Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 6

And the Winner Is

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 2002 on Disney Channel

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  • 7.5
    Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo walk into Mr. Dig's class all mad at each other about some incident. Mr. Dig assigns them an historical scavenger hunt in place of a regular test. The former friends find new partners for the hunt: Lizzie latches onto Ethan Craft, Gordo reluctantly teams with Kate Sanders, while Miranda gets stuck with Larry Tudgeman. The trio of teams proceed to search the city for clues that Mr. Dig has left, and the first team to complete the task receives an "A." When Matt finds the assignment in Lizzie's room, he reads that there is "treasure" at the end of the search, so he goes off hunting down clues himself. But Mr. Dig's idea of treasure is not the same as Matt's. Meanwhile, Sam and Jo McGuire realize that they have the house to themselves for a while! So what do they naturally do? Act like kids by having pillow fights, eating messy snacks, etc!

    While they are on the hunt, Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo reveal to their partners what the big fight with their friends was all about--it was just a simple mix-up over who was supposed to meet who at what time. All three agree, though, that they are not going to be the one to apologize. After listening, Larry, Ethan, and even Kate all tell them they are lucky that they have such good friends and that it would be silly to break up their friendship over so trivial an incident. The scavenger hunt heats up with all three teams racng for the finish line. Lizzie and Ethan are in the lead, but before they can cross the line, Lizzie stops and apologizes to Gordo and Miranda when they reach the scene. The former friends make up again and all three teams cross the finish line at the same time--only to find out another team has already won!
  • Friendship Is The Winner Here.

    Miranda and Lizzie are having a tiff. Nothing unusual there. ;-) Gordo is having a tiff with both of them. Again, nothing we haven’t seen before. But the twist here is that they are all having their respective tiffs at the same time. Neither one is speaking to the other.

    While the story opportunities this situation provides are rife, one can’t but feel the reason that trigged it is lacking. Miranda missed a message to meet Lizzie at the Digital Bean, resulting in Lizzie being there alone, ‘embarrassed’. And since Miranda never got the message she never passed on it on to Gordo.

    My question: why would Lizzie be ‘humiliated’ sitting alone? I would wager that your typical customer comes in alone. And it’s not as if anyone was to expect Lizzie and gang there. What’s so embarrassing about going into a coffee shop and ordering for yourself? I certainly can’t see anything worth getting angry over.

    Anyway, their spat allows for some interesting pairings during the school assignment. Gordo with Kate, Lizzie with Ethan, and Miranda with Larry.

    Gordo and Kate are especially interesting because at one time they were friends. And in Kate’s case, secretly wants to be again. Notice how Kate makes a beeline for Gordo to partner with. Not Ethan, whom she has shown to be possessive of. Not Larry, whose intellect is (arguably) Gordo’s equal, and whom she’s had no problem using in the past. But Gordo.

    And then there is Kate’s helping of Gordo. She tells him he’d be stupid to give up friends like Miranda and Lizzie over something this trivial. And while doing so makes clear her own lamentation over not being able to count them among her friends anymore.

    This further development of the ‘Redemption of Kate’ storyline gives added weight to the episode. Kate’s ‘good side’ keeps popping up more and more. Here she helps Gordo, later on in “Clueless” she helps Lizzie. Glimmers of the ‘Old Kate’ are showing through more.

    Miranda and Tudgeman’s pairing also yields some things of interest. Aside from learning that Tudgeman is desirous of Lizzie and Gordo’s friendship as well, we see Miranda treat Tudgeman as an equal when venting to him. His is the shoulder she ‘cries’ on. That’s a nice humanizing touch; as opposed to the normal slightly standoffish way she acts around him. It’s also a nice little bit of characterization for the Tudge. Though one has to wonder what’s with the hair? It looks like he’s dyed it in this episode.

    As for Lizzie and Ethan, there’s nothing really new or revealing about their dynamic. It just confirms what we already know: that Ethan is as dumb as a brick. ;-)

    And speaking of dumb... Fess up, how many of us actually got any of those Revolutionary War questions right? Be honest now. ;-)

    Tied into the main plot is Matt, who engages in Lizzie’s school project for the promise of ‘treasure’ (which turns out to be 38 cents and a bus token). Is it a tribute to or an indictment against the public school system that Matt, an 11 year old (so presumably in the 6th grade), knew the answers to the scavenger hunt faster than the 8th grade students for whom they were written? ;-)

    And while on that subject, couldn’t Mr. Dig realize that Matt wasn’t in the class he was subbing? He’d already remarked before that he didn’t know, “who that kid is”.

    As for the subplot, it is one of those rare ones that isn’t ‘meanwhile with Matt’. Here we get an equally rare opportunity to observe Sam and Jo. It isn’t often time is spent on them alone, so this is an uncommon treat.

    Finding themselves alone for the day, they do what any loving red-blooded couple does—engage in a pillow fight and act like kids! :-)

    Eating peanut butter out of the jar, drinking milk out of the carton, even making a tent out of blankets and playing video games! And through it all it’s clear they still love each other. Ain’t love grand? :-)

    It is a joy to watch these two ‘at play’. Hallie Todd and Robert Carradine have a wonderful chemistry together. And as a consequence that imbues their characters with such, well, character. ;-)

    By the end of this episode we’ve seen more of Sam and Jo, the strength of friendship between Miranda, Gordo and Lizzie, and the further development of a long-standing plot thread. On top of all that we get a history lesson to boot. See kids, learning *can* be fun the “Lizzie McGuire” way! Who says television isn’t educational? ;-) Not bad.