: Nope. Don't wanna!
        (Goes upstairs and cuts to inside the apartment)
        Regine: Ooh, that was juicy! I feel like a new woman!

      • Max: Well, I don't get anniversaries. You celebrate looking at the same creep day in day out for a whole year, and then you have a party so you can start looking at them all over again. What's the freakin' point?

      • Jon Marc: How you doing? I'm Jon Marc. Is Synclaire here?
        Max: Here I am. I look different at home.

      • Khadijah: You're just too good for this world.
        Regine: Well, any world, actually.

      • Overton: Cookie nose, I was especially bowled over by your delicious white instant rice.
        Synclaire: Thank you, taste bud. My secret is distilled water.

      • Khadijah (To Overton and Syclaire): You know, I can't believe you guys still use pet names after a whole year of dating. It must stop!

      • Max (To Overton and Syclaire): So, how are you two going to celebrate your anniversary? Another night of chastity?

      • Regine: Max's apartment? Ooh, let's bring a camera. I want proof that this mythical place exists.

      • Synclaire: So Kyle, did you get Obie's hat size? I have a Barsolino fedora all picked out for him.
        Kyle: Yes. He's a seven and a half, and you know, I almost got caught. And I don't know how I would explain myself to a bald man waking up with a string tied around his head.

      • Jon Marc (to Max): Dang! You are really forward.
        Regine: Well, see, this is a new method. Usually she just clubs them and drags them back to her cave.

      • Overton: I had this charm bracelet made up with all her favorite things. It got a little dog, a kitty cat, smiley face, little daisy.
        Kyle: A skull and crossbones?
        Overton: Hey. She got a dark side.

      • Synclaire: Okay, he kissed me! Are you satisfied?
        Khadijah: What the devil?
        Regine: Ah, suki suki now!
        Synclaire: I told him I had a boyfriend and I asked him to leave.
        Max: I would have done the same thing. I would have given him a sponge bath first, but that's just me.

      • Synclaire: He was only here to help me get a passing grade.
        Overton: Yeah, and I suppose your lips were going for extra credit!
        Syclaire: Now that is just plain mean.
        Overton: I'm sorry if I offended your delicate sensibilities, Miss Dime-A-Dance Synclaire!

      • Synclaire: I'm a slut!
        Overton: What are you talking about, and why are you talking so loudly?
        Synclaire: I kissed another man.
        Overton: When did this happen, when I went to the restroom?

      • Khadijah: I gotta say, Regine. Giving away all those clothes is pretty generous of you.
        Regine: Well, I figured: Hey, why shouldn't the less fortunate be as chic as I was two years ago?

    • NOTES (2)

      • Moore and Alexander also appeared together in the music video for Toni Braxton's "You're Making Me High."

      • Shemar Moore later played a love interest of Erika Alexander's character in the 1998 mini-series "Mama Flora's Family," which also starred Queen Latifah.

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