Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 25


Aired Unknown Feb 21, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Bunkies? Or Just Plain Bunk?

    Miranda’s back! It’s good to see her smiling face again. And oddly enough, she looks the best she ever has in this episode. Must be the hair. ;-) But this reviewer has to wonder: what is it with Miranda and the British flag? We’ve seen the Union Jack appear on everything from Miranda’s earrings, handbag, shirt, skirt, pants, backpack, necklace, etc, etc. Did the prop department get a really good deal on English Mod? Miranda practically wears the flag in every episode!

    It’s a little hard to tell which is the main plot and which is the subplot in this episode. In one, there is a school unity project at school. The student body is supposed to all make handprints out of paint and put them on a wall. A symbol of togetherness and unity (is one reading too much into the situation to feel that this may be a “Post September 11th 2001” idea?) All the various ‘cliques’ in school have staked out which part of the wall they plan to put their handprints on. Once more, Gordo is the designated the voice of cynicism in questioning the whole project while Lizzie corrals them into trying to find a ‘group’ in which they can add their handprints with. Cheerleaders, Basketball players, Star Wars geeks, even the Chess Club reject them (though in various other episodes we see them popular enough with the people).

    At the end our gang realizes that it doesn’t matter who put what print where. When you back up and look at the wall they all look the same. A metaphor for the fact that we, human beings, are all the same, no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves otherwise. Some of us may think ourselves better than others, or smarter, or what have you, but in the final analysis we are all the same.

    Unfortunately, this ‘profound moment’ isn’t given the time (or soundtrack) it deserves to really sink in. Oddly enough, this scene, of Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda placing their handprints on the wall and stepping back to reflect, has been shown for months in a montage of clips from Hilary Duff’s music video “I Can’t Wait”. In the video this scene is accompanied by the proper ‘mood’ music and the film play is slowed down in that ‘reflective/pensive’ way that accompanies an important philosophical event. But all of this atmospheric ‘impact’ is totally missing from the episode itself. Truly disappointing in that regard.

    The other plot of the episode is that a water pipe in Matt’s room busts, leaving him having to move into Lizzie’s bedroom temporarily. Finding that they can’t get along (Lizzie needs a ‘Sound Soother’ to get to sleep?), Sam hits upon the idea of putting all their stuff in the garage and making them sleep in sleeping bags on the floor until they learn to get along.

    They then pretend to get along with each other. Going so far as to call each other by their whole first names (a tip off for insincerity if ever there was one). Apparently in the week that ensues, Lizzie reaffirms her affinity for Matt. But we never actually see this (unlike in “Misadventures in Babysitting”, “Sibling Bonds”, and “The Longest Yard”). It all happens off screen in between scenes.

    And it is here that the biggest flaw in the episode comes to light. The overall feeling of not getting the whole story. Each plot seems to have had some substance subtracted in order for the both of them to fit into the same episode. Either one could have been a main plot, and that is plainly evident in that neither one takes the subordinate role of ‘subplot’, as is usually the case.

    But the problem is that since neither plot gets front stage neither gets to live up to its potential. The end result is a disappointing episode due to the fact that it is patently obvious that it could have been much more. The producers tried doing too much and fit too much into this episode. The plot with Matt and Lizzie, the school unity plot, Jo’s trying to find the right shade of color for the door.

    If either of the dual main plots had their own episode devoted to them it would have been much better. As it is, the compromise of the two just doesn’t work out.

    But that’s not to say that the episode is all ‘washed up’.

    It is true, plumbers really *do* stick it to you! Talk about realism! *LOL*

    And it’s always a pleasure to see Jo and Sam flirt.

    At the end of the day this is a pure ‘puff’ piece. No substance. We get the motions. Kate is (slightly) mean. Larry is ‘weird’. Ethan is clueless. All the set pieces are there, but due to the underdeveloped main plot(s) competing with each other the episode is dragged down.

  • A water pipe burst in matt’s room and now he has to sleep in Lizzie’s room. At school ms dew has returned as their art teacher and wants the children to make the wall covered in hand prints but Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda don’t know where to put thei

    A water pipe bursts in a wall in Matt's room and to Lizzie's horror she'll have to share her room with her brother until the repairs are done. That doesn't look like it will be anytime soon, as the McGuires have hired a repairman. The pairing of Matt and Lizzie doesn't work at all. They fight about everything he wants the window open, she wants it closed; she wants the shade down, he wants it up; he wants the door closed, she wants it open.

    Lizzie's not doing too well at school, either. The art teacher Ms. Dew has come up with an idea for a school "unity" project: all the students will dip their hands in paint and put their handprints on a blank wall, making a painting. But instead of giving unity, the students break into groups, and Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo don't fit into any of them, not Kate and the cheerleaders, not Ethan and the "perfect hair" people, not even Tudgeman and the sci-fi geeks. Mrs. McGuire has her own idea she wants to paint the front door a color that represents the occupants only she's not sure what colour and what it should stand for, so she ends up going through all the colours.

    Back at home, Mr. McGuire forces Lizzie and Matt to get along. He takes all their belongings out of the room, leaving them only a couple of sleeping bags, so they will concentrate on getting along. Matt and Lizzie quickly realize that they must at least look like things couldn't be better between them. This makes their dad proud of his plan, but their mom sees right through their sweetness plan. Finally, after about a week, the repairman gets done fixing Matt's room.
  • A water pipe burst in Matt's bedroom and he has to stay in Lizzie's room! Lizzie hates the idea with every fibre of her body. They all have different comforts. Watch how they try to get along with each other if that is at all possible.

    A water pipe burst in Matt's bedroom and he has to stay in Lizzie's room! This is awry! Lizzie hates the idea with every fibre of her body. They all have different comforts. Like Lizzie she likes the door opened and the the curtain opened with relaxing, soothing ocean sounds.Matt on the other hand likes a night light and the door closed and the curtain closed. In my opinion I acquiesce to Lizzie's preferences though. Anyway they had a big fight over what they should do. When Lizzie opened the door once, Sam was outside. Lizzie was terrified and petrified. Sam said calmly go to bed. Lizzie was aghast. The next time Lizzie came home all her things were gone. Matt's too. She was very shocked. She asked Sam why all the things were gone. He replied that if they did not get along thats how it would stay. Lizzie thought he was artful. Hangin' out with Matt was not too bad she thought. At night they schemed all night. Lizzie suggested they had to be nice to each other to get their stuff back. The next day they were been very nice to each other.

    Anyway at Lizzie's school there was an art teacher who was very nervous. She told them they all had to put a hand print on a wall to symbolise school unity.
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