Living with Fran

Season 2 Episode 12

Dreaming with Fran

Aired Unknown Mar 17, 2006 on The WB
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Dreaming with Fran
At Fran’s birthday dinner, a waitress mistakes Fran for Riley’s mother. That night, Fran has a dream about her future in which the age gap between her and Riley is extremely pronounced. Worried about their age difference, and not wanting Riley to have to take care of her in her old age, Fran asks Riley to move out.moreless

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  • Hilarious episode - great dialogue!

    I always love to see Fran Drescher and Charles Shaughnessy together - they have this great exchange of witty banter and comedic timing that most would rival. This episode was full of great quotes - Fran's "Jew-bacca" reference after talking about menopause had me doubled over. It's sad that this is the penultimate episode - I think it would have survived had the WB merger not happened. Plotwise, Fran had to have a hysterectomy and dealt with the age difference between herself and Riley. She ended up not wanting to have Riley feel obligated to take care of her - this resulted in some almost emotional scenes. It was nice to see the family ties in the episode - there was a great scene between Fran and son Josh (cutie Ben Feldman) at the end. All in all, it was funny episode and it's a shame that we won't get to see anymore of the hilarious Fran on this show. Who knows, maybe she'll pull something off with the CW! :)moreless

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    • Fran: I lied to him because it was best for him. The same way I got you out of PV football.
      Josh: Wait a minute, you took me out because I was just such an animal you were afraid I was gonna hurt the other boys.
      Fran: Honey, you broke your nose putting on your helmet. I had to pull you out before you put on your cup!

    • Fran: We broke up.
      Josh: What? Why? You know I thought you guys were wrong for each other and that your relationship was insane and I know I did everything I could to break you up but I hope it wasn't because of anything I said!

    • Fran: Hey Ted. Next time gimme the drugs before you speak to me.

    • Fran: So Ted, how long will it be before me and Riley get to... ya know.
      (Ted doesn't seem to get it and waits for an explanation)
      Fran: Have sex!
      Ted: Oh, don't you worry about that, darling. We'll have you back on your back in no time!

    • Ted: So everybody, say your final good-byes.
      Everybody: Ted!!! / Dad!!!
      Ted: I meant for the night! Why do all my patients take that the wrong way?

    • Ted: Oh Riley, if I'd known you were gonna here I'd have had the clown in Pedeatrics make you a balloon animal.
      Riley: You know what, Ted? I wanna thank you for setting all this up and being so kind to Fran. It means a lot to us.
      Ted: (sarcastic) Well, THAT was a low blow.

    • Allison: Dad's a surgeon. Did you talk to him about this?
      Fran: Yeah, sweety. Of course. He was the first call that we made. And I thought that it's only fair that he see them take out my baby maker since I had my lawyer cut off his.

    • Fran: Look, they're not children anymore, Riley. We can talk to them like they're adults... Mommy has some bumpy things growing in her baby place.

    • Riley: Fran, he's one of the top gynecologists in New York City.
      Fran: Yeah, then how come we get to see him the day after I called? It takes me two weeks to see the girl who does my bikini wax.

    • Fran: Be nice to me on my birthday! It only comes once every three years.

    • Old Fran: (after falling) I'm okay! My hump broke my fall!

    • Fran: (to Josh about Riley) I don't want him wasting his life taking care of me. That's your job.

    • Fran: The bumper stickers are all wrong. Drugs are good.

    • Fran: Noooo. Oh scratch my nose. (Riley scratches Fran's nose.) Noooo.

    • Older Josh: Careful coming down the steps you might... (Older Fran falls down steps) fall.

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