Living The Dream

Season 1 Episode 8

Just Four Left

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Sep 28, 2004 on TVNZ

Episode Recap

The remaining four contestants - Mick, Ben, Tiffany and Sam are eating dinner. It appears Mick has somehow found out about Tiffany's pash with Mary, and hassles her about it. Tiffany looks mortified- Sam instantly denies telling him about it. Tiffany continues to look at Sam accusingly. Mick continues to hassle Tiffany. In interview, Sam discusses how much luck has played a role in Mick staying on the show. Sam does not like Mick at all.

Mark announces a prize challenge called "Master Debater", in the contestants must speak on a chosen topic for the longest without hesitating or laughing. Another player will be chosen to distract the speaker. Sam goes first - he is talking about why home kills are best. Mick is chosen to distract him. Sam has a lot to say, but Mick proceeds to undressed, slapped his butt checks, wield his smelly shoes in Sam's face. But Sam remains stoic. Tiffany then talks about credit cards, with Sam distracting. He cracks her up pretty quickly with his stomach contortions. Ben goes on for ages about turtles, and Mick talks about scoring in West Auckland. Ben is the winner.

Sam, Tiffany and Ben have their usual pre-vote chat. Tiffany says she really needs the money, but Ben privately disses her to Sam. Each of them wants Sam to vote for the other. Sam says in interview that he will decide at the ceremony who he'll be voting for. Sam votes for Tiffany.

When the votes are read out, it is Tiffany who gets the most votes (although it's only two) - she is outta there. "Bros before hoes eh boys?" she says addressing the boys. She says she will have to go home and sell her apartment, and will probably end up living in Mick's West Auckland. She spins her tale of woe even further- she speaks to the camera, asking anyone out there for a date. Her plate is smashed and she left.
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