Living with Fran

Season 2 Episode 2

Going to the Bar Mitzvah with Fran

Aired Unknown Sep 23, 2005 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Riley & the Reeves were watching Josh's Bar Mitzvah in video, even though Riley had erased it last season so he can put stuff he liked.

    • When Fran is at the video store, she is looking at the DVD of The Nanny, The Complete First Season, Fran Drescher's hit series before Living with Fran.

  • Quotes

    • Fran: What are the odds? A room full of Jews and only one doctor!

    • Josh: (to Fran) Can you embarrass me ANYMORE?!
      Fran: Oh Barry. This is Riley, my boyfriend.
      Josh: That wasn't a challenge.

    • Josh: He was all "Why you still blaming me?" And I was all up in his face going "Gimme time, man! You're the raison my life sucks. Maybe you suck!"
      Fran: You didn't actually say that, did you?
      Josh: No but it was clearly implied.

    • Ted: This is supermodel Rachel Hunter. Rachel, this is Fran - my old wife.

    • Fran: Can't you be civil to your father?
      Josh: How can I be civil to the man who's responsible for my nervous breakdown? (looks over to him) Who's that he's with?
      Fran: Rachel Hunter.
      Josh: DADDY???

    • Fran: So my ex husband comes walking in with a stunning blonde who looks like Rachel Hunter. Who cares? We're not in competition.
      Riley: Actually, Fran. That IS Rachel Hunter.
      Fran: Quick, take off your shirt!!!

    • Barry: Josh, you live with your mom?
      Josh: Only until I... you know... move.

    • Fran: (about Ted) All the family knows is that he's a rich, handsome, Jewish doctor. I mean to my relatives that is not somebody you divorce, that's somebody you burst an appendix to meet.

    • Fran: (to her parents) Aw, look at you two! You still seem like newlyweds!
      Morty: Thank God for that little blue pill!
      Sylvia: Morty! Why you gotta be telling everyone about our business?!

    • Fran: (finishing her speech about how Ted won his date with Rachel Hunter)...Thank you! (swings her arm around and knocks out Kenny, the Bar Mitzvah Boy, who falls face flat into his cake)
      Audience: Ooooohhh...
      Fran: (lifts Kenny's head up, which is white from the frosting, she then panicks, thinking that his face is white because he's dead) Oh my God! I killed Kenny!

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