Living Single

Season 1 Episode 3

Whose Date Is It Anyway?

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Sep 05, 1993 on FOX



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    • (Max answers the door to find Kyle there)
      Max: Khadijah, there's a big ol' head of broccoli at the door.
      Kyle: Max, even finding you here does not change the fact that today is my lucky day.
      Max: Doctor discovered a cure for ugly?
      Kyle: No, baby, you just gonna have to wait.

    • (After Syclaire leaves with her date to go to a french restaurant)
      Regine: I hope it goes well. I wish we could see it.
      (Max and Regine look like they're thinking and Khadijah looks at them both)
      Khadijah: Ya'll know that ain't right.
      Max: So, what do you guys wanna do tonight?
      Regine: Movie?
      Max: I don't like movies.
      Regine: Hungry?
      Max: Starving.
      Regine: French food?
      Max: Magnifique.
      (They rush out of the door leaving Khadijah there)
      Khadijah: She gonna need me.
      (Runs out door)

    • Khadijah: Max, let's make a decision, now do you wanna see this movie or not?
      Max: No. I refuse to pay $7.50 to watch Denzel leave his shirt on.
      Khadijah: Yeah. But let's see the new Wesley Snipes movie, I hear there's much nipples.
      (Regine comes down the stairs)
      Regine: All right, which one of you ladies has my blue silk scarf? My date will be here any minute and I do feel naked without it.
      Khadijah: You are naked without it.

    • Khadijah: A date is not gonna make Synclaire's life any better.
      Regine: Now Khadijah, just 'cause you ain't gettin' any doesn't mean your whole family has to go without.
      Khadijah: Just because I'm not giving it away with a double coupon don't mean I don't gets mine.

    • Regine: I have resources yet untapped.
      Khadijah: I thought you'd tapped everything in town.

    • Synclaire: Oh, I understand. It's a man thing. Which is different from a woman thing, 'cause that usually involves bloating.
      Kyle: Synclaire, save just a little bit of the mystery, okay?

    • Syclaire: I just want someone who's kind and gentle and sensitive and loves all plants and animals.
      Regine: Yeah, well, I can't help you.
      Syclaire: You mean there's nobody out there like that?
      Max: Yes, a shepherd. (Regine laughs)
      (A little later)
      Khadijah: You mean, you forced me to sit through this stupid discussion and all the time you had a doctor in your pocket?
      Synclaire: Well, I was gonna say something, but somebody mentioned a shepherd and I got all excited.

    • Regine: Syclaire, how many dates have you been on since you moved to New York?
      Syclaire: And by date you mean...?
      Regine: Going out with someone from the opposite sex who's not...or at least only distantly related to you.
      Syclaire: Oh that kinda date. Well, let's see in the last six months there was...No. And then there dates.
      Max: Not a single date in six months? Mmm. I'd be sliding down the banister at City Hall.

    • Khadijah: Synclaire, have you ever had a thought you didn't feel like sharing?
      Synclaire: Well, at the office yesterday, I wondered what it would be like if we had toes on our hands and fingers on our feet, but you were so busy I didn't wanna say anything.

    • (Spying on Syclaire)
      Max: So what's happening?
      Khadijah: We really shouldn't be doing this.
      Max: Then why'd you take the good seat, Miss Do The Right Thing?

  • Notes

    • Thomas Mikal Ford played Tommy Strawn on Martin, the show that preceded Living Single during seasons one, two and four and followed it for a portion of the third season.

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