Lizard Lick Towing

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  • Horrendous

    Repetitive, boring nonsense aimed at those too gullible to know any better. Apparently, there are dozens of people involved in producing the childish fakery that is presented to the viewer, which is amazing as it's the same idiocy over and over.

    Anybody that has worked in vehicle repossession cannot, and will not, truthfully defend this sorry, lame show. There is just no excuse. It's an insult to the people of North Carolina, and indeed - to anyone of intelligence that would have the misfortune to see all or part of a 'Lizard Lick Towing' episode.

    This is the worst show I have ever seen. Is it the worst show that could ever be? It's certainly a contender.
  • Bliming Awsome!!!!!

    Myself and my partner love your show, we think its gr8 xxx
  • Greed

    Lizard Lick is sooo fake according to Bobby Brantley and I mean Cassie is really Melanie. What is real is a shop but all of them out for the big bucks and Bobby trying to make his own show. Certainly expect it to be just as fake. If u like wrestling than u like this show.
  • great show

    Can anyone tell me why other sites say there are 4 seasons & others say 6 seasons? Are we on season 4 ep26 & ep27 season finale on mon 18 aug according to wiki. Please help. Cheerie thx peeps ;-)
  • Ludicrous fakery...

    Ridiculous set up 'real life' show that makes Hardcore Pawn look like an Oscar nominated documentary. Rubbish and cheap.
  • New Neighbor Request from Julie Berryhill

    i love your show i am your biggest fan my name is julie berryhill
  • Disappointed!!!!!

    I am completely disappoint to find out that one of my husbands favorite shows has been a FAKE ALL THIS TIME!!! What people do for money. You think the show you are watching are real and once you get hooked you see the fakeness come out all the stunts and fake fights!!! Especially the episode that aired yesterday when a dog attack a guy??? Like really that's were we found it it was a fake!!! The guy had a pad on his left leg where the dog attacked him!!! I'll never watch this show again !!! They need to move from True to fake And if you don't believe watch it !!! And keep a close look at the BS!!!!!
  • Next Season

    Season 6 has started 3 Episodes have been released in December 2013 and will commence around 7th January 2014.

  • This show ruined "All worked up"

    This show needs to be cancelled asap.
  • Actual Lizards Licking Toes Would Be More Interesting

    Fake garbage
  • reality and tru tv. there is a difference.

    I dont know what that may be , but after careful consideration and in a gentle , nonjudgmental way, I would like to say that yes, they do make sense as fictional characters, but my left brain screams out the word, staged, staged, staged, I hope that was gentle :)
  • Loving the show

    My husband and I enjoy watching lizard lick. We love watching Bobbie, he is tuff but also has a kind heart. And Amy keeping them inline is great and she stands her ground.
  • what happened to Bobby after he got stabbed?

    This show got real when Bobby got stabbed...I would like to see the next episode does anyone know the episode number so I can watch it online??
  • Lizard Lick should be titled Lizard sucks

    The idiots of operation repo must have mated and Lizard Lick is the result. Pathetic at best. Watched a few shows to reaffirm it.
  • I Just Love It

    Both me and my wife love this show and can not wait for season 3!

  • Rednecks on a mission


    Can you imagine a segment of "All Worked Up", TruTV's reality series being so popular, it actually got spun off as a series? Well, it happened.

    Lizard Lick Towing is the new series featuring Ron Shirley, his wife Amy & Ron's best "bo", Bobby Brantley who just happen to be auto repossesors who get into all sorts of hair-raising situations, risking life & limb on the job.

    And when they aren't busy on the job, their lives also get a close look, especially with the Shirleys & the comedic pursuit of Bobby by their newest employee Diane (aka Big Juicy).

    This is 1 show that has to be seen to be believed, it is one of my favorites & i hope that it will be one of yours as well.