Living with Fran

Season 1 Episode 2

Riley's Parents

Aired Unknown Apr 08, 2005 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • In the first episode, after Fran and Riley find Josh in a bar Fran says Riley and her had their first date in that bar. However, in this episode there is a flashback of their first date and it is in a nice restaurant that looks nothing like the bar.

  • Quotes

    • Josh: Don't worry, I didn't want to meet Riley. Why would I want to meet the creatures that spawned him?

    • Josh: Then I wanted to be an astronaut but my dad said there weren't any Jews allowed in space. I believed him.
      Tom: Well, you were young. - Weren't you? (Josh nods)

    • Donna: (about Riley and Fran) He called her `baby´. I guess that's like when you call a fat man `slim´.

    • Fran: Oh god, Josh, you help Riley, and Allison, you get some towels.
      Donna: This is all your fault!
      Fran: And vodka for me.

    • Fran: That's alright, Donna. I'm a mother too. You were just trying to protect him. We've got a lot in common. I think we could be friends. I mean, we both love Riley, we both like a refreshing breath strip.
      Donna: We both saw the moon
      Fran: Okay, maybe not best friends.

    • Allison: Mother, don't you remember way back when you were younger?
      Fran: That is so not the way to start!

    • Fran: I cooked plenty when I was married to your father. I was just so depressed I ate it all before you came home.

    • Fran: (to Riley) There is always gonna be people that disapprove of our relationship. I gave birth to one of them.

    • Riley: You know he is my dad.
      Josh: She's my mom. Deal!

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