Living Single

Season 1 Episode 3

Whose Date Is It Anyway?

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Sep 05, 1993 on FOX
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Whose Date Is It Anyway?
After learning that Synclaire hasn't had a date for six months, Regine and Max devote their energies to remedying this situation. Synclaire accepts a date from a handsome veterinarian named Michael, much to Overton's chagrin. Max and Regine give her a make-over and offer tips. Regine explains the "date laugh," in which the woman puts one hand on her date and the other on her cleavage when the man says anything amusing. They decide to follow Synclaire to the restaurant to make sure things go smoothly. Although Khadijah feels they should mind their own business, she also tags along. Synclaire is furious at their interference, and asks them to leave. She and Michael have a nice time, but he is called away on an emergency, thanks to a phone call set up by Overton. Overton steps in and takes his place at the table, and later takes Synclaire bowling. Synclaire sends Overton into the stratosphere with a kiss on the cheek, and he excitedly tells Kyle that he is six months ahead of schedule in his pursuit of her. Tag: Synclaire reads instructions for hopelessly complicated board game, Blasto.moreless

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  • Although Sinclaire can be easily persuaded doesn't mean she doesn't like to do certain things on her own.

    Sinclaire needs a date and wouldn't you believe Max and Regine are all to eagered to jump in and help. While Khadijah is a little more hestiant about having her cousin dating. But before Max and Regine can hook her up they discover that Sinclaire has a man already trying to suit her. Turns out its Tommy (of Martin fame) and he's playing an animal doctor. Before the big date Max and Regine offer their tips on making sure she has a great date. Max suggests that she perfect her walk. Regine offers the pat your chest and smile method. But with each suggestion Khadijah offers a counter to what she considers superficial information. Once she is off on her date you wouldn't even believe all the folks who show up. But the surprise truly comes in the end when the always lovable Obie shows up.moreless
John Henton

John Henton

Overton Wakefield Jones

Kim Coles

Kim Coles

Synclaire (James) Jones

Mel Jackson

Mel Jackson

Ira Lee "Tripp" Williams III (season 5)

Kim Fields

Kim Fields

Regine Hunter

Erika Alexander

Erika Alexander

Maxine Felice Shaw (a.k.a. "The Maverick")

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah

Khadijah James

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    • (Max answers the door to find Kyle there)
      Max: Khadijah, there's a big ol' head of broccoli at the door.
      Kyle: Max, even finding you here does not change the fact that today is my lucky day.
      Max: Doctor discovered a cure for ugly?
      Kyle: No, baby, you just gonna have to wait.

    • (After Syclaire leaves with her date to go to a french restaurant)
      Regine: I hope it goes well. I wish we could see it.
      (Max and Regine look like they're thinking and Khadijah looks at them both)
      Khadijah: Ya'll know that ain't right.
      Max: So, what do you guys wanna do tonight?
      Regine: Movie?
      Max: I don't like movies.
      Regine: Hungry?
      Max: Starving.
      Regine: French food?
      Max: Magnifique.
      (They rush out of the door leaving Khadijah there)
      Khadijah: She gonna need me.
      (Runs out door)

    • Khadijah: Max, let's make a decision, now do you wanna see this movie or not?
      Max: No. I refuse to pay $7.50 to watch Denzel leave his shirt on.
      Khadijah: Yeah. But let's see the new Wesley Snipes movie, I hear there's much nipples.
      (Regine comes down the stairs)
      Regine: All right, which one of you ladies has my blue silk scarf? My date will be here any minute and I do feel naked without it.
      Khadijah: You are naked without it.

    • Khadijah: A date is not gonna make Synclaire's life any better.
      Regine: Now Khadijah, just 'cause you ain't gettin' any doesn't mean your whole family has to go without.
      Khadijah: Just because I'm not giving it away with a double coupon don't mean I don't gets mine.

    • Regine: I have resources yet untapped.
      Khadijah: I thought you'd tapped everything in town.

    • Synclaire: Oh, I understand. It's a man thing. Which is different from a woman thing, 'cause that usually involves bloating.
      Kyle: Synclaire, save just a little bit of the mystery, okay?

    • Syclaire: I just want someone who's kind and gentle and sensitive and loves all plants and animals.
      Regine: Yeah, well, I can't help you.
      Syclaire: You mean there's nobody out there like that?
      Max: Yes, a shepherd. (Regine laughs)
      (A little later)
      Khadijah: You mean, you forced me to sit through this stupid discussion and all the time you had a doctor in your pocket?
      Synclaire: Well, I was gonna say something, but somebody mentioned a shepherd and I got all excited.

    • Regine: Syclaire, how many dates have you been on since you moved to New York?
      Syclaire: And by date you mean...?
      Regine: Going out with someone from the opposite sex who's not...or at least only distantly related to you.
      Syclaire: Oh that kinda date. Well, let's see in the last six months there was...No. And then there dates.
      Max: Not a single date in six months? Mmm. I'd be sliding down the banister at City Hall.

    • Khadijah: Synclaire, have you ever had a thought you didn't feel like sharing?
      Synclaire: Well, at the office yesterday, I wondered what it would be like if we had toes on our hands and fingers on our feet, but you were so busy I didn't wanna say anything.

    • (Spying on Syclaire)
      Max: So what's happening?
      Khadijah: We really shouldn't be doing this.
      Max: Then why'd you take the good seat, Miss Do The Right Thing?

  • NOTES (1)

    • Thomas Mikal Ford played Tommy Strawn on Martin, the show that preceded Living Single during seasons one, two and four and followed it for a portion of the third season.