Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 26

A Gordo Story (aka Inner Beauty II: A Gordo Story)

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Gordo asks Parker McKenzie to go to the dance with her but she turns him down just because he was short. He tries everything to make himself taller. At the dance Ethan (Parker's date) acts all crazy and she apologizes to Gordo and asks him for a dance.

    Lizzie, Miranda, Gordo and Ethan were playing basket ball together. Gordo shot twice. Parker McKenzie was watching the last few seconds of the game and in those last few seconds Gordo tried to shoot but he failed. Parker complemented Gordo and left the room. Gordo was flushed and said that he might invite Parker to the dance as his date. At the digital bean Lizzie asked Gordo if he had asked her yet but Gordo said he hadn’t but he would. After a long while, he came back looking upset.
    Parker had turned him down.
    The next day Lizzie asked Parker why she turned Gordo down and Parker said that it was because he was short.
    Gordo turned up at school with a pair of cowboy boots on which were supposed to make him look taller. Lizzie felt bad because Gordo was usually the one saying that you shouldn’t worry about what other people think.
    On the night of the dance Gordo came to apologize to Lizzie and asked her if she could be his date but as a joke Lizzie said “I don’t dance with people with blue eyes but on this occasion I can make an exception.”
    At the dance Ethan Craft (Parker McKenzie’s partner) was going out of control so she scuffled away to say sorry to Gordo for calling him short and ask for a dance with him but she had to ask his date first. Lizzie agreed.
    Miranda stole a dance with Ethan and Lizzie was left all alone but she didn’t mind.

    Meanwhile Matt is jealous of Laney because he is related to someone famous.
    So Matt decides to fake his project.
  • boring

    this episode is boring because gordo gets turned down by a girl coz she thinks hes short the only good part of it was the music in his daydream/dream and the end actually at the dance where ethan was dancing i liked the music and the dancing was funny but silly at the same time
  • That was totally weird and mean.

    I think that it was mean of Parker Mackenzie to turn Gordo down just because he is short. I also think that Gordo shouldn't try and change who he is just to make other people happy. Gordo should accept who he is and if others can't do that he should just move on. Thats a lesson: Don't change yourself just to make others happy.
  • Gordo’s ‘Da Man!

    Gordo’s ‘Da Man!

    A ramification of showing a Series Finale out of order is that any revelations revealed in it are revealed. Which means that any episodes that advance the current state of affairs and lead up to that revelation are by comparison anti-climatic. We already know how it turns out, so the events that lead up to it are not as thrilling as they would otherwise be.

    That being the case, one must strive to ‘judge’ the episode without the prejudice of that foreknowledge. Were said episode to have appeared in the order it was meant to it would have no doubt had the impact that was desired. Thus is the case with this episode.

    In this episode we are privy to a shocking revelation: Gordo’s short. Okay, so maybe it isn’t so shocking.

    We find out that ‘even clowns cry’. Or more to the point, that even Gordo, who knows that physical appearances aren’t important, even he, is affected by what others think of him. His being turned down by Parker to go to the dance due to the sole fact that he’s short, stings the boy genius to the core. So much so that he not only wallows in self pity at being short, but he even makes a farcical attempt at looking taller (cowboy boots). And talk about a clotheshorse! The price tag on those boots said they were over 60 bucks. And he balked at loaning Lizzie 30 to buy a pair of pants in “Best Dressed for Much Less”!

    We see in this episode one of the few times Gordo lashes out at Miranda and Lizzie (the others being in “Come Fly With Me” and “Educating Ethan”).

    One can really see why the title of the episode was “Inner Beauty 2: A Gordo Story” at one point. Because like its predecessor “Inner Beauty”, this episode deals with a common teenage malaise. While girls worry about being fat, one of the multitudes of worries for a boy is being short. Both Gordo in this episode, and Miranda in the previously mentioned one, start to feel bad about themselves.

    In both episodes, the characters featured go from being strong, confident characters to exhibiting visible signs of distress. And both need the advice of those around them. In this episode’s case the advice comes by way of Mr. Dig. Like all good advice, what he says is what Gordo already knows. If being short doesn’t matter to him, then it won’t matter to anybody else. And those that it *does* matter to are not the sort of people he should/would want to be around.

    Not only are Gordo’s own actions and reactions to the situation on display for us, the audience, to see, but those of Lizzie and Miranda are as well.

    Notice how in the beginning they are just as nervous as Gordo when he asks Parker out. And notice their reaction to when she turns him down. They get angry. Miranda goes so far as to instantly lash out and brand Parker as a “witch” as well as “weird”. And Lizzie is so angered and confused on Gordo’s behalf that she confronts Parker to find out why she turned Gordo down. She even goes so far as to obliquely call Parker short as well.

    And speaking of Parker, what’s up with her? At first she’s practically coming on to Gordo. Then later she says that she won’t go out with him? Then what was with the ‘come on’? And then even later at the dance she’s practically groveling for Gordo to dance with her! Talk about mixed signals! *LOL*

    Gordo’s the ‘Mac daddy’ as it were. The boy’s got some serious skills at basketball! And the way he played it cool with Parker at the end, making her basically beg him to dance with her… You go boy! Talk about your male power fantasy! You ‘da man Gordo! You ‘da man! *LOL*

    Then there’s Lizzie. First she can’t wrap her mind around the idea that Parker might be flirting with Gordo. Then she’s indignant that Parker turned him down. Then she’s not very happy when Gordo and Parker dance together at the end. That last reaction of which puzzles her. Why isn’t she happier that Gordo and Parker are dancing? Answer: because she likes Gordo herself!

    And that is the primary purpose of this episode. It’s one long series of events just to set up another ‘Lizzie likes Gordo’ moment to develop the ongoing Lizzie/Gordo romance plot thread. But since we know how this thread ends (having already been shown the final episode of the series), this is anti-climatic. It’s like watching the 5th round of a prizefight when you know Fighter A goes down in the 10th. You already know how it ends, so watching the set up isn’t quite as thrilling as it would have been had you seen the fight straight through.

    And that’s the real flaw of this episode. Not the quality of the story itself, but the order in which it aired. It’s all a matter of timing. Since this episode showed *after* instead of *before* the one(s) it was supposed to, it loses the vast majority of its impact. Had we seen this episode mid way through the season, after “First Kiss” but before “Just Friends”, I’m sure it would have had the ‘punch’ it was intended to.

    As for the subplot, Matt has to do a report in school about his ancestors. Like Lizzie finds out in “El Oro de Montezuma”, the McGuire family tree (as well as Jo’s) is nebulous to say the least. Jo goes back as far as the 1940’s, while Sam comes from a long line of dairy farmers. Not exactly the stuff biographies are made of. Much less the history books. Lanny on the other hand can trace his lineage to the first guy that got shot (and killed) in the Revolutionary War. A source of pride on Lanny’s part, and a source of consternation on Matt’s.

    Something I have always had a problem with is the inordinate pride one takes in whom their forbearers were. Just because one is related to a great man (or woman) does not in and of itself make one great. The triumphs (or tragedies) of a person in the past who just happened to have some tenuous connection to one’s own family do not in any way reflect on oneself. Being descended from a great man does not make one great. Being descended from a tyrant does not make one tyrannical. A person is ‘judged’ by what they are themselves, not whom they claim blood kin to.

    Be that as it may, Matt ‘spices’ up his report by claiming to be related to George Washington, Davey Crockett AND Elvis Presley. Talk about overkill! The doing of which makes Lanny mad at him, and the two stop speaking. Which is something else I don’t get. Why should Lanny be angry with Matt for ‘spicing’ up his report? Why should he care if Matt faked his report? It doesn’t affect him, so where’s the anger?

    Not only that, but we never get to see Matt and Lanny’s rapprochement! It happens off scene.

    The subplot, while not bad, doesn’t really seem to be up to the standards of what we are used to. It seems somewhat lackluster.

    At the end of the day, this is a Gordo-centric episode (one of the few ones there are). But in addition to being a ‘growth’ episode for Gordo, it also serves to further develop a long-standing plot thread. As well as present a possibly interesting situation.

    By the end of this episode it is pretty clear that Parker is attracted to Gordo. And in “Dear Lizzie” we find out (via Parker’s nosy sister) that Parker has/does write about Gordo in her personal diary. A girl’s diary (especially a teenage girl’s) is usually full of, among other things, romantic (i.e. ‘sappy’) scrawlings dedicated to some boy or another. The fact that Parker mentions Gordo in her diary is suggestive that she has ‘feelings’ for him.

    If ever a third season of the series were to have come about it would have been interesting to see how Parker would have fitted into the ‘New World Order’ as it were of Gordo and Lizzie being an item. Would she be jealous? How would she respond to Lizzie in such a scenario? The possibilities are rife. I can hear the clacking of keys of many a fan fiction writer right now. ;-)

    Overall, the main plot is good, and the subplot is at the very least serviceable. We get character insights. We get plot thread development. We even get to see Ethan ‘get his groove on’ (though we might wish we hadn’t!). Not a bad episode by any means.
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