Living with Fran

Season 2 Episode 12

Dreaming with Fran

Aired Unknown Mar 17, 2006 on The WB



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    • Fran: I lied to him because it was best for him. The same way I got you out of PV football.
      Josh: Wait a minute, you took me out because I was just such an animal you were afraid I was gonna hurt the other boys.
      Fran: Honey, you broke your nose putting on your helmet. I had to pull you out before you put on your cup!

    • Fran: We broke up.
      Josh: What? Why? You know I thought you guys were wrong for each other and that your relationship was insane and I know I did everything I could to break you up but I hope it wasn't because of anything I said!

    • Fran: Hey Ted. Next time gimme the drugs before you speak to me.

    • Fran: So Ted, how long will it be before me and Riley get to... ya know.
      (Ted doesn't seem to get it and waits for an explanation)
      Fran: Have sex!
      Ted: Oh, don't you worry about that, darling. We'll have you back on your back in no time!

    • Ted: So everybody, say your final good-byes.
      Everybody: Ted!!! / Dad!!!
      Ted: I meant for the night! Why do all my patients take that the wrong way?

    • Ted: Oh Riley, if I'd known you were gonna here I'd have had the clown in Pedeatrics make you a balloon animal.
      Riley: You know what, Ted? I wanna thank you for setting all this up and being so kind to Fran. It means a lot to us.
      Ted: (sarcastic) Well, THAT was a low blow.

    • Allison: Dad's a surgeon. Did you talk to him about this?
      Fran: Yeah, sweety. Of course. He was the first call that we made. And I thought that it's only fair that he see them take out my baby maker since I had my lawyer cut off his.

    • Fran: Look, they're not children anymore, Riley. We can talk to them like they're adults... Mommy has some bumpy things growing in her baby place.

    • Riley: Fran, he's one of the top gynecologists in New York City.
      Fran: Yeah, then how come we get to see him the day after I called? It takes me two weeks to see the girl who does my bikini wax.

    • Fran: Be nice to me on my birthday! It only comes once every three years.

    • Old Fran: (after falling) I'm okay! My hump broke my fall!

    • Fran: (to Josh about Riley) I don't want him wasting his life taking care of me. That's your job.

    • Fran: The bumper stickers are all wrong. Drugs are good.

    • Fran: Noooo. Oh scratch my nose. (Riley scratches Fran's nose.) Noooo.

    • Older Josh: Careful coming down the steps you might... (Older Fran falls down steps) fall.

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