Living with Fran

Season 2 Episode 9

The Whole Clan with Fran

Aired Unknown Feb 03, 2006 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • In this episode we find out that Josh is 21 yrs. old and Allison is 16 yrs. old. Also, Fran's mother said she got pregnant at age 17 so Fran must be about 38 yrs old now which is the age Riley said Fran was to the reporter in the previous episode (even though Riley doesn't know Fran's real age).

  • Quotes

    • Bernie: (to Riley) Listen, you find someone to take her to that Hamlish thing and you're in my will!

    • Cookie: Honey, leave some money for the grandkids.
      Bernie: I can't.
      Cookie Why not? You have a wallet filled with cash.
      Bernie: I was robbed. (glares at Riley)
      Fran: When? You never left the couch.
      Bernie: So I was robbed on the couch. What are you a cop?

    • Bernie: It's not funny anymore, God!!!

    • Todd: Listen, heh, you've been kinda psycho lately.
      Allison: Well, excuse me. It was PMS.
      Todd: I know and when that happens it's like dating a werewolf. You know no matter how cute and cuddly they are you don't wanna be around when they go all like "grrr", you know.

    • Fran: Your grandmother just said the most insensitive thing to me!
      Josh: Oh, like what? You got fat, getting crow's feet, too old for Riley?
      Fran: You know it's amazing to me that you would say all that when I'm holding A KNIFE!

    • Cookie: Frannie, no offense. But look at your life: Pregnant at 17, never went to college, divorced. And now you wanna give your daughter advice on sex when you're living with a man who's half your age and you're not even married to him?!
      Fran: I can't believe you started that sentence with "no offense"!

      Fran: Esther, run!!!

    • Bernie: Now wait a minute. When we moved to Florida you were 12.
      Josh: Grandpa, I know how old I am.

    • Josh: Allison's the problem. She threw a Barbie doll at me when I walked past her room.
      Fran: So? She always does that.
      Josh: This time she'd sharpened the feet.

    • Riley: This time your grandparents aren't leaving until your grandpa accepts me.
      Josh: Oh, so they're moving in!

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