Living Single

Season 1 Episode 11

The Naked Truth

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 07, 1993 on FOX



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    • Max: The fact that he had to stay here at all was just ridiculous. And Kyle? Talkin' about how petty women are. Those two were just childish.
      Khadijah: For real, I mean, fallin' out over nothin'.
      Regine: Well, now, you wouldn't be too pleased if I blurted out your business.
      Khadijah: We do that all day.
      Regine: Yes, but you woulda killed me if I told everybody that when you were 13 you had a crush on Jimmy Walker.
      Khadijah: You damn skippy. A matter of fact you need to forget you know that bit of information.
      Max (laughs): How about freshman year in college when Khadijah belched in the star quarterback's face?
      Khadijah: After eatin' onions.
      Syclaire: Well, mine tops all of those. When we were 5, Khadijah had lunchins with her dollies.
      Max (shakes her head): Syclaire, that's not embarrassing.
      Syclaire: She breast-fed them.
      (Everyone laughs)

    • Regine: Whoo, girl. That Brian sounds like a live one.
      Max: Who you tellin'?
      Khadijah: So when ya'll goin' out again?
      Max: As soon as he recovvers from what I did to him last night.

    • (Kyle knocks on the door and Regine answers)
      Regine: Oh, look who's here. There is a god.
      Kyle: Yes, well, I have been called that before.

    • Max: Let me sweeten the deal. No sniping for two weeks.
      Kyle: Is that the best you can do?
      Max: Oh, come on, Kyle. Be a man!
      Kyle: Max, if I were half the man you are, maybe I'd be willing.

    • Max: What's up, people? Mind if I grab a cup of coffee?
      Regine: Well, we're just a regular bed and breakfast.
      Max: I just want breakfast. I do the bedding over at my place.

    • Regine: Girl, I'm gonna be on TV!
      Max: There's got to be some FCC law against that.

    • (Kyle and Overton are fighting and the girls are listening)
      Max: They're about to box. Maybe we should stop up for a visit.
      Regine: You are awful, Max. You started this whole thing!
      Max: I did, didn't I? It's a gift; I don't own it.
      Syclaire: Shh. Shh. I can't hear. Okay, Kyle's talking about Overton's tools always laying around and Kyl'e offering to put them away.
      (Overton tools fall down the dumbwaiter where they are listening from)
      Regine: Oh, sooky, sooky, now.
      Syclaire: Look! Kyle's albums just went flying into the street.
      Khadijah: Oh no! Not the albums. You know Kyle loves those albums.
      Regine: He'd mate with them if he could.
      Max: You know he's tried.
      (They hear a doorslam)
      Regine: Ooh! Someone's on the move.
      (They all rush out of the kitchen to the front door)

    • Kyle: Did you ever lie to get out of an awkward situation?
      Synclaire: Well, I did lie when I told Max she looked good in her red suit.
      Max: Which red suit? I have a lot of red suits.
      Synclaire: Take your pick. You don't look so good in red.

    • Khadijah: Oh, Re, don't get your wig twisted.

    • Khadijah: Okay, this one is for Regine. Truth or Challenge?
      Regine: Truth.
      Khadijah: Would you ever date a brother with a played out hairstyle?
      Regine: Not even on a bet.
      Khadijah: Now, Regine, you know that brother you dated last month had a serious process.
      Regine: Excuse you, but David had naturally curly hair.
      Max: And he got it by wearing a shower cap for two hours.
      Overton: Ladies, ladies, ladies. Can't we play this game in the civilized fashion that the manufactuor intended?
      Kyle: Overton, man, women dis each other and call it communication. And then when they get it down to a science they get maiired and do it to us men.
      Max: Khadijah, this one's for you. Truth or challenge?
      Khadijah: I have no secrets.
      Max: "Do you think sex without love is a sin?"
      Khadijah: If it is, I'll see you in hell.
      Max (laughing): I'll be there.
      Regine (laughing): I know you'll be there.

    • Khadijah: The flowers at work were more than enough. Everybody liked the card: "Sorry I saw you naked."

    • Overton: I just saw Khadijah naked. I'm devastated!
      Khadijah: Thanks, Overton.
      Regine: Now isn't this poetic justice? You vote to have him here, he sees you naked. Long live democracy.
      Overton: You know, Kyle's right. I just get in the way.
      Khadijah: Then get yo' ass out.

    • Max: How about that two day rant you went on when Overton went on your date with Melissa?
      Overton: Hey, you invited me, man.
      Kyle: And you were supposed to say no. I only asked so I could look sensitive and friendly.
      Overton: But I sat behind you in the theater.
      Kyle: Yeah, and you reached for the Raisinets right when I was going for the bon-bons.
      Syclaire: Hello, hello. I believe the last question was for me and I believe I answered it so let's just move on.
      Overton: Oh, hell no. I'm sure Kyle has more to say.
      Kyle: Overton, man, don't be so sensitive.
      Overton: How you gonna call me sensitive, Mr. "I Need A Baby Wipe For My Behind?"
      Max: Stick and move, Overton. Stick and move.
      Kyle: First of all, they're called personal cleansing cloths. And atleast I have the courtest to close the bathroom door, Dr. Funkenstein.

    • Khadijah: What you mean, "Kyle never let's you?" Don't let him run you.
      Overton: He doesn't run me. He just suggests things, over and over again, until I do what he says.
      Synclaire: Overton, it's not right to let people walk all over you. Unless that someone employs you, and gives you a place to stay. Then you just don't have a choice.

    • (He has just given Khadijah his glue gun)
      Overton: It's symbolic of our friendship: true blue and tight like glue. And don't look down the barrel. You can glue your eyes shut.

    • Overton: And Khadijah, you get the urge to prance around in your birthday suit, you go right ahead. Because my eyes will be out this window. Oh, Lord. Max is undressing with the shades up. Has the whole world gone naked?

    • Max: Overton, what's up with the paper dolls, man?

    • Overton (to Synclaire): Your radiant morning glow has turned my lemons into lemonade.

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