Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 12

Best Dressed for Much Less (aka Kiss My Budget)

Aired Unknown Jul 19, 2002 on Disney Channel

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  • "Afternoon with mom: Priceless"

    A great episode, with a lesson to be laerned at the end of the episode. Lizzie lies to her mom, to get out of bargain hunting with her to get a pair of pants she can't afford, and she has to return, to win best dressed. Miranda wants to be Most Poised, and Gordo wants to be Most Photographed. Everyone's dreams excepts Gordo's go down the toilet because of falling, and a slurpee that went on Lizzie's pants. I liked Lizzie's self realization after she didn't win, and everyone loved her bargain pants. Liked the "Priceless" gag at the end. Matt being famous 'cause of one episode, on a show. Unrealistic, but funny. I liked when they reminisced on the times Lizzie wasn't poised in the past. Awesome episode with a lesson to be learned.
  • Fashion & Fame Are Fleeting.

    Lizzie is convinced to try and get the ‘Best Dressed’ award for the yearbook. Miranda attempts ‘Most Poised’ while Gordo goes for the unofficial ‘Most Photographed’ (the only one that really matters).

    Matt meanwhile flirts with fame as the ‘Funny Faced Kid’ from the “Uncle Wendell Show”.

    This episode is pure ‘filler’, and doesn’t pretend to be anything other than that.

    This episode revisits the common theme of Lizzie wanting to be noticed (though oddly enough in those instances where she *is* noticed she doesn’t like it. i.e. “Last Year’s Model”, “Lizzie in the Middle”). This episode also employs the old sit-com convention of the main character buying an expensive article of clothing with the intent of wearing it once and then returning it (undamaged). And in typical sit-com fashion said article of clothing is ruined, and thus is un-returnable. The classics never die. ;-)

    Also on display is Lizzie’s (slight) vanity streak. She is reluctant to go ‘bargain hunting’ with her mom due to feeling that she could never win ‘Best Dressed’ with the cast offs of previous years. Miranda reinforces this thinking.

    Speaking from personal experience, second hand clothing is nothing to turn one’s nose up at. There are times when the local Salvation Army can be just that: salvation (at least from a clothing standpoint). No shame in that.

    We also get to see a bit more of Miranda’s ‘wild side’. She suggests to Lizzie that they lie to Jo and tell her they have a test to study for when they actually plan to go to the mall. Miranda’s baaaaaaad! ;-)

    And what’s in it for Gordo to try and be in more pictures than anyone else? As he says in “Lizzie’s Eleven”, just to see if he could do it. Why climb that mountain? Because it’s there. ;-)

    As for the subplot, Matt sure does get famous a lot. It must be something in those McGuire genes. ;-)

    At the end of the day Lizzie learns that spending time with her mom is better than finding the ‘right’ jeans and thus trying to impress people. Kind of light as far as morals go, but hey. ;-)

    As for Matt, he learns that fame is cheap, but custom printed shirts aren’t. ;-)

    There’s also a small oddity in this episode. Kate and Claire are mentioned plenty, but neither one appears. Weird.

    Anyway, overall, this is a solid enough of a little ditty. Fashion comes and goes. As does fame. But love is here to stay.