Living with Fran

Season 2 Episode 8

Healing with Fran

Aired Unknown Jan 27, 2006 on The WB

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  • This is the greatest episode ever! Fran and Charlie should always be 2gether!

    tHhis i so far my favoprite episode if the show charlie appearing rocked frana nd him look so good together and theyre both very talented people.This episode had alot of laughs,humor.And this was written by fran herself so thats why it was probably such a great episode when she wites stuff its always very funny she should write all the episodes.

    My fav part was the whole scene with the rproter oin the house fran kept ryign to make a good impression but the other just kept runing the moment.LOL! 10/10
  • Ted suffers from a heart attack and recovers at Fran's house. Meanwhile Josh's dating his nurse to spite his dad.

    That's the best episode ever! It was funny and colorful and had much potential! The actors looked fantastic, Charlie stole the whole show! The jokes were great and there was a closeup of Esther!
    The scene on the couch with Fran and Ted was the best part of it! They interacted so well, you could see the ACTORS smiled, not the characters. Their chemistry is undying. Why didn't this conversation continue? They could have said some serious, important facts about their feelings!
    Allison's love towards her daddy warms my heart and the fight between father and son makes me dance! My 2 fave men in more than one scene - fantastic. And the Porsche thing was hilarious "I'm a genius!" Josh's comment about Fran and Riley being together in order to tease Ted made me think... I could assume Fran does that (deep down).
    All in all: The best episode! I love it!!! Fran should do the writing much more often, the episode had almost Nanny quality.