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  • I love Fran! and Riley oh man! DREAMY I grew up watching the nanny, it was my favorite show! I didn't watch it the first season because i was unaware it existed. had i known i would of watched religiously. Bring it back! I'M WAITING

    gosh i love Fran! and Riley oh man... i dream abouT him.
    I grew up watching the nanny and it was my favorite show! this show makes me feel like a kid again and I'm only 25! lol my husband loves the show as well. I am stuck watching reruns online of living with Fran. i miss grabbing some dinner sitting with my friends or family and watching fran and laughing my but off... there just isn't any good shows out there anymore and they remove living with fran!? i didn't watch it the first season because i was unaware it existed had i known i would of made it stay at hoMe night every time a new show came on!

    Fran has been an inspiration of my life the entire time. This show is simply for the whole family to sit down in front of TV and enjoy the laughter and joy that Fran brought to us. I've heard it got cancelled because of the low rating. I really cannot see why. I watched the first episode and I love it, so do my parents and my 2 sisters. Well... maybe it wasn't that good or funny in the 1st season,but the 2nd season really got better and funnier !! Please chair men of WB ... bring it back on TV, so the finest family moment will soon return !!
  • I was a massive fan of the Nanny and Living With Fran is not much the same but it still feels like home and i miss it

    Living With Fran screens on tv3 at 11am in New Zealand on weekdays and since I have school I record it and very much look forward to getting home and watching it on the tube but what is to come of my afternoon's when the show comes to its untimely end?Bring it back!
  • this is both a 'bring it back' and 'unoriginal'

    I watch this show just to kill time, it just happens to be a GREAT way to murder the ticks on a long hot day. It had to end, that was meant to be. It did not deserve another year. There are soo many other comedy shows out there that are very 'family-like' and similar, and some are also much better than this show. The story line is 'fun', and gets you laughing in a polly-wants-a-cracker sort of way. I'd watch this if it were the only thing on tv, or if everything was under a major soap opera mode.
  • ...

    Fran Descher is an amazing actress, but Living With Fran was not in the same page as her used to be on The Nanny! Fran Fine was awesome, maybe that's why the new Fran on LWF didn't have the same impact! But it was a nice TV show, we laugh a little!
  • I am missing my weekly fix of LWF. I\'m hoping hard that if WB doesn\'t want the show another network will pick it up. It is very hard to find good clean entertainment that the whole family ends up watching and laughing over. PLEASE bring it back.

    Comedy superstar Fran Drescher stars as Fran Reeves, a divorced mother of two, Allison and Josh, who has found love with a man, Riley, who is the same age as her kids. LIving With Fran chronicles the story of Fran and Riley\'s relationship with great humor, and explores the issues affecting an older woman/younger man relationship nowadays. Great family entertainment, a real must see TV.
  • Living with Fran should still be on the air.

    Living with Fran should still be on the air. It was a very funny show. It was on at a great time right after Reba. Reba is my faviorite show. It is the show I look forward to seeing after a hard week of work. Friday night I come home feed the family then it's my time. I get in my bed relax and watch Reba. Then I would watch fran. And it made my night and good way to relax after a hard week of work. Now they have on wrestling. No one watches wrestling anymore. I'm very disappointed in the decisions this new CW has made. We want the old WB back !!
  • i think this show was great and i feel sad because the WB canceled this show

    This show was so great i loved the show the story all the show all the Fridays at 9:00 o´clock i was waiting for the program. Well, i am so so so so sad and too angry because the WB canceled this program, i don´t understand why they canceled the tv show if the program was absolutely fab.
    Put it again, please.
    Bring it back! i don´t know what to say only that \"LIVNG WITH FRAN\" again
  • No wonder it got cancelled!

    It is no wonder that this show got cancelled as Fran Drescher should had deserved much more better than this show as she plays a divorced mom of two trying to find the right man. It ain't no nanny at all and Fran I hope will land a much better and bigger show that this trash!
  • To me it was sort of unappreached.

    To me the same knid if plot has been used.Disvorced mother with one two kids Grown up. And dating a guy half your age at least.Some episodes were funny. The funnyone was the pilot. Other episodes just seemed waste. You couldn\'t follow how some epsides went to gether. But the show was good. My favorite character was the guy who live in the closet.
  • I thought that this show was ok it was not all that funny but it did have its funny moments.

    I thought that this show was ok it was not all that funny to begin with but it got better with time but I still did not get the story lines sometimes.
    I do think that the show writers could of been better if they would of put more thought into it.
    overall I am kind of sad that the show went off because towards the end I really started to like it but I also think that the peopl at the wb did make the right descion in cancelling because it was going downhill very fast and you want to go out on top.
  • Fran Drescher once again charms audiences with her great charisma and amazing comedy skills.

    Living with Fran was a fantastic show with a fresh story unlike anything else currently on TV. Ms Drescher gave outstanding performances with her unique comedy skills and the rest of the cast was great. The show deserved more time to continue to grow, as it got better every season.
  • Living with Fran was a big mistake...

    Living with Fran was a big mistake on the writers part. It's about this women, Fran, who in love with a younder, younger guy. I watched a few shows and I didn't feel the funny that I felt in The Nanny. The Nanny was great and maybe I was expected a little of The Nanny, but I just couldn't get into Living with Fran like I did with The Nanny. Anyway, Fran had two kids, and was living with this guy who was too young for her. So, I watched the first two episdoes and I just didn't like it. NOT THE NANNY!!
  • Everything deserves a second chance.

    When I found out that The CW had not picked this show up for a third season, I was MORTIFIED. The only WB comedy that has made it over to The CW\'s fall schedule is \"Reba\", and nothing else. Of course, \"...Fran\" gets canceled, but \"7th Heaven\" gets renewed for its, like, 1127236782th season. That\'s always the way, huh? This show was fresh, and it was one of the funniest I have seen in a long time. And plus, we were left on a cliffhanger at the end of season 2\'s finale (and now, \'series finale\'). I know I\'m not the only one who would\'ve liked to see Fran\'s answer to Riley\'s proposal. Just like \'Popular\' the WB ripped us off once again...
  • She's back and she's even better!

    I first found out about the show when I was looking up some info on The Nanny on and I knew instantly that it was something I had to see.
    When I saw the first episode I was very surprised, since I had not expected such a great show. You all know how it is when someone, after having a great show, gets a new one...
    First, I have to say that the writing on the show is FANTASTIC. And I mean it. Great humour! The cast is fabolous - all of them - and the show's just getting better and better with each new episode.
    Highly recommended!
  • no way

    this show is not cool i dont like it bring back what i like about you you really know how to dance when you go up down jump around talk about ur own man yeah keep it up to my hair talk about that i really care it true what i like about it what i like about you you you it what i like about what i like about it what i like about a huh a huh it what i like about you
  • Comedy? Really?

    Are you sure this is a comedy? The show is alright, but it does not live up to it being called a comedy. I really have not found anything particular to laugh at. The being old jokes are getting old themselves. We get the point that Fran is older than Riley. ok? They don't have to restate it in every episode with a less than witty remark. They could do a lot better on this show than what they are. It's not a half bad show. The writers just need to step up on the funny. But for now, it's just somewhat entertaining.
  • Fran is back with a grat new show!

    I a bis Fran D. fan and i love her new show! I hope she have a lot of successes with it. It´s a very funny story about a littel family! Fran has a comnplicate realtionship an two funny kids! I hope The WB aries the show a lot of season!
    All the best for the show and cast!
  • Hi, this show is great.I love it. I love Fran Drescher. She is perfect. She and Ryan are in this show great.Every body who plays in this show Fran, Ryan, Misti and Ben are fantastic.And guest stars like Charles Shaugnessy or Debi Mazar are fantastic too.I

    This show is much more than great and if would be words i write that.Fran, Ryan, Misti and Ben are perfect, funny,wonderfull and original.Fran with Ryan create sexy couple.I love this show.Charles Shaugnessy, Debbi Mazar are great actors and I like their in the show.This show is funny crazy and I like watch that. Petra
  • Fran Reeves is a divorcée who has found Riley, her mid-twenties boyfriend. Their relationship is complicated by the fact that they are sharing a home with Fran's son Josh and daughter Allison. Her new household may be non-traditional, but Fran is sure thi

    Why did WB cancel it anyway? Okay, I admit it: the first episodes weren't overwhelming but I see a big improvement now.
    They try to invent new jokes and stopped using Nanny lines. The actors interact better and seem to feel more comfortable with each other. But there's one thing I don't see:
    Chemistry between Fran and Riley. They're supposed to be a madly in love couple but in my opinion they're mother and son. Riley acts like a stiff 80-year-old and furthermore Ryan's acting skills are lower than low. Obviously the sitcom is based on a "younger woman, older man" relationship. *gg*

    Charles Shaughnessy's returning character Ted Reeves adds tensions, fun and sex appeal. Including him into the show was one of the best ideas Fran has ever had.
  • Cancel this now! bring back Blue Collar.

    Living with Fran is an abysmal [at best] show with the nasaly voiced ugly #### known as Fran Drescher. I watched part of 1 episode and sufferd a brain hemorage from her annoying voice. The WB please respect your viewers and cancel Fran so they will no longer have to hear her voice and replace it with Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan [when she had boob's] mud wrestling.
  • Fran Drescher as Fran Reeves Ryan McPartlin as Riley Martin Ben Feldman as Josh Reeves Misti Traya as Allison Reeves

    They all really good on Living With Fran
    I also like how Fran has younger boyfriend as Riley and she has two kids Allison and Josh all
    living in same house. I like how Allison goes get nose pierce but her mom told not too but went ahead and done it then she need up have it
  • Boring

    I attended a taping of "Fran" on October 7th, 2005, and it took so damn long, and it was so damn boring.

    I sat next to these people, 2 moms, a teenage girl, and what seemed like a retarded teenage boy, who said they have gone 7 weeks straight just b/c of the stupid son.

    These women who are starstruck by him really need a swift kick in the ass, b/c they are so god damn stupid.

    I hope they all get a revelation.

    I would rather have someone pull the shit out of my ass than watch this.
  • WB bring back this show I really enjoyed it very much. I love watching Fran in the "Nanny" and she is great in "Living with Fran". It is refreshing to watch a show about a family and not all the sex crap that is out thier. Bring it back please

    WB bring back this show I really enjoyed it very much. I love watching Fran in the "Nanny" and she is great in "Living with Fran". It is refreshing to watch a show about a family and not all the sex crap that is out thier. Bring it back please
  • great show,

    you guys really should bring it back , its a great show, needs a little work, 1. less fighting between fran and riley , people get enough of that at home. Everything else is really funny. oh yeah, more episodes with them out of the house, and get her some new gay friends. Also have debi mazar more frequently,she\'s a hoot.
  • We've missed Fran since Nanny. It's good to see her back!

    It’s good to see Fran on a new show. We missed her after The Nanny ended, and watch Nanny reruns whenever they air. The new show doesn’t seem to have the script quality of Nanny, but that may be due to the differences in subject matter. The chemistry and interactions of the entire Nanny cast was sharp, fast-paced, and focused primarily on Fran’s antics. In contrast, Living is focused more on the slower-paced situations of a family adjusting to age differences.

    It is good to see Charles Shaughnessy in the story line, but we miss the spontaneity that Daniel Davis brought to Nanny as Niles. Perhaps he could be brought in as an uncle, giving the writers an opportunity to add some of those famous one-liners to the show.

    Admittedly our rating is based upon a comparison of Living to Nanny, which might not be entirely fair as Nanny set the bar pretty high.

  • i just love fran wish they would bring back the nanny

    this show is like the nanny in so many ways i don't like ted simply because he will always be max to me livin with fran and the nanny are alot alike she must really love her family , you think i would like to see her in more movies myself , but that's just me
  • Going to a Bar Mitzvah

    This is such a funny show, and the writers are incredibly talented. My favorite episode is \\\"Going to a Bar Mitzvah\\\", where the Bar Mitzvah Boy \\\"Kenny\\\" falls into the cake. The guest stars that week were were awesome!
    I also really liked the clips of bloopers at the end of the episode!
  • Fran living with a younger hotter guy ,she must be so lucky to have a guy like Riley. Also her two children living with her is so hilarious. I love this show so much. Riley is sooooooo hot. I also think that Josh is hot too.Who knew two hot guys.

    Riley and Josh are so so so hot.I wish i was going out with Riley or Josh doesn't matter. Actually it does matter because I believe that Riley is hotter than Josh. And I rather go out with Riley because Riley is older and you know what they say about older guys....
  • It's getting better every episode!

    As a fan of "The Nanny", I enjoyed this show a lot. It was hillarious! It's another show we can't live without. Fran Dresher really is a fabulous comedian. The jokes are fresh and unique. I couldn't stop laughing. Even after I've seen it three times! It's fit for old and young. Even my mom says it's fabulous. There hasn't been any funny comadies for a while. This show is just what television needs.
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