Lizzie McGuire

Season 1 Episode 12

Between a Rock and a Bra Place

Aired Unknown May 11, 2001 on Disney Channel

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  • Enter The Bra.

    Feminine undergarments. Not many shows go into the subject. Oh, you’ll see the ‘clueless dad buys daughter’s first bra’ plot, but that is mainly a ploy for laughs. But this series (and episode) actually goes into details. We see Lizzie and Miranda wanting bras. We see them shopping for bras. We see bras themselves. Heck, the word ‘bra’ itself is used a dozen times!

    This is an episode that makes it clear that the main character is a girl. Shopping for one’s first bra is not a ‘gender neutral’ story idea. It will definitely have more resonance with one demographic of the audience (girls) than it will with the other (boys).

    As a male watching the main plot, you either A: find a new appreciation for the trails and tribulations (and thus sympathy and understanding) of the opposite sex, or B: are ‘grossed out’ by the ‘girlie’ material.

    The producers, knowing that not all males would fall into category A, set about to offset the ‘girlie’ main plot with a ‘macho’ subplot. Each is at the opposite extreme. If the main plot is all about girls’ love of frilly clothing, then the subplot is about boys’ love of beating each other up. ;-)

    With that clear-cut division in mind, the producers do a nice job of balancing the episode.

    Lizzie is embarrassed by her mother relishing in this ‘life moment’, the choosing of one’s first bra. Like most adolescents Lizzie wants to do things for herself now, without the fawning of a parent. And like most teenagers she doesn’t adequately express this feeling. Instead she throws a tantrum, very ‘unadult’ (though more than a few adults throw tantrums themselves. But that’s another story…).

    Then, the reality of the situation (that she and Miranda have no idea of what to do), and her true nature, assert themselves and she apologizes. An odd thing there. Miranda is included in the apology, but *she* wasn’t the one who yelled at Jo. True, Lizzie was speaking for the both of them, but still…

    And this episode also shows Miranda’s ‘wild side’. It is she who comes up with the plan of lying to Jo at the beginning.

    While the main plot may have been geared for girls, the subplot is ‘all boy’. ;-)

    Matt wants to enter a contest to become martial artist movie action star Jet Li’s sidekick in his next film. While Sam endorses a well-written essay, Matt and Gordo favor a more ‘active’ approach. An entry video framed as a low budget martial arts flick.

    Sam can’t act. Matt doesn’t know the moves. And Gordo is only one man. ;-)

    So while Gordo and Matt struggle to put together something decent, who comes to the rescue? Why, none other than David Carradine! That star of the screen who is most well known for his television series “Kung-Fu”.

    It was quite a coo to get such a ‘martial arts legend’ as him to do the show. Okay, so the fact that he is Robert Carradine’s (half) brother makes it understandable. But it’s still cool.

    Seeing David Carradine dressed as Kwai Chang Caine, the character he made famous in “Kung-Fu”, is fantastic. It really takes one down memory lane. In short, his whole presence in this episode rocks. :-)

    And the fact that he’s starring as *himself* makes it doubly great.

    Though that *does* lead to an interesting question. As said, David Carradine stars as himself. Which is to say David Carradine stars as David Carradine. Yet, Gordo doesn’t know who he is. He even asks Sam.

    How can it be that Gordo, an aspiring film director, doesn’t recognize one of the most prominent pop culture icons in the past 40 years?

    In addition to a ‘Very Special Guest Star’ we are treated to one of the best songs to come out of the latter half of the 20th century: “Kung-Fu Fighting”. That is one, to use the modern vernacular, “kick’n” song. I know it makes me want to get up and do some Karate chops.

    And we learn something about the McGuire’s (or at least Sam). They have connections to Hollywood. How many dads do *you* know that have David Carradine’s home phone number? And can get him to come over for the express purpose of teaching their son martial arts? *And* get him to consent to be in a video entry in a contest?

    I wonder, was this subplot written as a vehicle to get David Carradine on the show, or was his presence simply applied to an already established story?

    Overall, this is a pretty balanced episode. We have comedic bits. We have important goings on with Lizzie. We have a highly recognizable guest star. And we have Kung Fu. Who doesn’t love Kung Fu?

    Though one would like to know what happened with Matt and the movie he was to make with Jet Li. After all, Matt *did* win the contest.