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Living with Fran

Season 1 Episode 7

Carriage Ride

Aired Unknown May 13, 2005 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Carriage Ride
In the first season finale, after disapproving of Riley's plans for their first Valentine's Day together, Fran makes a few changes without consulting Riley, making him feel that Fran controls the relationship. Also Fran does not know that Josh wants to break up with his girlfriend Lilly, so Fran advises her on how to win him over. And Fran's advice to Allison to pursue her secret admirer backfires when the secret admirer's identity is revealed.moreless

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  • Season Finale?

    The WB site says that this episode is the season finale; however, they’ve only aired 7 episodes! There are 6 unaired. This could be a good thing. Maybe the remaining six were terrible and they’re trying to save the show by showing only the best episodes this season. Or maybe they’re pulling the plug and canceling it? The former would be unusual, but LWF has been doing pretty well on the WB so I can’t see them canceling it either. I do know that next week is a rerun and the following week it is not being aired at all. Also, because the episodes were aired out of order, maybe the others don’t fit it. “Carriage Ride” was not supposed to be the finale, but it worked nicely, better than the one originally intended, “The Reunion.” In this episode, it’s Fran and Riley’s first Valentine’s Day together. Riley tells her he has a big surprise planned, but she intercepts a call from the restaurant “Antonio’s” confirming his reservation. “Antonio’s” is not a very classy restaurant, and Fran is disappointed so she switches the reservations. Meanwhile, Josh has a new girlfriend, Lily. Lily is very enthusiastic and describes everything as “super fantastic” and uses other adjectives that “sound like they’re pulled out of a Dr. Seuss book.” Josh can’t stand it and wants to break up with her, but Fran tells Lily that Josh likes the Knicks, so she offers him tickets. Josh wants to go so badly he doesn’t break up with her and is trapped. Then, Fran tells Riley that she changed the reservations and he gets angry, saying that she tries to control everything, and then he leaves. Riley’s not the best actor so I thought it was all a setup and that he’d never planned to go to “Antonio’s” in the first place but just wanted to get her disappointed so she’d be really surprised. Unfortunately, Riley really is mad, which devastates Fran who has to come to terms with the fact that she’s controlling. But Allison’s Valentine’s Day is going pretty well since a purse from a secret admirer showed up at the door from her. Fran recognizes the wrapping paper as being from the Lombardi’s trash can, and so Allison concludes it must be from a kid in her math class, Tony Lombardi. (For those of you who take interest in this sort of thing…Frank Lombardi is one of the writers. He also wrote on “The Nanny” and several people mentioned on that show had the last name Lombardi or the first name Frankie.) Trying to be clever, Allison leaves a wallet with her picture in it for him. In the end, Josh ends up not being able to take Lily anymore and breaks up with her, and unfortunately, it turns out that it was Tony’s much younger brother Vince who had a crush on Allison. They all join Fran moping on the couch about what a horrible Valentine’s Day it has been. Things get better for Fran though, when Riley comes back and leads her outside to a horse and carriage waiting for her. It turns out; they were supposed to depart from “Antonio’s” in it. So they make up and it’s a happy ending. This was a pretty good episode, with Fran sobbing in the freezer and receiving flowers from Vince in the end. The show seems to be moving in the right direction, although there weren’t many laugh-out-loud funny lines in this one. I happened to catch Reba beforehand, and noticed that the sets are exactly the same. One of the critics wrote how this show blends in too much with the others, unlike “The Nanny.” The set is similar, but I still think the show’s premise is very unique. I hope that if the other episodes are bad, this is the season finale, and I hope it gets renewed and comes back much more tuned up next year!moreless

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