Living with Fran

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  • Season 2
    • Reuniting with Fran
      In the series finale, Merryl and Danny announce their engagement and Fran is asked to be Merryl’s Matron of Honor, while Riley is asked to be Danny’s Best Man. Realizing that she will run into Riley at the engagement party, Fran brings Ted as her date in order to convince Riley that she has moved on from him and is giving Ted another chance. Ted, however, hits on Riley’s date, giving Riley the chance to ask Fran the true reasons for their breakup. When he learns that Fran was just trying to protect him, Riley proposes.moreless
    • Dreaming with Fran
      Dreaming with Fran
      Episode 12
      At Fran’s birthday dinner, a waitress mistakes Fran for Riley’s mother. That night, Fran has a dream about her future in which the age gap between her and Riley is extremely pronounced. Worried about their age difference, and not wanting Riley to have to take care of her in her old age, Fran asks Riley to move out.moreless
    • Going to Bed with Fran
      Riley gets jealous when Fran flirts with his boss to land a job. At home, Josh tutors Allison's friend, Becca, who has a crush on him.
    • Masquerading with Fran
      With Fran dressed as a sexy leopard and Riley a big game hunter, the couple crashes a Halloween party so that Fran can drum up clients for her interior decorating business. While at the party, Riley runs into his ex-fiancée, Beth, who is still bitter that he left her at the altar. Unaware that Riley was once engaged, Fran questions what else he has kept from her. Meanwhile, Josh's date is interrupted when Allison is brought home by a police officer after she is caught driving her mother's car without a license. Instead of telling Fran about the incident, Josh blackmails Allison into becoming his slave until she finally confesses.moreless
    • The Whole Clan with Fran
      Fran's parents, Cookie and Hal, come for a visit and meet Riley for the first time. Hal is cold to Riley at first, but once they start betting on sporting events, things get very heated. Meanwhile, Allison tries to convince Fran to allow her to go on the pill for medical reasons, but Fran turns her down, worried about the temptation for unprotected sex. When Cookie takes Allison's side, Fran revisits old feelings of having to prove to Cookie that she is a responsible mother.moreless
    • Healing with Fran
      Fran convinces a local journalist to write a story on modern families with a younger man/older woman romance in hopes that she will also gain free publicity for her interior design business. However, when Ted has a mild heart attack, Riley feels responsible and suggests Ted stay at the house. Fran's plan of showing the reporter that they are a warm and loving family goes awry as her ex-husband is now part of the household. While the reporter is there, Allison comes home with a black eye accidentally given to her by Riley and Josh starts dating his father's nurse just for spite.moreless
    • Coupling with Fran
      Wanting to help Meryl find a guy, Fran and Riley decide to set her up with Riley's friend, Danny. However, when Fran overhears Riley giving Danny advice on how to date an older woman, she learns that Riley may not be committed to the relationship but is in it out of obligation. Meanwhile, to get an admiring Becca off of his back, Josh and Allison set her up with Josh's co-worker's younger brother, Corey. When Becca ditches Corey, he ends up spending the evening with Josh.moreless
    • Going Crazy with Fran
      Riley's over protectiveness kicks in when his younger sister, Jenny, comes for a visit. To make matters worse, Riley learns that Fran asked Josh to take Jenny out for a good time, which leads to them returning the next morning a married couple.
    • Ahead of the Plan with Fran
      Fran catches Allison sneaking out of the house to go to a party with her boyfriend; Josh's new girlfriend stays overnight at the house, making Fran fear he is setting a bad example for Allison.
    • Learning with Fran
      After Fran realizes she doesn't know much about the business side of interior decorating, Riley suggests that she take a class at the community college. Later, Josh is mortified after he and Fran sign up for the same class, and Fran only makes matters worse when she and Josh get kicked out after she's caught cheating. Meanwhile, Allison quits the yearbook staff to spend more time with her popular new boyfriend, Todd, who turns out to be unpopular with Fran and Riley.moreless
    • Sweet Sixteen Again with Fran
      Against Allison's wishes, Fran plans a surprise Sweet Sixteen celebration for her. With help from her neighbor, Gregory, Fran convinces Kyan to do free makeovers, and Ted promises to score tickets to see Andy Vargas in concert. However, when Ted can't deliver, Fran sweet talks his friend Laurie into helping the family sneak into the concert, and Josh's makeover is a hit with the ladies.moreless
    • Going to the Bar Mitzvah with Fran
      Fran takes Riley to their first family event, a Bar Mitzvah, intending to show him off to gain the approval of her family, including Aunt Sylvia & Uncle Morty. However, Ted, Fran's ex-husband, shows up to the event with supermodel Rachel Hunter, stealing Fran's thunder. Meanwhile, Josh is embarrassed about his job, and Allison is mistaken for her talented cousin Brianna.moreless
    • A Year of Living with Fran
      In the second-season premiere, Fran and Riley's romantic anniversary dinner is interrupted by Josh, Allison and Fran's ex-husband Ted. Riley questions his place in the family. Following an argument with Riley, Fran seeks advice from her cousin, Meryl, and makes matters worse when she takes a dog tranquilizer after mistaking it for an aspirin.moreless
  • Season 1