Living The Dream

Season 1 Episode 10

All Is Revealed

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Oct 12, 2004 on TVNZ

Episode Recap

Following directly on from last week's cliff-hanger, Tiffany reveals her deciding vote to be for...Mick! Mick! Mick!Streamers reign down as Mick jumps for joy. Sam claps with an awkward smile on his face. Then Mark tells everyone to stop - he is getting direction in his ear piece. The Network Executive (played by real-life exec Andrew Shaw) enters the scene and whispers something in Mark's ear. The contestants all look on eagerly. "We have a problem," says Mark. "There is someone here who has grossly broken the rules of the game - this person is not who they claim to be. We have an impostor in the house. I would like that person to own up. Who is the impostor?!" After a sustained silence, Mick announces sheepishly "It's me. But I won this fair and square. My name's Jason Fitch, I'm not a security guard, I'm an actor." "We're screwed! We can't put this to air now!" screams Mark.

"It's not fair," whines Jason. "They say actors can't go on these things. Besides, I'm not the only actor here." Sam perks up. "Are you gonna own up?" he asks Rima. "I'm not an actor," she says. Sam is looking very confused. Rima 'fesses up. She is an actor too. She also claims to not be the only one.

"I want all the actors in the room to put they're hands up," she demands. Slowly every single other contestant puts up their hands. Even Ben, standing next to Sam raises his hand. Sam wears a look of indescribable perplexity. Andrew Shaw looks on from the corner. "Ba...da...this is crazy!" he finally extols. Everyone claps for Sam. Mark takes him by the shoulder. "This is the one reality show where the only real thing in it is you!" Sam is bewildered.

"Well, the prizes are real," Mark continues. "But because none of them are real, the only real person has got to win them." Sam looks stoked. As Mark rolls off the list of prizes Sam appears to begin hyperventilating. Sam looks most excited when he learns about the car. The cast all proceed to introduce their real selves to Sam. "I thought I was going insane there at one stage," says Sam. "This is a crazy experience. This has been unbelievable and you guys are incredible actors."

Sam then meets the crew of Living the Dream, who all applaud him. Then he gets to check out his new dream car - the Ford Falcon SRX. We then learn about how the show found Sam and we see his audition footage. We see the actors rehearsing the entire show in the weeks before filming. The show was filmed in July, and Sam recently went back into the studio to discuss the whole thing with Mark.

"When I watch it, it doesn't seem like me," he says. "I get recognised a bit. My life hasn't really changed, I've just gone back to work. Work's just the same." Sam and Mark discuss the logistics of filming the show, and Sam proves yet again just how much of a good sport he is. Mark asks him what he would've done if he had figured it out.

"I don't know, I guess I would've talked to the production team." Sam then refutes rumours that he clued on to the fakery early in the piece. Sam addresses the paradox of Mary the virgin always wearing skimpy outfits. Sam cracks up as he watches footage of some of the more extreme moments in the house. He admits to being perplexed by Mick always winning the immunity challenges, and says that even though he voiced his want to quit, he never would have. They discuss Mark's bad behaviour, and Sam's disapproval of it. Sam says that despite his oft-voiced concern about what his grandma would think, she ended up very much enjoying the show. Sam talks about liking the prizes.

"Not bad for two week's work," was his father's reaction to his new car. Sam's overall assessment is that it was a great experience, but he wouldn't do it again. "Once is enough, and we'll leave it at that" he says. Sam Chambers. Reluctant star.