Living Single

Season 4 Episode 12

Doctor in the House

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Charles is the recipient of an award, but is reluctant to attend the ceremony, as he considers everyone in that social circle to be snobs. After the guests treat Khadijah rudely, Charles tells them what they can do with their award. Khadijah fears for Charles's career and asks his kindly boss to smooth things over. Charles is angry with Khadijah for speaking for him, and they realize that they are both incredibly stubborn. Regine goes to the party as Russell's date and uses his connections to make friends with some of the guests. When the women stick Regine with a huge bill at the Russian Tea Room, Russell has to save her. Max spends all her Christmas money on a massage chair for herself, which she has delivered to the girls' apartment, but won't let anyone else use. Kyle, Overton and Synclaire plot revenge, but are hopelessly overmatched. Tag: Max regains control of the chair. Music: Variation of "Deck the Halls," sung by Erika Alexandermoreless
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