Living Single

Season 3 Episode 22

Woman to Woman

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 21, 1996 on FOX



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    • Shayla: Well, Max, I owe you 5 dollars. Remember? I bet you, you'd be the first one to take the plunge.
      Max: Why don't you hold onto it? You hold onto things so well.

    • Chris: Max, I heard all about you.
      Max: Funny, I had you pictured a little differently. I thought you'd be a man.

    • Max: You know, back in school, she bet me I'd be the first one to jump the broom.
      Regine: So she drank pretty much around the clock.
      Max: Regine, why don't you click your heels three times and go to hell?

    • Kyle: Should you require a tour of our fair city, I am the ultimate guide to Gotham.
      Chris: Great. You can show us all the lesbian hangouts. (Max snaps in a circle)
      Overton: You okay, shawty?
      Kyle: Max just left the building with two beautiful gay women.
      Overton: You soured that woman on the whole male species

    • Shayla: Look, Max, I know a dropped a bomb--
      Max: But what-- what? I mean, one minute I'm waiting to check out Mr. Right, the next I'm wondering how she handles PMS.
      Shayla: I tried to tell you for years, but every time I called, I just couldn't find the words.
      Max: 'I'm gay' is a real toll saver.

    • Synclaire: So, Peppermint she, or isn't she?

    • Max: You all through college, I went through men like water. I mean, what does it say about me that my closest relationship was with a gay woman?
      Synclaire: Well Max, I don't claim to know everything about homosexuality.
      Regine: Yeah, well, that will be a big relief to the gay community.
      Synclaire: But it seems to me that if someone gets to know you, warts and all-- and still cares about you very deeply, that's the best kind of friend, isn't it?
      Max: Synclaire, it's time for you and Lamp Chop to sing a night-night song.
      Khadijah: Max, lemme ask you somethin'. The entire time that y'all roomed together did she ever try to come on to you?
      Max: No.
      Khadijah: Well, okay, so she played it cool. That's how much your friendship meant to you.
      Max: Don't make me go re-think this. I've already come up with a bitterness that I feel very comfortable with.

    • Max: You didn't think I could handle having a roommate that was gay?
      Shayla: No. I didn't think you could handle having a roommate who was in love with you. (commerical break)
      Max: Now wait, a minute. You felt w-what? You... You said what?
      Shayla: See? I knew you couldn't handle it.
      Max: I'm handling. What... When? Uh, how long have you been in, uh...? You know, felt that way about me?
      Shayla: When we first met in the dorm and you introduced yourself as Max, the Maverick I didn't know what to make of you. Then before I knew it, we were best friends, then I realized I was in trouble.
      Max: There's got to be a beer in here some where.
      Shayla: I mean, there I was in the back seat of Dexter Finnely's, Firebird, wonderin' what kinda person has sex with sunglasses on? Then I realized that I'd rather be with you.
      Max: But you knew I was straight, right?
      Shayla: Well, I did wonder. Every time you'd rant about how men were like snorting warthogs without charm.
      Max: It was those volleyball shorts I used to wear, wasn't it?
      Shayla: It was a lotta things, Max. I mean, you're an incredible woman. I mean, for years I kept comparing you to everybody I met. Then Chris came along, I realized I stopped comparin'. I realized she's the one.
      Max: Well, I'm glad that you found someone that you could be yourself around. Of course, I'm assuming that she knows you're gay. I'm sure it'll be a beautiful ceromony.
      Shayla: You're gonna be there, right?
      Max: Well, gee, I don't know Shay, what would other people think? With everyone whispering about the other woman.
      Shayla: Fine, Max. Don't come. The reception hall doesn't allow children anyway. And by the way, those volleyball shorts? They weren't all that.

    • Overton: That ain't no lovers' quarrel. See, he's just mad 'cause he thinks I'm wearing his clothes.

    • Synclaire: Oh, Overton! You look good enough to bury.

    • Kyle: You're just like the rest of them...afraid of men.
      Synclaire: But that's Khadijah's friend Jamie. She's straight.
      Kyle: So she says.

    • Khadijah: What the hell is this?
      Regine: I'm thinking of our guests. You know I'm cute. And you know how enticing I usually look. Why put out the banquet if they can't eat?
      Khadijah: Well, you succeded. You definatly look like a sack lunch.

    • Synclaire: All right. I'll admit I'm not up on lesbian etiquette. It's not like I've ever known any before.
      Khadijah: Mmm-hmm. Aunt Gladys was gay.
      Synclaire: Aunt Gladys was not gay. She just never found the right man. Like her roommate, Aunt Hazel.

    • Kyle: A good pleat should gallop down the thigh, not stagger out of the gate and collapse.
      Synclaire: Are we still talking about clothing?

    • Max: When did she tell you?
      Khadijah: Just a little bit before you, that's all.
      Max: How much before?
      Khadijah: Junior year.
      Max: Dong, dingity, dong, dong, dong! I mean, god, does everybody know? Is the joke on me?
      Khadijah: Max, she just wanted to tell you in her own time.
      Max: Well, when would that be, after the second turkey baster baby?
      Khadijah: I don't know why she waited all this time, but she told you. Now deal with it.
      Max: But I told her every grisly detail of my life. Including that little romp in the cafeteria with Benny the plate-scraper.
      Khadijah: You never told me about that.
      Max: See how it feels?

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    • Erika Alexander and Karen Malina White appeared together in the latter episodes of The Cosby Show. After the show ended its run, White's character was transferred to A Different World.

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