Living Single

Season 3 Episode 25

Whatever Happened to Baby Sister?

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Apr 25, 1996 on FOX
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Whatever Happened to Baby Sister?
Khadijah's estranged father asks her to keep an eye on her spoiled half-sister, Stephanie, while she is in town for a track meet. Khadijah asks Ivan to take her out and keep her out of trouble, but she slips away at a party and gets really drunk. She has a terrible hangover the morning of the finals. Khadijah forces her to get in the blocks, but she has to quit the race to go throw up. Khadijah can't understand why Stephanie would throw her opportunity away, but Stephanie explains that she is tired of being touted as a future Olympian; she would rather be a regular college student. Khadijah doesn't sympathize, pointing out that Stephanie at least has a father to pressure her. She is surprised to learn that their father always holds up Khadijah as a role model to her sister. Regine suspects that Max penned a letter to a magazine expressing concern about her habit of pushing men away (one in particular). She and Kyle pester Max about this, but she steadfastly denies it. Overton, however, sees through her lies. Tag: Khadijah challenges Stephanie to a race. Music: "Fantastic Voyage" (Lakeside), sung by Tatyana Alimoreless

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    John Henton

    John Henton

    Overton Wakefield Jones

    Kim Coles

    Kim Coles

    Synclaire (James) Jones

    Mel Jackson

    Mel Jackson

    Ira Lee "Tripp" Williams III (season 5)

    Kim Fields

    Kim Fields

    Regine Hunter

    Erika Alexander

    Erika Alexander

    Maxine Felice Shaw (a.k.a. "The Maverick")

    Queen Latifah

    Queen Latifah

    Khadijah James

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      • (after Stephanie throws up)
        Khadijah: Aww, damn.
        Max: Well, look on the bright side. She did it on Regine's favorite slippers.

      • Kyle: Maxine, I got a serious question to ask you.
        Max: Yes Kyle, I faked every one of them.

      • Khadijah: And all this time I thought you were a brat. But you're really just a misunderstood girl who gets too much attention and everything she wants, huh?
        Stephanie: And I thought you were bossy. But you're really just a regular person who thinks she's in charge of the world.

      • Khadijah: Don't talk to me about being a good sister. I've seen you twice in ten years. The first time, I'm hosing down my walls. The second time, I'm mopping up my floor. I don't know what's gonna happen the next time, but everything is getting covered in plastic.

      • Regine: Hey girl, you seen this month's issue of Magnifique? There's a letter in it from a really pathetic woman who sabotages relationships. Interesting, huh...Maverick?
        Max: Not at all, jackass.

      • Synclaire: She is your sister.
        Khadijah: Half-sister. Who I haven't seen since I was fifteen, when she took my Fashion Fair mahogany lipstick and wrote all over my walls, 'Khadijah got big jugs.'

      • Synclaire: Wow. He hasn't called her in six months.
        Regine: Yeah. He must have signed up for that new long-distance program, 'Estranged Friends and Family.'

      • Regine: You guys, I know I'm right about Max writing that letter.
        Khadijah: Yeah right. Like you were right about Gary Coleman proposing to Paula Abdul?

      • Khadijah: Where do you usually go on Friday nights?
        Ivan: I sit on my bike across the street from your house.

      • Khadijah: Ivan, I need you to do me a favor.
        Ivan: What you need me to do? Lay an article? Write some headlines? Draw you a tepid bath with pink and white rose petals?

      • (Synclaire sniffling.)
        Khadijah: What is wrong with you?
        Synclaire: First you wipe up her vomit. Then you threaten to kill her. Y'all are bonding!

      • Max: Jelly shots. Gelatin and grain alcohol. That's how Grandma kept the kids quiet.

      • Stephanie: I have a green tongue, see?
        Regine: Yeah, well, give it some time, honey. By tomorrow, the rest of you will be green too.

      • Stephanie: Listen, why don't you come back after dinner? I'm sure Dad told you to burp me.
        Synclaire (to Khadijah): Oh, she's got a mouth like you. Bigger? Smaller. Whatever would please you. Just don't hit me.

      • Regine: It's signed 'The Maverick.' Isn't that her nickname?
        Kyle: I've heard her called wench. Shrew. Soul-numbing succubus. But never 'The Maverick.

      • Max: Can you believe those clowns?
        Overton: I hear you. So, did they give you a free copy of the magazine when they ran your letter?
        Max: No, just a release form and this coupon for tampons.

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