Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 23


Aired Unknown Jan 31, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • clue-less

    One of the best episode of Lizzie Mcguire in the entire series, and probably the most memorable. This doesn't happen a lot on this show, but we've had a successful season arc this season, and it developed beautifully in this episode. Gordo likes Lizzie, we've known this since "First Kiss" so it's not a surprise to viewers, it's a surprise to Lizzie.

    The whole murder mystery plot was really great, and a great tie in with the plot lines in this episode. Murder mysteries are always fun, and they're apparently entertaining to watch too! I remember when I first watched this episode, I was at the edge of my seat at the very end when Gordo was going to ask out Lizzie.

    I cringed when Sam interrupted about the stupid eel cooking competition, but you can't help but to laugh at Sam's really bad timing. Great acting from Hallie Todd, way more than what I can say about everyone else. Even Hilary Duff's performance was lacking.

    Lizzie trying to find out what she feels about Gordo is left up in the air in the perfect way. Perfect setup for the series finale. Amazing episode, even though Miranda was absent.
  • Awww my favorite episode!

    I love this episode! Lizzie has a murder mystery party at her house. She is getting married to Ethan and then they find out someone has been murdered and they all try to solve. Gordo is being really obnoxious about the whole game. Lizzie figures out the mystery first and she is trying to impress Ethan. Behore she reveals who murdered the guy, Kate talks to her. Kate tells Lizzie that Gordo is trying to impress her by figuring out the mystery. Lizzie purposely says the wrong person so that Gordo can win by solving it. Lizzie acts really impressed and Gordo is about ready to tell Lizzie that he likes her or something when he is interupted by her dad. He just says nevermind and he leaves without asking her out. I was upset but it all works out in the movie lol.
  • Ethan is having a party but his house is being sprayed with something. Lizzie suggests having the party at her house. There is a lot of Lizzie/Gordo romance in this. Kate informs Lizzie that Gordo likes her. Lizzie and Gordo share some feelings(almost).

    I really enjoyed this episode because of the Lizzie/Gordo romance. I also liked the fact that Kate was nice for a change. I however, didn't like the Veruca/Larry romance thing. I thought it was really stupid. I also liked the fact that Gordo was really determined to get Lizzie to notive him. I thought that was really sweet. I think Kate kind of realized that she needs to be nicer to Lizzie even though she probably won't be. Last, I enjoyed the part when the maid (Mrs.McGuire) ranted on about Lord McGuffin(sp) being dead. I thought that was really funny. Anyways thats my review...
  • By Jove, I Think She’s Got It!

    Murder. Romance. Retribution. Sounds like a Mystery to me!

    There are so many things happening in this episode that one has a hard time knowing where to start.

    First you have a Murder Mystery Party, which in itself gives one reason to pause. Murder (even a fake one) as the basis of a plot? On a *Disney* show? Color me surprised. At least they used the ‘non violent’ expedient of Poison as being the murder weapon. ;-)

    Ethan has a Murder Mystery Party all set, but he can’t hold it at his house because it’s being fumigated for termites. So whom does he turn to with his problem? Lizzie. I think this goes a long way towards showing just how close Lizzie really is to the ‘cool people’ she seems to think herself not a part of. Of all the kids in school it’s *Lizzie* that Ethan unburdens himself to. Come on, if that isn’t a ‘vote of confidence’ I don’t know what is.

    Not only that, but look at who Ethan invites to the party. Larry, Kate (with cousin Amy), Gordo, Lizzie, Miranda (who couldn’t make it) and Veruca, who invited herself (Ethan’s afraid of her! *LOL*). Of all the people in school, these are the ones Ethan invites. That’s a pretty small circle to find yourself swimming in. The most popular boy in school hangs out with you, comes to you for help, and invites you to his parties, and you still don’t consider yourself one of the ‘in’ crowd? What more does one need, an engraved plaque proclaiming one’s ‘in-ness’?

    We learn a lot of stuff in this episode, some of the incidentals:

    Ethan’s step mom is even dumber than he is! Though I have to be honest, I didn’t like the (comical) inference that she’s only with Ethan’s dad for the money. “My father’s dead.” “Yes, I inherit everything!” And you mean to tell me that Ethan’s dad has a will that leaves everything to his wife, and nothing for Ethan? I think someone needs to get a mighty fine lawyer, in fast order! Where’s Perry Mason when you need him?

    Get a load of Tudgeman, he’s still wearing his shirt underneath the suit! The Tudge’s fashion sense will not be denied! *LOL*

    And while on Larry, we learn that he saved Ethan’s life once! So I guess Tudge really is the hero he sees himself as. Though, I have to wonder, just how fast can a parade float go? They sure don’t look all that fast on television…

    And as long as we’re talking about guest characters, what’s up with Kate’s cousin Amy? She has one line in the whole episode! Her interaction in the rest of the story is practically nil!

    Sam’s more interested in watching “Iron Chef” than playing a dead guy all night long. And really, who can blame him? I know *I* wouldn’t want to spend my evening cramped up into one position the whole night through. Anyway, it’s the “Iron Chef”! :-)

    As for Matt, we see very little (very little) of him in this episode. Not only is there no subplot featuring him (in fact, there’s no subplot at all), but we actually see more of *Veruca* than we do Matt. A real oddity for this series.

    Now, onto the major developments.

    This episode revisited the two great plot threads of the series. Those being the possibility of a romance between Gordo and Lizzie, and Kate’s inner goodness.

    The second directly affects, brings to a head, the first. A twist I must say caught be totally flat footed. To think that it is *Kate* who reveals to Lizzie the fact that Gordo ‘likes-likes’ her! A masterstroke on the part of the show’s producers. Everybody (myself included) thought that it would be Gordo who eventually let his feelings be known to Lizzie. But to have Kate, the former “Fourth Musketeer” to be the bearer of tidings… I didn’t see that one coming. Not only is the Gordo/Lizzie thread brought to a new nadir, but Kate displays more of her good side, which is the second of the two major plot arcs. In revealing this information to Lizzie she not only contributes to the Gordo/Lizzie thread, but her own as well.

    While some may find the use of Kate as the one who ‘enlightens’ Lizzie as being anti-climatic (and I can’t find fault with that assessment), one has to admit that her use opened up a different story path, presenting different possibilities. With Kate (as opposed to Gordo) being the one to inform Lizzie of the facts, we are left with Lizzie knowing that Gordo likes her, Gordo not knowing that she knows, and Lizzie left still conflicted with her own feelings towards him.

    Her logical mind at first rejects the possibility of Gordo’s having feelings for her. But it doesn’t take much internal debate to convince herself that it’s a fact. That ready acceptance of this bombshell is telling of her own feelings.

    She is of two minds at this point. On one hand she tells herself that she’s always just thought of Gordo as a friend. But her own emotional side is belaying that. One half of her says Gordo is her best friend. The other half is the one that gets jealous when he dates another girl. That same other half is the one that desperately misses him when he goes off to High School. That is also the half that is making Lizzie feel all flushed and lightheaded at the idea that Gordo likes her. And that is the half that always ended the negative declaration of not ‘liking’ Gordo in the past with “I think”.

    The end of this episode finds the cat out of the bag. Now the ball is entirely in Lizzie’s court. What will she do with it? It is the most crucial decision she has had to make to date. And to complicate the matter even more, she’s on her own on this one. There’s no Miranda to talk it over with.

    Which leads to us to another thing. This week’s “Miranda Isn’t Here Because…” excuse is: She’s still out of town. What is she out of town for in the first place? Not mentioned. But at least her absence is covered. It’s good to see that the character hasn’t simply been ‘written out’ of the series, or just dropped off the face of the earth. But her being gone puts a lot of pressure on Lizzie at this, the most important crossroads in her young adolescent development.

    While the Lizzie/Gordo romance and the “Redemption of Kate” threads have been the two major ones throughout the series, there has been at least one minor one that has been long running too. That being Tudgeman’s search for love.

    We saw it in “Scarlet Larry” in his dating of Lizzie (and wondering at his chances with Miranda). “Gordo’s Video” (Miranda as his screensaver!). “And the Winner Is” (‘buttering up’ of Miranda). And presumably in “My Fair Larry”, which hasn’t aired yet. Which presents us with something of a foreknowledge. Judging by the events in tonight’s episode I’m guessing that his date with Miranda in the as of yet aired “My Fair Larry” doesn’t turn out that well. Too bad. But it looks like the Tudge isn’t a loser in love anymore.

    And that, Larry and Veruca exhibiting budding feelings for each other, is another plot twist I didn’t see coming! We get the ‘slow hair toss’ from Veruca, which is a trademark sit-com signal that love is in the air, and we get handholding! It takes a Murder Mystery Party for the Tudge to see what has been in front of him (and us) the entire time. When you think about it, Veruca really *has* been the only girl we’ve ever seen with Larry amongst his “group”. In “Gordo and the Dwarves” there she was, a member of Larry’s Role Playing group, showing she’s into the same stuff as him. They’re made for each other, and that’s really sweet. Especially considering that Veruca is not the typical ‘pretty’ girl type. She’s rather chunky and she wears glasses, but Larry really finds her beautiful in those vintage clothes, and sees her in a new light (just like Lizzie sees Gordo, who has been under *her* nose the entire time, in a new light). It’s nice to see the ‘unattractive’ girl get a guy! Have I mentioned it’s sweet to see the two of them together? Awww…

    And this episode, besides advancing long-standing plot threads, also serves to stretch the acting skills of the cast involved.

    What better way is there to stretch an actor’s (or actresses) skills than making them do an accent while playing a nationality different from their own? Sure, Kyle can do “Caucasian Nerd Larry”, but can he do “Suave South American Actor”? Sure Hilary can do “Typical American Teen”, but can she do “English Bride To Be”? Sure Ashlie can do “Mean American Teen”, but can she do “Cheery British Lady”? So on and so forth. And I am glad to say that on nearly every account they succeed. The jury is still out on Jake’s “British” accent though. I can’t tell whether it was deliberately bad as part of the character, or if he really couldn’t pull it off. He sounded like a cross between the “Sesame Street” character Sherlock Hemlock and Inspector Clouseau from the “Pink Panther” series.

    Though to be fair, Hilary’s ‘accent’ isn’t much better. She slips in and out of it the entire time.

    And speaking of accents, Hallie Todd does a few of them on this show. First the “Deep South” accent in “Working Girl”, now the Cockney British one here. And she really gets into the crying bit. Not to mention the “I killed ‘em!” bit. There’s such a thing as getting *too* deep into a part. ;-)

    And let’s not forget Ashlie. She sounded straight off the boat with that lit to her voice. I say, a bonny lass like ‘erself ought to be on the stage. I swear me affidavit to that I do! ;-)

    So while the magnitude of the fallout of the events transpiring in this episode can’t be overstated, there are still a few things left to be explained adequately.

    For instance, Gordo thinks winning at a Murder Mystery Party will really make Lizzie sit up and take notice him as boyfriend material? What the heck? Gordo may be smart, but I think we needs to consult a few more books on the subject of la amore…

    And as far as that goes, why did he let Lizzie address the crowd first after they had both figured out who did it? If he wanted to win, and thus impress Lizzie, shouldn’t he have taken the lead in the matter? If he was going to ‘up stage’ Lizzie, why not do it when it mattered?

    And on that note, why were Lizzie and Gordo the only ones trying to solve the mystery? Wasn’t the whole idea of the thing to have *everyone* try and figure it out? Nobody else even did anything.

    And as far as the mystery goes, if Sam’s character would never eat the type of sandwich that poisoned him, how the heck did he die? Not only that, but Jo’s character had been previously exonerated by Gordo earlier. And those clues, they made no sense, they were nonsensical. Where’s Sir Arthur Conan Doyle when you need him?

    And on a musical note, notice how when Gordo and Lizzie are talking at the end they recycle the music used in “First Kiss” when Lizzie and Ronny kiss. Subtle foreshadowing? Better be baby!

    And on a personal note, I for one never get tired of seeing Hilary Duff in a wedding dress. She wears it so well! ;-)

    Overall, this is a well-crafted episode. Miranda’s absence is not felt (except where her comforting of Lizzie would be concerned). Larry finds love. Kate displays more of her ‘inner self’. And Lizzie finally finds out that Gordo has feelings for her. The next episode, “Bye, Bye Hillridge Junior High” will be the crucial one. The situation has hit critical mass, things either explode or fissile at this point.

    “All hands brace for impact!”