Lizzie McGuire

Season 1 Episode 12

Between a Rock and a Bra Place

Aired Unknown May 11, 2001 on Disney Channel

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  • between a rock and a bra place

    Bouncing back from the worst episode of the series, we have this really great and memorable episode, that got to delve in to more of the character's interactions with others, other than having the usual ensemble (Lizzie, Gordo, Miranda) we got to explore with more of the characters.

    The guys and girls are split up in this episode as Sam, Matt, Gordo, and a kung fu master helps Matt enter a contest to be Jet Li's sidekick. Meanwhile Lizzie, Miranda, and Jo go bra shopping resulting in a tantrum from Lizzie, but then she realizes she still needs help from her mom in the end.

    I surprisingly enjoyed the guys interactions way better than the girls, I found myself laughing out loud when they were filming the video and I loved the ending when Matt ended up winning the contest, something Sam did not want. I couldn't help but feel bad for Jo when Lizzie yelled at her for something that Jo didn't even know she was doing. I guess that was the point, had a pretty good ending with their plot, and a nice tie in, in the end with the main ensemble all together again talking on the phone. Great episode.