Living Single

Season 2 Episode 1

There's Got to Be a Morning After

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Sep 01, 1994 on FOX
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Episode Summary

There's Got to Be a Morning After
Kyle and Max must deal with the consequences of their drunken night together. Kyle manages to sneak Max out of the apartment without detection; but everyone becomes suspicious when they show up at the group's rooftop gathering singing the same song, and seem hesitant to insult one another. After Kyle returns to his apartment with Overton, he and Max each confess what has happened. Overton suggests that Kyle find out if what he and Max share is love or hate. Kyle asks Max to dinner, and she accepts. This horrifies Regine, as she fears that she would be left as the only target for all of Max's scorn and ridicule. She bets Khadijah, Synclaire, Overton and Scooter (who has found a job in New York) on the outcome of the date. Kyle asks Max why she is so reluctant to open up to anyone, and she admits that she needs to protect herself from getting hurt. She nixes a relationship with Kyle because she would miss their antagonism too much. They dance and have a nice evening, but Regine wins her bet. Tag: Everyone performs the tango. Music: "Tell Me Something Good" (Rufus featuring Chaka Khan), sung by T.C. Carson and Erika Alexandermoreless

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John Henton

John Henton

Overton Wakefield Jones

Kim Coles

Kim Coles

Synclaire (James) Jones

Mel Jackson

Mel Jackson

Ira Lee "Tripp" Williams III (season 5)

Kim Fields

Kim Fields

Regine Hunter

Erika Alexander

Erika Alexander

Maxine Felice Shaw (a.k.a. "The Maverick")

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah

Khadijah James

Rolando Molina

Rolando Molina


Guest Star

Cress Williams

Cress Williams

Terrence "Scooter" Williams

Recurring Role

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    • Regine: Well, you could have just talked to Kyle. You didn't have to...get natural with him.
      Max: Believe me, there was nothing natural about it.

    • Synclaire: Max, if you really hated Kyle, you wouldn't have slept with him.
      Khadijah: No, no. Max is versatile that way.

    • (Cut back and forth between Kyle talking to Overton and Max talking to Khadijah)
      Kyle: Last night, I did something...
      Max: For which I may never be able to forgive myself...
      Kyle: It was the unthinkable...
      Max: The unspeakable...
      Kyle: The most horrible...
      Max: Most heinous...
      Kyle: The most repulsive...
      Khadijah: You slept with Kyle?!

    • Regine (to Max): Come on, girl! Who was it?
      Khadijah: Regine, get off it.
      Regine: No! Not until I find out who she was on!

    • Synclaire: If they start dating, maybe she wouldn't be down here so much.
      Regine: Please. Who are you fooling, huh? In no time, this place is gonna be crawling with freeloading, dreadlock-having, crumb-snatching little Barker-Shaws.

    • Overton: You can't deny that their's something between you and Max, you just have to figure out if it's love or hate.

    • Khadijah: You slept with Kyle? You hate Kyle. I can't believe you even let him touch you.
      Max: We used a condom.

    • Regine: Y'all are not a couple, are you?
      Max: Please. I'm not drunk tonight.

    • Kyle: Maxine, why are you so threatened by my manhood? Don't you have enough of your own?

    • Overton: This is ridiculous. We're talking about a couple's destiny. We can't just trivialize it like this. Let's put some money on it.

    • Synclaire: Do you think Max and Kyle will change?
      Regine: Duh! Of course they will. Everybody does. Look at her.
      Khadijah: I haven't changed! Have I, Scootie-Pootie?
      Scooter: It's all good, baby.
      Synclaire: Oh, get a room!

    • Synclaire: Alright. What do you think? Maxine Barker. Maxine Shaw hyphen Barker. Maxine Barker hyphen Shaw?
      Khadijah: Be for real. If they hook up, his name is gonna be Kyle Shaw.

    • Kyle: We've never really gotten along. Right from the start, remember ?You were bringing that box into the house.
      Max: Mmm-hmm. You asked me if I needed help...
      Kyle: And you said, "Drop dead. I can carry my own box..."
      Kyle and Max: "You scrawny, buckethead grunt."
      Max: You remembered.
      Kyle: My memory is one of my greatest assets. I believe you've become acquainted with the other.
      Max: Looky here, Kyle. I was traumatized after being suspended from work. I was desperate and out of my mind. What's your excuse?
      Kyle: You're beautiful when I'm drunk. Besides, you can say you slept with me. You still have your dignity. What do I have?
      Max: No chance in hell of getting seconds.
      Kyle: Thirds, Max. Thirds.
      Max: You make me sick!
      (Music begins)
      Kyle: You make me puke.
      Max: You are puke!
      Kyle: Dance?
      Max: Love to.

    • Khadijah: Regine, will you relax? Max and Kyle are not getting together. They have spent too many years dissing each other. They don't know anything else.
      Overton: They know how to wear out a good recliner.

    • Synclaire: Well, Kyle and Max seem like a good couple to me.
      Khadijah: Everyone seems like a good couple to you.
      Synclaire: I believe in love.
      Overton: And you just keep on keepin' on, sweet pea.

    • Overton: Girl, are you here to play, or are you here to talk? (Regine glares at him, arranges word on board, sits down, and glares at Overton again) Oh my!

    • Regine: Isn't anyone else the least bit concerned that Max and Kyle are on a date? The repercussions of their union will be cataclysmic! The lion and the lamb will live as one! The law of gravity will be repealed! It's gonna be bad all around.

    • Max: Why me?
      Regine: That's what happens when you don't put money in the collection plate three weeks in a row. Mmm-hmm.

    • Khadijah: Max, homey, what's up? You seem a little depressed.
      Max: Oh please. I am not. It's your imagination. I'm fine! I'm on top of the world. If you love me, push me!

    • Max: I will never, ever drink again.
      Regine: Ooh Max. Who are you sorry you spent the night with?

    • Synclaire: Hey, hey everybody. Life gave me lemons, so I made lemonade. (All decline) Oh. So what do you do when life gives you lemonade? Make popsicles!

    • Max: Kyle, if you speak one word of this, I will kill you, bury you and salt the earth so that nothing can grow there again.
      Kyle: You don't have to worry. I do not brag about charity work.

    • Max: Kyle, we've known each other for a long time. Sniping. Fighting. Cutting each other down. I don't want to lose all that.

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