Lizzie McGuire

Disney Channel (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Magic Train (aka Lizzie and Miranda's Magic Train)
      One day after school Lizzie and Miranda are working on their makeup when they happen to see an old childhood favorite "Clover and Daisy's Magic Train" on TV. At first both try to dismiss any interest in the "kiddie" program but finally admit it's still one of their favorites. When Lizzie and Miranda discover that it will be in their town they decide it would be fun to attend a taping of the show. But there's a problem, what would people think of two teenagers attending a children's program? Their solution is to find a child who wants to see the program and they can baby-sit.
      Lizzie and Miranda's first option is Matt, but he's too old for such a baby show and quickly turns them down because he's working on "The McGuire Museum of Dirt, Stains and Grime." Next they try to get Gordo's four year old cousin, Taylor, but his family has moved out of town, so things are looking hopeless. Gordo asks what do they need a young child for so Lizzie and Miranda tell him about Clover and Daisy. Gordo, ever the nonconformist, surprises them by admitting that he also liked that show and points out that they shouldn't care what others think if they attend the show.
      Finally the day arrives but Lizzie and Miranda are still self conscious about going to the taping so they try to make themselves look younger. Unfortunately, they're surprised when Ethan walks into Lizzie's room because he's on a tour of Matt's museum of dirt. Once Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo arrive at the studio they're able to relax and enjoy the show, Lizzie even wins a gift basket. But their high moment suddenly takes a bad turn when they see Kate at the show with two young children. This is too good to pass up so Kate begins calling her friends to let them know who some of Clover and Daisy's biggest fans are.
      The next day at school proves to be very embarrassing as Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo find Clover and Daisy photos taped to their lockers which means everyone knows the truth. Lizzie and Miranda are horrified, but Gordo doesn't care and tries to tell them they should feel the same way. After a long day at school, Lizzie feels like hiding out in her room, but Jo realizes something is wrong and finally gets the truth out of her. To help Lizzie feel better, Jo admits that she still thinks fondly of things from her childhood and she points out that many of the kids at school probably feel the same way. This tender moment suddenly comes to an end when Matt arrives with more kids touring his museum.
      The next day Lizzie and Miranda try to dress in a more grown up fashion and not worry about what others think, but Kate isn't going to let this moment go. She continues with the teasing until Gordo begins singing Clover and Daisy's song in the courtyard. At first Lizzie and Miranda try to get him to stop because he's drawing everyone's attention to them, but later Lizzie realizes the message in the song is true and you don't have to be a kid to enjoy it. So she defiantly stands up daring the others to admit they also like Clover and Daisy and soon almost everyone has joined her in reliving a bit of their childhood.moreless
    • One of the Guys
      Episode 33
      After setting a new school record in gym and then beating Ethan Craft in arm-wrestling, Lizzie is invited to play touch football with the "cute guys." But after winning the game, Ethan and the guys call her a "great dude" and "a monster" while Kate insults her as a "guy-girl." This worries Lizzie so much that she makes an early-morning call to Miranda for advice. Miranda suggests she emphasize her feminine side more, which Lizzie spends the rest of the morning doing. A talk with Coach Kelly helps Lizzie see things in a different light. Afterward she tells off Kate and goes back onto the field to play with the boys again. Meanwhile, Matt isn't doing his math homework. He falls asleep and wakes up to find it all done, but he has no idea that Fredo the chimp snuck into his room and did it for him! Before the truth comes out, Jo and Sam are happy to see their son doing so well in the subject and Melina wants Matt to do her homework for her.moreless
    • My Dinner with Dig
      Episode 32
      Lizzie is in a tizzy--she casually mentions to Mr. Dig at lunch one day that he should eat more home-cooked, well-balanced meals, and somehow she ends up inviting him to dinner! She's in a panic at the idea of having to deal with a teacher outside of school, and sure enough the dinner with Mr. Dig starts out disastrously. But the next day at school she tells Gordo and Miranda that the evening actually turned out well. As a matter of fact her father Sam and "Digby" seem to have struck up a friendship. Her mind changes, though, when to her horror, her dad actually shows up at school to exchange CD's with his new buddy! Meanwhile Matt has his own problems. He, Melina and his classmates are all being terrorized by their teacher Ms. Chapman, who seems to always be in a bad mood of late. Matt and Melina decide that she needs to get a life outside of the classroom to make her a more relaxed person, so to that end Matt invites her over for dinner at his house one evening. Lizzie is freaked out by Mr. Dig hanging around their house bonding with her father, so she tries her best to "break them up," but to no avail. She talks to her mother about the problem. Jo McGuire agrees that the situation is awkward for Lizzie and says she'll talk to her husband about it. But Lizzie then realizes that her father deserves to be able to pick out and enjoy his own friends too, so she determines to put up with Mr. Dig. When Ms. Chapman arrives at the McGuire home for dinner, she appears to be very stiff and formal, but once she hears that Digby Sellers is going to be their also, she gets very enthusiastic. And once Mr. Dig arrives, some old romantic sparks begin to fly again between the couple. They blow off dinner with the McGuires and leave together, solving Lizzie's problem about Mr. Dig spending too much time at her house.moreless
    • The Gordo Shuffle
      Episode 31
      At school, Gordo tells Lizzie and Ethan he got a credit card in the mail with a $5,000 line of credit. He says he's not going to keep it, but the other two convince him to hang onto it. Later, though, while talking to Lizzie on the phone, Gordo has a brainstorm: use the credit card to finance the film he wants to make! Later at school Gordo is in full director mode, hiring Tudgeman as his technical advisor and Ethan and Kate as the leads in his science-fiction flick. He even hires Claire as Kate's personal stylist, then gives the two girls the card to go spend on wardrobe and make-up! Lizzie watches all this and is very concerned with the way Gordo is throwing around money that he doesn't really have. When she tells him this, he gets mad at her for not being supportive of his lifelong dream of filmmaking. When filming actually begins, nothing goes right. Kate, not surprisingly, acts like a prima donna, Ethan can't get his lines straight and Gordo can't seem to get a single good take to go in the can. Lizzie watches all this from the sidelines in dismay. During a break, Ethan tells Lizzie he's surprised to see that she's not being supportive of Gordo and his dream, which gives Lizzie something to think about. A load of pizzas arrive for the hungry, frustrated cast and crew, but when Tudge tries to pay for them with the card, the deliveryman cuts it in half--it's been declined for being over the limit. Kate storms off the set followed by Claire, Ethan and the others. When they are left alone, Lizzie tells Gordo, "I don't know what to say." Gordo snaps at her, "Don't say anything," and leaves himself. Later at Lizzie's house, Gordo comes over to apologize, even though Lizzie wonders if maybe she should be the one doing the apologizing. But Gordo has learned a lesson about financing movies. He's also going to be without an allowance for quite some time, so he tells Lizzie that they will have to be content just hanging out with each other, doing pretty much nothing. Lizzie doesn't think that sounds too bad. Also, Matt has been avoiding working on his school science project, but the deadline is coming up soon. He tries making various impractical inventions, eventually coming up with a hamster-powered toaster. Melina sees it and has this advice: make it bigger. So he does, finally winding up with a huge Rube Goldberg-type device. When he shows it to his parents, naturally his clumsy father trips over it, setting it off. The machine works, but not too well, as it burns the toast.moreless
    • My Fair Larry
      Episode 30
      Miranda is psyched about being allowed to have a real "boy/girl" party at her place. She wants to make it the coolest party ever, so she invites Kate, Ethan, and everyone else--except Larry Tudgeman. Lizzie thinks this is unkind to Tudgeman, but Miranda is sure he will only ruin the party. After Miranda hands invitations out to everyone, Larry comes up and asks where his is; she tells him his not invited, she didn't think he'd be interested. Tudge is obviously hurt but tries to act like he has other things to do, namely a Star Trek "Star Fleet" convention to attend. Lizzie feels so sorry for Larry that she devises a plan and enlists the help of Gordo after reminding him how upset he felt when Danny Kessler didn't invite him to his pool party. They convince Larry to let them help him and turn him from uncool Larry into very stylish Lawrence (after a few makeovers that don't work so well!). After sneaking him into the party everyone wants to know who this new guy is, even Kate! Miranda is impressed with the hunky new guy too and has a dance with him; in fact, she seems on the verge of kissing him when "Lawrence" reveals to her that he is really Larry! Miranda is at first shocked along with the rest of the partygoers but then realizes that it was wrong to exclude someone from a party just because they may not be "cool." Meanwhile, the teacher Ms. Chapman assigns Matt and Melina to the "Senior Pals" program as part of a community service project, something the pair are not too thrilled about. They are matched up with Moe and Marge from a local retirement home. At first both couples think their day together will be very long and boring, but it turns out that Moe and Marge are the mirror image of Matt and Melina as seventy-somethings! The foursome then spends the day pulling pranks, making mischief and generally having a fun time, so much fun, in fact, that the "old folks" miss their curfew at the retirement home and the youngsters have to help sneak them in!moreless
    • Grand Ole Grandma
      Episode 29
      Gordo is looking forward to the arrival of a favorite relative, his Grandma Ruth, who is coming for a week while his parents are away. But when he takes Lizzie and Miranda over to his house to greet her after her arrival, he's thrown for a loop. Grandma is dressing differently in "spicy" outfits and going by the name "Gorgeous!" She's not making brisket and kugel for him anymore, she's serving sushi and whole meals made of appetizers. And she's into--parachuting?! The next morning at the McGuire house something odd happens--Lizzie and Matt are up and ready before Mom and Dad have gotten out of bed. But the parents soon stumble downstairs and it's obvious they are both sick with some kind of bug; in fact, the fever is putting both of them a little on the delirious side! They go back to bed, hand the kids some money for pizza and tell them they'll have to take care of themselves for a while. Matt and Lizzie prepare to enjoy themselves. Gordo comes home to find that Ruth has "feng shue"'d the house. He's having a great deal of trouble understanding his new, free-spirited grandma. To him, it seems like the roles are reversed now: he's like the responsible adult and his grandma is the one acting like a kid. He even turns down an offer to take a snowboarding lesson the next day because it will mean missing school. He begs off sitting on the floor with his shoes off eating the Japanese dinner Ruth has prepared. Back at the McGuire house, Lizzie and Matt are doing what they want and eating what they want, and in the process they've trashed the house. Grandma Ruth comes by looking for Gordo. She and Lizzie talk. Lizzie tells her how much she means to Gordo, and Ruth realizes that her new persona has been difficult for her grandson to accept. She tells Lizzie how now that her husband is gone and there's no one to take care of, she's been doing many of the things she never had a chance to previously. Gordo arrives at the house, but before he comes in, he eavesdrops on the conversation, which helps him undestand his grandma better. Later, they talk and reach an even better understanding. But before that, Ruth goes back into her "grandma mode." She makes soup for the sick parents and sets Matt and Lizzie to work cleaning up the messy house. Later, when Sam and Jo are feeling better, we find out that they weren't so sick that they didn't realize how irresponsible their children acted, and both of them are (once again!) grounded.moreless
    • The Greatest Crush of All (aka My Love Is a Red Red Chimp)
      Lizzie and Miranda's new English teacher Mr. Keith is really from England--and really cute, too! All the girls are ga-ga from the minute they see him, and once he starts teaching them about the love poetry of Robert Burns, they're all under his spell. (Even Gordo and Tudge like him after he tells them how much girls go for this poetry stuff.) Lizzie decides she wants to be the one girl that Mr. Keith notices, so she begins talking with him and bringing him little presents. But this puts her in direct conflict with her best friend Miranda, who's doing the same thing, not to mention other girls too, like Kate and Veruca. Meanwhile at home, the McGuires get a surprise--Dad has neglected to tell the rest of the family that they'll be keeping Fredo the chimp for a week while his owners are out of town. When Fredo arrives, Matt is very wary--he remembers how much trouble the chimp got him in once before. But soon Matt starts taking kindly to Fredo, and he becomes almost like a brother! Lizzie has plans to go to a Scottish festival where Mr. Keith will read poetry, hoping she can impress him even further. But an emergency arises. The chimp has injured Sam McGuire, and Jo must take him to the hospital. She needs Lizzie to baby sit Fredo. No problem, she says, as she sets off for the festival wearing her plaid skirt and tam-o-shanter--carrying the chimp along with her! Gordo's at the festival too. He proudly proclaims he's one-eighth Scottish until he gets a load of the food like blood pudding and haggis, then all of a sudden he's more Jewish than he's ever been in his life! Lizzie's plan to catch Mr. Keith's attention hts a big snag--she's lost Fredo! Gordo helps her look and they find the chimp at the top of a long rope hanging from a ceiling. A desperate Lizzie goes to Miranda just as Mr. Keith is about to start reading and pleads for her help (she's a good rope-climber.) Miranda immediately agrees and soon they have Fredo in custody again. Lizzie tells Miranda what a great friend she is for coming to her aid so quickly even though they'd been fighting the past few days. The girls agree never to let a hopeless crush like the one they had on their teacher come between them again. Meanwhile back at the poetry reading, Kate and Veruca are vying for Mr. Keith's attention and end up starting a massively disgusting food fight.moreless
    • Grubby Longjohn's Olde Tyme Revue
      The McGuire family members are all psyched about making their annual journey to Grubby Gulch, a "Wild West" theme park, after missing last year's trip. That is, all except Lizzie, who feels that she's too old for such a "lame" place. But at least she has Miranda and Gordo going with her--although neither of them realize how much they too will dislike the place or that they'll have to get up at 5:30AM for the six-hour trip there! Once they arrive at Grubby Gulch and are greeted by Grubby Longjohn himself, Mr. and Mrs. McGuire and Matt couldn't be happier, but the place is as lame and embarrassing as Lizzie had remembered it, and Gordo and Miranda agree with her. But there is one bright spot. At a concession stand, Lizzie strikes up an acquaintance with a cute boy, Cory, and Gordo meets a nice-looking girl, Clementine. They invite Lizzie and Gordo to go to the mall with them after work, and they even have a date for Miranda. But it turns out that Mr. McGuire has scored some hard-to-get tickets for Grubby Longjohn's Old Tyme Revue, a Western singalong stage show which takes place the same time they're supposed to go to the mall. So Lizzie comes up with a plan: the three of them will act like they're having the time of their lives at Grubby Gulch, then they'll all fake illness, saying they ate some bad "prospector's stew," so the can get out of going to the Revue and head to the mall. Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo follow the plan, even acting like they're enjoying a horseshoeing demonstration! While the McGuires are all in Old West costumes for a photograph, they see hanging on a wall an old photo of their family taken years ago at the park. Mom and Dad reminisce about the good times they had, and wistfully note that with Lizzie on the verge of going to high school and growing up, this may be the last family trip to Grubby Gulch. Lizzie suddenly realizes how much these family outings mean to her parents. But she, Gordo and Miranda still pull their fake sickness act, and her parents and Matt go to the Revue without them. Once there, Sam and Jo lament that the show won't be the same without the kids there singing along (Matt's in a "food coma" after loading up on eats all day!) But not to worry--Lizzie shows up after all, enjoying the time with her parents, even if it means singing "Oh, Susannah!"moreless
    • A Gordo Story (aka Inner Beauty II: A Gordo Story)
      Lizzie, Gordo, Miranda and Ethan Craft are playing a little basketball (and doing a lot of trash-talkin'!) when Parker McKenzie comes by to watch. After Gordo gets his last shot stuffed by Ethan, Parker comes over to talk, and it looks like she's got her eye on Gordo. He surprises Lizzie and Miranda by saying he might ask Parker out to the upcoming dance. Later at the Digital Bean, though, he's hesitating until Lizzie and Miranda encourage him to do it. When he does ask Parker, she simply tells him, "I can't." Lizzie asks her why she turned Gordo down and Parker is blunt: he's short. He might be a nice enough guy to hang out with, but she doesn't want to go out with a short guy. Gordo overhears this and is obviously devastated. He leave the Digital Bean, leaving behind his two friends, who don't feel very good, either. At school the next day, Lizzie and Miranda are still concerned. Gordo stumbles onto the scene wearing a pair of new (high-heeled) cowboy boots, claiming he's OK with what happened with Parker. But when Miranda blurts out that Parker is going to the dance with Ethan, his mood turns glum. He accuses Miranda and Lizzie of "buying into the whole 'tall guy' thing." Later Gordo talks to Mr. Dig, telling him that his shortness never used to bother him before, but now he can't stop thinking about it. Mr. Dig tries to tell him that once his height stops mattering to him, it won't matter to anyone else he cares about. Gordo stops by Lizzie's house and apologizes for saying she was part of the problem; he realizes the problem is within himself. Lizzie assures him that she and Miranda like him just the way he is. Gordo asks Lizzie to go to the dance with him, and after a few short jokes, she agrees. At the dance, Gordo is there with two "dates," Lizzie and Miranda. They watch Parker out on the dance floor, looking like she's afraid she'll get hit by one of Ethan's flailing limbs while he's doing his spastic dancing. Parker comes over and apologizes to Gordo for the way she treated him, realizing she'd have been better off going to the dance with him. She asks Gordo for a dance, and Miranda and Lizzie agree to let him. Miranda goes out on the floor too, to dance with Ethan. That leaves Lizzie alone--and suddenly feeling very empty inside. Meanwhile, Matt has to do a report on his family's ancestors, but he's disappointed to find out that the McGuire relatives were pretty dull ones, especially compared to Lanny's family tree. So Matt cooks up a preposterous family history, starting with George Washington and going through Davy Crockett and Elvis. Lanny sees right through this silliness and stops talking to Matt. ("How can he tell?" asks his Dad.)moreless
    • Bunkies
      Episode 25
      A water pipe bursts in a wall in Matt's room and to Lizzie's horror she'll have to share her room with her brother until the repairs are done. That doesn't look like it will be anytime soon, as the McGuires have hired a repairman who could have come straight out of the movie The Money Pit. Predictably, the pairing of Matt and Lizzie doesn't work at all. They fight about everything--he wants the window open, she wants it closed; she wants the shade down, he wants it up; he wants the door closed, she wants it open. All the bickering keeps Mr. McGuire, already frazzled by the repairman, awake all night. Lizzie's not doing too good at school, either. The spacey art teacher Ms. Dew has come up with an idea for a school "unity" project: all the students will dip their hands in paint and put their handprints on a blank wall, making a mural. But instead of promoting unity, the students break into cliques, and Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo don't fit into any of them, not Kate and the cheerleaders, not Ethan and the "perfect hair" people, not even Tudgeman and the sci-fi freaks. Mrs. McGuire has her own inspirational idea: she wants to paint the front door a color that represents the occupants--only she's not sure what color and what it should stand for, so she ends up going through the rainbow. Back at home, Mr. McGuire takes a drastic step to force Lizzie and Matt to get along. He takes all their possessions out of the room, leaving them only a couple of sleeping bags, so they will concentrate on getting along. Matt and Lizzie quickly realize that they must at least appear to be cooperating if life is going to get back to normal, so they start acting as if things couldn't be better between them. This makes their dad pround of his plan, but their mom sees right through their sweetness-and-light routine. Finally, after about a week, the repairman gets done fixing Matt's room and extorting money from the McGuires, by which time the siblings have learned to live together. At school, Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda search desperately for some group the can be a part of for the unity project, but everyone rejects them--the drama club, the jocks, even the chess club! Finally, they realize that they don't have to be part of another group, that the only group they truly care about are the three of them, so they don't worry about where their handprints go on the wall, except that they be together. It turns out that the unity project worked after all, as the three friends visit the wall again and can't tell which of the hundreds of handprints belong to themselves.moreless
    • 2/7/03
      Lizzie is excited by the prospect of graduation from junior high and moving on to high school. But when she gets to school she finds a flyer distributed by the high-schoolers warning the junior high kids about what's in store for them when they get on "their" territory. Yearbooks are being distributed also, and along with an insult from Kate, all this makes for a change in Lizzie's attitude. She starts thinking that she's been a failure in junior high and will be a nobody in high school. Her reliable friend Gordo tries to assure her that neither is true. Lizzie jokes about preparing to write, "You rock, don't ever change" a hundred times in yearbooks. While looking through the book, Lizzie and Gordo share tons of memories, illustrated throughout the show by film clips and still photos from many of the previous episodes. Larry Tudgeman asks Lizzie to sign his book and Lizzie writes a very sweet message referring to the times they had together. She tells Gordo that Tudge was the only boy in junior high that truly liked her. Gordo remains silent. Lizzie mentions how important it is to write something meaningful in the yearbook to people who you care about. So when Gordo gets Lizzie's yearbook to sign, he takes a great deal of time, so long in fact that Lizzie has to get hers back from Gordo so Ethan can sign it. While she signs Ethan's book, it's apparent that Lizzie still has traces of the crush on him that she's had for so long. Gordo gets Lizzie's yearbook back again and hangs onto it for a long time. When Lizzie asks if he's finally finished signing, he says he's still working on it. Gordo goes off to sign someone elses yearbook, telling Lizzie to please not look at what he wrote yet. But the temptation is too much for her and she takes a peek. Gordo has written: "Dear Lizzie, You rock. Don't ever change. And only I really mean it." It's a simple message, but one that greatly affects Lizzie, and when the students gather for a group photo, Lizzie plants a big kiss on Gordo's cheek just as the camera snaps. Also, Matt and Melina try to keep cool while Mr. and Mrs. McGuire struggle to repair the broken air-conditioning.moreless
    • Clue-Less
      Episode 23
      What's this? Lizzie in a wedding dress, walking down the aisle? Gordo, Kate, Tudgeman, Cousin Amy and Veruca are all in the audience, but they're dressed strangely in old fashioned clothes. And now we see that Lizzie's about to marryEthan!?!? Just before "I do," Jo McGuire comes rushing in wearing a maid's uniform, shouting in a near-incomprehensible Cockney accent about someone being murdered!! Whaaaa? Let's go back a few days... Ethan tells Lizzie that he can't use his own house for a party he had planned, so she volunteers her own house, hoping to get his attention, as always. It's going to be a 1920's murder-mystery party, where all the guests play a character and compete to solve the mystery. When everyone gathers to pick their parts, Lizzie can't believe her luck: she picked Ethan's wife-to-be! Gordo on the other hand is disappointed. He tells Lizzie that once again he'll be the "low-key" friend that no one notices. Lizzie assures him that people do notice him, and that one way to get her attention would be to solve the mystery at the party. She doesn't think he has much chance, though, since she's sure her "Nancy Drew training" will make her the winner. The aforementioned people all gather at Lizzie's house, all of them in costume and in character. Also there is Ethan's stepmom Tawny, who is so "clue-less" she makes Ethan look like a brain by comparison! Matt shows up uninvited in a Sherlock Holmes outfit, proclaiming he's going to solve the crime. And Mr. McGuire is there too, playing the murder victim, though this "corpse" is not too interested in laying on the ground for very long. Lizzie goes right to work on trying to solve the mystery, but every time she finds a clue, Gordo tries to steal it so he can solve it himself. Lizzie wonders out loud to Kate why Gordo is being so competitive about this. Kate has been playing a sweet character all evening, and some of it must have rubbed off on her, because she take Lizzie aside and flatly tells her that Gordo is trying to impress nobody but her. She says that everyone else has know for a long time that Gordo has had a big crush on Lizzie. Lizzie is flabbergasted by this news. Flustered, she says she has to go reveal the identity of the killer to the rest of the group. Lizzie is still reeling from this new information. She knows how important it is for Gordo to win, so should she let him? But if she lets him, does that mean she likes Gordo the same way he likes her? As Lizzie reveals to the group how she solved the mystery, she can see that Gordo is obviously disappointed that he won't win the game and impress her. So at the last minute, Lizzie deliberately names the wrong person, Tudgeman, as the killer. (Tudge has had a little romantic interlude of his own that night with Veruca.) Gordo immediately jumps up and correctly solves the mystery. He recieves congratulations from all. As the party breaks up, Gordo and Lizzie spend a few moments alone on the front porch, with a great deal of romantic tension hanging in the air. Lizzie tells Gordo she was very impressed with him. He's happy to hear this, but tries to hide just how happy he is. The two spend a few more awkward moments talking, then Gordo seems to be getting up the nerve to ask Lizzie out--like a girlfriend. But Sam McGuire makes an untimely appearance at the front door, and the moment is gone. Lizzie and Gordo part as "just friends," like always. Yet after Gordo leaves, Lizzie knows that her feelings are telling her that things aren't going to be the same after this night.moreless
    • Dear Lizzie
      Episode 22
      Gordo, editor of the schools "E-zine," reluctantly makes Lizzie the website's advice columnist (it was either her or the flaky faculty advisor Ms. Dew.) But she does surprisingly well in the job. After giving great advice to students like Parker McKenzie and Claire Miller, Lizzie's reputation and popularity skyrocket. But soon she gets overwhelmed with requests for help, and some of the advice she gives turns out badly, like when she suggests to Veruca that she stand up to the school bully. Now Lizzie's afraid to give help to others who have asked, like Ethan, Kate and Tudgeman. Lizzie imagines the possible bad results of her advice: Ethan cuts off all his hair, Kate joins the Peace Corps and becomes a menu selection for cannibals, and Tudge becomes a "Dr. Evil"-like villain demanding two billion dollars from President Craft (and First Lady Kate) or he will destroy the world! Lizzie's confidence is badly shaken and she's ready to quit the job, but Gordo wants her to stay on. He compromises with her: answer one more e-mail, he says, then turn in the column. Lizzie takes desperate measures--she goes to her parents for advice! She and her mother are surprised when her dad understands the situation so clearly, and he advises Lizzie to relax and answer the next e-mail as if she was the one writing to herself for advice. After trying this, she feels better and gives the column to Gordo the next day. Gordo tells her she gave great advice to "Confused Guy." Then we--but not Lizzie--find out that "Confused Guy" is really Gordo! He wrote to Lizzie telling her he thinks he may have stronger feelings than he realized before for his best (girl) friend! Lizzie wrote back telling him to simply follow his heart and go with his feelings on this matter. Gordo seems to be on the verge of following this advice and revealing his true feelings for Lizzie--but he stops just short. In the meantime, Matt finds he has another rival for troublemaking class clown, as a boy named Adam is puling all the pranks, getting all the laughs, and being sent to the office by the teacher instead of him. Matt fights back, but this Adam is a tough customer. But with a little help from Melina, Matt once again sets things straight.moreless
    • Lizzie's Eleven
      Lizzie's Eleven
      Episode 21
      Lizzie is doing some awfully strange things to get her picture in the class yearbook as many times as possible. When Gordo puts her down for this, she reminds him he did the very same thing himself earlier. Lizzie figures she will be in eleven different pictures, but the yearbook editor Kate has different ideas. True to her usually-rotten self, Kate tells Lizzie she's only going to let a single picture of her run in the yearbook--one in which she's breaking out in a rash from a food allergy! Kate plans to get her picture taken with Ethan at the school's Monte Carlo Night that evening, then rush the yearbook off to the printer. To foil this plan, Lizzie comes up with an elaborate scheme worthy of the casino heist in the movie Ocean's Eleven. The whole McGuire clan gets involved, including Matt, who is persuaded along by a major wedgie given to him by Lizzie! Gordo and Melina also help out on the grand design.moreless
    • Xtreme Xmas
      Episode 20
      Lizzie and Gordo are at a Christmas charity drive where they bring presents to an unlikely-looking Santa Claus. Lizzie fervently hopes to win the grand prize in the Christmas parade with her idea for a "Rock & Roll Christmas" float, but she'll have competition from Tudgeman, who is building a "Christmas Deathstar" float and also Kate and her cousin Amy, who have hired professionals to build theirs. The rest of the McGuire family are there, and they are charmed by an eccentric old man in an elf suit who calls himself Nobby Frostybump and seems to really believe he's one of Santa's elves! Lizzie is disappointed that her family is going off to dinner with Nobby instead of working on the float, but Gordo stays to help. Hours later, Lizzie comes home and is surprised by Nobby. His senior-citizens home is having plumbing problems and he will stay with the McGuires fro a few days.

      The next day Lizzie and Gordo are busy working on the float. Nobby gets the bad news that the plumbing in his building won't be fixed until after Christmas. The McGuire family volunteers to help fix the plumbing themselves so the old man and his friends can spend Christmas at home. That is, all except Lizzie, who is now obsessed with working on her float. To her dismay, Gordo goes along with the others to help, leaving her to work alone. After many hours, an exhausted Lizzie falls asleep. She has a dream right out of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol in which various characters remind her what the true meaning of Christmas is. In the bargain she also realizes the solutions to the plumbing problems that her family has been unable to fix. Though it costs her a chance to enter a float in the parade, Lizzie is happy with the way things turn out. But as if by magic, her float does appear, ridden by a singing Santa Claus, who looks and sounds suspiciously like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith!moreless
    • She Said, He Said, She Said
      A major food fight is raging in the cafeteria. Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda try to stay on the sidelines until Lizzie gets hit squarely with a meatball. In anger she grabs another one herself, cocks her arm and yells "Who threw that?!?!" Unfortunately, that's the moment when Principal Tweedy walks in the door. He sees Lizzie, Kate Sanders and Larry Tudgeman right in the middle of things and calls them to his office. For punishment, the three will have to clean up the huge mess and do some community service, but they can ease their punishment if they write out an account of what happened and name the person responsible for starting the food fight. Stuck together working, the trio each tell their own version of how the fight started, shown in flashbacks. In Kate's account, she arrives at school greeted like the queen she thinks she is. She's kind and caring to all her subjects and everyone loves her, including Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo, who are dying to be her friend again. Larry's version pictures him looking like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix (with shades and leather jacket, but still the same shirt!) The super-cool dude arrives early to work on a math theorem "disproving infinity;" and during the food fight, he deftly avoids all the flying food with his nimble moves. Lizze, Gordo and Miranda are in awe of him. Kate and Larry both try to team up with Lizzie in blaming the third person for the mess so they can get out of punishment, and then Lizzie realizes the two of them are going to gang up against her. She tells her version of what happened, which is a lot closer to reality, except that in her story before she leaves home she has to endure her parents' favoritism to her brother Matt. Lizzie realizes that all three of their stories have something in common--they all had some interaction with another student named Gustav, who accidentally upset a tray of food and inadvertently started the food fight. She also tells the other two that while none of them were responsible for starting the fight, none of them did anything to discourage it, either. When Principal Tweedy comes into the clean cafeteria later that afternoon, he finds only a written statement from Lizzie, telling him that while they didn't start the fight, they're not going to blame anyone else. Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny are goofing around on the way to the bus after a field trip to the museum, and they end up missing their ride back to school. Matt's in a panic at first, but Lanny convinces him (without a word, as usual!) that it's not their fault and they end up enjoying the day, running around downtown having all sorts of fun. But who should spot them while they're out--Matt's parents!moreless
    • Party Over Here
      Party Over Here
      Episode 18
      Kate is having a big birthday party and her mother is making her invite her whole class, including Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo. Lizzie is dead set against going until she finds out cell phones will be given out as party favors. But her mom puts the brakes on her idea of going because there will be no "acceptable chaperone" there. Miranda suggests the three of them say they are going to the mall, then sneak out to the party. Lizzie is reluctant to go along with the idea, but she does. Gordo gets his parents' permission to go, but that only frustrates him since his parents think he's such a good boy he couldn't possibly get into trouble. So he tries, rather unsuccessfully, to show he has a dangerous "dark side." When Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo arrive at Kate's house the party is ragin': loud music is pumping, Lizzie gets handed over people's heads like a stage diver in a mosh pit, and the supposed "chaperone," Kate's 18-year-old cousin Amy, is making out in the closet! None of their classmates are there, only a bunch of older kids. When Amy brings out a cake, Kate is disappointed to find that it has no candles and no one sings "Happy Birthday." In fact, Amy didn't even realize it was Kate's birthday! Kate's face gets pushed into the cake. Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo plan to leave, but before they can, Lizzie overhears a phone call Kate makes to her mom. It seems that Kate wanted a small party with a few friends, but her mother insisted she have a big bash, then she didn't stick around for it. Now there are none of her classmates there, just a hundred or so of her cousin's friends. Soft-hearted Lizzie offers Kate her sympathy, and even asks her to go to the movies with her, Gordo and Miranda, which Kate agrees to. But there's a problem: Kate can't leave the house in the hands of all these party animals. So Lizzie finds a way to bust up the party--she gets a mom, specifically her own mom, to come over. Jo McGuire arrives on the scene and runs everyone out in short order. Lizzie hopes her "mature" handling of the situation will keep her from getting grounded, but of course it doesn't. As for Kate, she does manage to thank Lizzie, but she sneers at her the next second, so things are back to normal. Also, Matt and Mr. McGuire have big news: at the mall, a producer spotted them and wants to put them in a commercial for Cardio Punch Sports Drink. But Mrs. McGuire is skeptical that her very camera-shy husband can do it. When Sam and Matt arrive at the commercial shoot, the director puts a harness and line on the guys and has them climbing a rock wall. Sam is scared of heights and gets paralyzed while doing the climb, and the director says some nasty things to him. Matt rappels down the rock wall and tells off the director in no uncertain terms. But the guy likes Matt's fiery speech and edits it so the commercial has Matt delivering it to an animated dragon that he fights off.moreless
    • Movin' On Up
      Movin' On Up
      Episode 17
      Gordo has received some big news: he has the chance to skip the eighth grade and start high school immediately. When Lizzie and Miranda hear this, they strongly encourage him to do it, saying high school is so much cooler than junior high. But Gordo isn't sure about it, and when he points out that a move to high school will split up the trio, the girls all of a sudden have something serious to think about too. Lizzie and Miranda now decide they don't want their best friend leaving them, but they are shocked when they find Gordo cleaning out his locker the next day--he's going to high school. Miranda recovers quickly and wishes him the best, but Lizzie is clearly stunned and her alter ego Toon Lizzie urges her to say something to Gordo to try to make him stay, but she doesn't. On Gordo's first day at high school, Lizzie is still terribly troubled by his absence. Miranda is more realistic. She'll miss him too, but she knows it's what he wants and it's something that is good for him. For his part, Gordo has a rough time in his new school, not academically, but socially, one of his problems being that he's about a head and a half shorter than most everyone else. After being taken advantage of by a high schooler who sells him a fake elevator pass, he heads home on the bus, and is surprised to find Lizzie waiting for him at his stop. When she asks how his day went, he tells her everything was fine. Again Lizzie is dying to tell Gordo how she feels about his leaving, but she doesn't. Later at her house, Lizzie talks to Miranda, still unable to come to terms with Gordo's absence. Unexpectedly, Gordo drops in and tells the girls he's not going to stay in high school. The girls are glad, but Lizzie presses him to tell her why. Gordo gives several reasons before finally telling Lizzie what she wants to hear--that he misses her and Miranda. The three friends seem to be closer than ever before. Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny plan to try out for the cheerleading squad at school. Matt's dad Sam, perhaps feeling a bit insecure after his wife Jo fixed the kitchen sink when he couldn't, is not so sure this is a "manly" enough venture for his son, so he tries taking him on several "male bonding" adventures, which of course end up disastrously. When Matt and Lanny arrive for the tryouts, they're told there is only one spot open for a boy, but they audition as a pair anyway. The boys do a spectacular routine (and no, Lanny doesn't cheer out loud!), but rather than split up their duo, both of them refuse the spot on the squad.moreless
    • Inner Beauty
      Inner Beauty
      Episode 16
      Miranda and Lizzie are rehearsing dance steps for a music video Gordo is making. During a break he makes an offhand remark about how much snack food Miranda is putting away. The next day at school Gordo shows the girls some still photos he took the day before. Miranda, already putting pressure on herself to make better grades and improve herself, reacts unreasonably to one picture, saying that she looks terribly fat, even though Lizzie and Gordo assure she's not at all. Later at lunch Miranda, quite unlike herself, doesn't eat anything. At the McGuire house afterwards, the trio is rehearsing for the video again. Miranda grows faint and almost passes out in front of Mrs. McGuire. Miranda assures everyone that she's alright, but Lizzie is still concerned. When Lizzie tries to talk to her later, Miranda is very unresponsive and uncooperative. Lizzie talks to her mom about Miranda, saying that she's especially concerned about her new eating habits. Jo McGuire agrees to talk to Miranda and her mom in a few days if the situation continues. Gordo is concerned about Miranda too, and when she shows up for a video shoot in a sullen and depressed mood, he and Lizzie talk to her about what they think is wrong. Miranda admits that she has been feeling a lot of pressure lately with schoolwork, grades, planning her future, etc. She tells her friends that how much she ate was one area of her life that it seemed she had complete control over, but now she realizes that she went overboard. With things back on track, Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo complete their music video. Also, it seems that Matt has been encouraged at school to believe that he has great artistic potential. Mr. and Mrs. McGuire are surprised to hear this, but they try their best to support his artistic endeavors. But that gets hard to do when Matt, with Lanny's help, trashes the house with his "artistic" creations, ending up by using the family car as a canvas!moreless
    • Lizzie in the Middle
      Lizzie is in class reading lines from Romeo and Juliet with Ethan when an old acquaintance of Mr. Dig's comes in--it's Frankie Muniz, star of Malcolm in the Middle! Frankie is transfixed by Lizzie, and when Miranda comes to lunch, she's surprised to find Lizzie and Gordo sitting there eating with Frankie! After some small talk, Frankie asks Lizzie out. Miranda and Gordo are shocked when Lizzie doesn't answer. She finally says "I don't know," at which point a mob of students descends on Frankie, looking for autographs. At home Lizzie tells Miranda and Gordo she's not going out with Frankie because they live in "different worlds." Miranda argues that she should get to know him and give him a chance. When Lizzie's parents hear about the situation, they're split: Dad says no way should she date a movie star, Mom says yes. Matt volunteers to head Lizzie's "entourage" that she'll need as the girlfriend of someone famous. Frankie comes to the door hoping to convince Lizzie to give him another chance. He spends the day with the McGuires playing games, and Lizzie tells him to meet her, Gordo and Miranda at the Digital Bean the next day. At the coffeehouse, photographers and reporters are crawling all over the place--they even know who Lizzie is! Frankie arrives in disguise, but Lizzie blows his cover by calling out his name. Again, everyone mobs Frankie. Gordo and Miranda reluctantly join Lizzie in helping him escape. Lizzie and Frankie try to enjoy themselves elsewhere, but as always, there are reporters and photographers everywhere. At school on Monday, Gordo and Miranda are very cool to Lizzie. They weren't able to reach her all weekend because she was with her famous boyfriend. Lizzie counters that they encoraged her to get to know Frankie and that she hates being famous herself, but there is still a definite rift between Lizzie and her friends. Back at home, Matt is giving the media a tour of the house and auctioning off some of Lizzie's possessions! Mr. and Mrs. McGuire put a stop to that. Lizzie tells her mom how bad her life has become since she became "famous" and says she will end it with Frankie. Just then Frankie arrives, and before Lizzie can tell him anything he apologizes to her for wrecking her life They agree that they won't see each other regularly. But Frankie has a gift for Lizzie. He gets her onto the set of his new TV-movie "Rosen's Deal" (along with Gordo and Miranda, who apologize to Lizzie). She even gets a line in the movie!moreless
    • Just Like Lizzie
      Just Like Lizzie
      Episode 14
      Gordo and Miranda may be stressed out about starting the eighth grade, but Lizzie feels great about it. She's so self-confident, in fact, that she's taken on mentoring a seventh-grader named Andie, even though Kate sneers at her for associating with a "sevy." Andie seems to worship the ground that Lizzie walks on, and it appears to be a great arrangement at first. But things start to turn a little creepy when Andie starts turning into a clone of Lizzie, imitating her hair style, then dying her hair, then dressing exactly like her! What's even more unnerving to Lizzie is how much Gordo and Miranda like her--even more than the real item, it seems! Gordo is especially taken with Andie, and he actually talks about dating her! Meanwhile, Matt faces a crisis with his Wilderness Cadets group. He must earn a merit patch very soon or he will be demoted to a Bunny Cadet! Dad tries to help him earn the patch but only proceeds to get a bad case of poison ivy and nearly sets himself on fire. Lizzie is tormented by dreams of Andie stealing away her best friends, going after Ethan Craft (who Andie has already got her eye on), and even taking her place in the family. So when Lizzie comes home with Miranda one day to find Andi there unexpectedly visiting with her mother and Gordo, she lowers the boom. She tells Andie she doesn't appreciate her trying to become a clone of herself and lets her know that her mentoring days are over. Andie stalks out in anger. Gordo and Miranda think Lizzie might have been too rough on the girl, but the next day at school they find that Andie has a new role model to emulate--Kate! Meanwhile Sam McGuire is still suffering injuries trying to help Matt, but his son still hasn't earned his patch. But Jo figures out that Matt qualifies for a patch in first aid after taking care of his dad.moreless
    • You're a Good Man, Lizzie McGuire
      Lizzie is stuck on the Spring Fling dance committee with Kate. While they are checking out the site for the dance, Kate accidentally knocks over a bust of the school's first principal, cracking the stone head wide open. Kate shows little concern for what she did, though. She thinks if Lizzie keeps quiet, no one will ever know she did it. But Lizzie is concerned about the misdeed. She, Gordo and Miranda try but fail to put the statue back together again--using chewing gum! Principal Tweedy is angry about the "vandalism" and announces he will call off the dance if the culprit is not revealed. Gordo warns her not to be "a fink," but Miranda wants Lizzie to tell, because she has a real live date to the dance! Finally, Lizzie goes to see the principal, and at an assembly he announces that Lizzie has confessed to breaking the statue. The dance will be held, but Lizzie will not be allowed to attend. Gordo and Miranda realize what a sacrifice Lizzie just made. Kate is her usual self, telling friends, "I knew she did it, I just didn't want to tell on her!" Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny are drooling over a $105 BMX bike, but Sam and Jo McGuire tell them they'll have to earn the money themselves for it. After cleaning out the attic of their oddball neighbor Mrs. Carribino, the boys have enough money for a single bike, which they buy and intend to share. Lanny takes the first ride, leaving Matt alone with no bike and no friend. The night of the dance, both Lizzie and Matt are at home sitting around depressed. Their parents try to find out what's wrong. Matt tells his dad that since he and Lanny got the bike, they're never together anymore to enjoy each other's company. Matt calls Lanny and they decide their friendship is more important than the bike. When Jo asks Lizzie what's wrong, her daughter tearfully tells her the story of the statue and how she took the blame. But who should come to the door but Gordo...followed by Miranda...and Ethan...and Larry and a few dozen others who appreciate what Lizzie did. So while the party is on at Lizzie's house, Kate is stuck at school alone wondering where everyone else is!moreless
    • Best Dressed for Much Less (aka <i>Kiss My Budget</i>)
      Voting will soon be held for Class Favorites at Hillridge. Lizzie hopes to win the award for "Best Dressed," Gordo schemes to get his picture in the yearbook more times than anyone else, and Miranda receives encouragement that she could be named "Most Poised." Lizzie asks her mom if she will buy her a $65 pair of pants to help her win the award. Jo McGuire doesn't go for that, but promises she'll help Lizzie go bargain shopping for clothes. Lizzie, however, pools her money with Gordo and Miranda, tells her mom the three need to study for a test, and goes and buys the pants herself, leaving Mom to go bargain hunting alone. When Jo returns, Lizzie is surprised to see what nice clothes her mother got for her. Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo all show up on the day of the voting ready to put their plan into action. But the three have a mishap: they trip over a janitor's broom and fall to the floor, where Lizzie gets a slushee-type drink spilled all over her new pants, ruining them. A photographer takes a picture of them, ending Lizzie and Miranda's dream of being "Best Dressed" and "Most Poised." (Gordo does add one more picture to his yearbook total, though.) Lizzie changes into the pants her mother bought her, and for the rest of the day she receives compliments on them. Lizzie realizes that not only did her mom find her some nice clothes at bargain prices, but that she missed out on spending a day with her. Meanwhile, Matt was out with his dad Sam when by luck they appeared on the "Uncle Wendell Show." Matt made a funny face for the camera and was asked back to the show. Immediately the kids at his school start recognizing him from the show--he even signs autographs! Matt likes the star treatment he get for a while, but on a trip to the mall with his parents he gets overwhelmed by all the attention he receives. But he soon finds out that fame is a fleeting thing: the "Uncle Wendell Show" gets cancelled!moreless
    • Over the Hill
      Over the Hill
      Episode 11
      Lizzie starts feeling inferior when she realizes a lot of the other kids around her have special talents and skills that they've developed, including Gordo with his filmmaking and Miranda with her violin. [When did that happen?--Ed.] She worries that she's being left behind and imagines herself in the future working at a fast-food window while her old friends Gordo and Miranda have made successes of themselves and forgotten about her. Lizzie blames her parents at first for not making her pursue a special interest but Sam and Jo McGuire tell her that they've always supported her, whatever she did or didn't do. Finally Lizzie puts a number of "dream" occupations in a hat and picks them out one at a time, with Miranda and Gordo on hand. While doing this, Lizzie has fantasies about what her future might be like. The final fantasy is about Lizzie as a stay-home mom, but her husband in it is not Ethan Craft--it's Gordo! This jolts Lizzie back to reality, and she comes to feel OK about herself again. Also, Jo isn't sure that Matt should be watching a scary horror film, but Sam says it's OK. But the movie does a number on Matt's head, and he can't sleep at night for fear of a an evil "presence" in the house. Things get so bad that Sam has his two familiar softball buddies come over to perform a "housecleaning" just like in the movie Ghostbusters, but all the guys succeed in doing is wrecking the back porch. But that reveals what the "presence" is--it's a dog who just had puppies!moreless
    • In Miranda Lizzie Does Not Trust
      Mr. Dig is teaching dance in gym class, including the "trust" exercise, in which one partner (Miranda) falls blindly into the arms of the other (Lizzie). (Gordo has his hands full catching his partner, a ballet-dancing student named Beth, who's about eight inches taller than him!) Later the three friends go shopping. In a department store, Lizzie and Gordo are surprised to see Miranda shovel several handfuls of complimentary candy into her purse. This also draws the attention of the security guard. Later Miranda accidentally bumps into a lipstick display, upsetting the contents. She hurriedly puts things right, then tells Lizzie and Gordo she wants to leave. But the security guard stops her and wants to check her purse. Inside he finds a brand of lipstick from the display. Miranda protests that she bought it at the store last week and asks Lizzie to back her up. But Lizzie says she wasn't there when lipstick was purchased, and the guard takes Miranda away. Later from her house Miranda calls Lizzie. But during the conversation Miranda picks up on the fact that Lizzie isn't sure for a moment whether Miranda is guilty or innocent. Lizzie tries to plead her own case, but Miranda calls her a "lousy friend." Later at school, Miranda and Lizzie are paired together in gym class, where they are supposed to do a dance routine together. But the dance turns into a fight as the girls take out their frustrations on each other! Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny begin broadcasting their own internet talk show, "Matt After Dinner." But when their first guest turns out to be a dud, they're left with time to fill and an audience that is rapidly tuning out. Matt's dad Sam stumbles into the scene, and viewership goes up when he has an accident with some axle grease. After that, Matt and Sam start going for cheap laughs and it works, as more people tune into the show. This doesn't sit well with Lanny, though, and he makes his displeasure known by stalking off the show. Later on, Lanny calls Matt with an emergency and Matt tells him he will be right over. Lizzie hears this and asks Matt if he and Lanny didn't just have a big fight. Matt says they did, but Lanny is still his friend and they can depend on each other. Lizzie realizes she should be the same way with Miranda. So the next day at school, when Mrs. Stebel confronts Miranda about using the E-Z Read notes for a book report, Lizzie stands up for her and says if Miranda says she didn't do it, her word should be trusted--even though it turns out Miranda did use the notes! But the bond of trust between the two friends is once again back in place.moreless
    • Those Freaky McGuires
      As usual, Lizzie and her brother Matt are involved in a big fight. "Fine! I'll stay out of your life!" they both scream at each other simultaneously. Then, to their amazement, something totally unbelieveable and mysterious happens--their personalities switch bodies, Matt becoming Lizzie and Lizzie becoming Matt! The siblings are horrified by the change, but they are unable to explain it to their parents, so they have no choice but to go to school like everything was normal. Well, not exactly. Matt (as Lizzie) dresses up like Elton John on his worst day and goes around school tripping over his (her) shoes, making better friends with Ethan Craft by talking about guy stuff like scabs and bruises. Gordo and Miranda are mystified by the changes in the girl they think is their old friend Lizzie, especailly after she pulls a revenge prank on Kate. Meanwhile Lizzie (as Matt) slicks her (his) hair down and dresses like a nerd, hoping to stay quiet and attract as little attention as possible. But that doesn't happen, as Melina tells him (her) that he's in trouble for a prank some other student pulled. Lizzie (Matt) tells her and Lanny about the strange occurance that took place, and surprisingly, they believe him (or is it her?) So they seek out the real culprit, Clark Benson, and clear Matt's name. Miranda and Gordo are also surprised--they think the new Lizzie is showing more self-confidence than ever before. The brother and sister finally arrive home and compare notes on what has happened during the day, finding out that they both helped solve problems for each other. But they are no closer to getting back into their own bodies than they were when the left home in the morning. That night, Matt (Lizzie) tosses around uncomfortably in his bed and falls on the floor. In her room, Lizzie awakens suddenly, and yes, she's Lizzie once again! She rushes into the hall where she meets up with Matt and tells him she's back to normal, but they are interrupted briefly by their parents. After Mr. and Mrs. McGuire go back to bed, Lizzie asks Matt if the whole weird ordeal really happened. Matt asks back warily--did what happen? The whole issue is left up in the air.moreless
    • Just Friends
      Just Friends
      Episode 8
      Gordo encourages Lizzie to finally do something about her crush on Ethan Craft; that is, ask him to the Sadie Hawkins Day dance. But when Lizzie does this she's disappointed when Ethan tells her that he likes their relationship as friends and doesn't want to risk changing it by going out with her. Lizzie is determined to turn herself into a girl who is perfect for Ethan and with the help of Gordo, she begins a surveillance campaign to determine all of Ethan's likes and dislikes so she can make herself over for him. Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny are trying to whip up an "evil potion," but instead they come up with a great-tasting smoothie. It's so good that when they begin to sell it to neighboring kids, Matt's back yard becomes the newest hot spot in town, and soon everyone is flocking to the "Club Flamingo." Lizzie goes on her campaign for Ethan and it seems to be working: he's knocked out that all of a sudden they seem to have so much in common. She even knows how to dress like his fantasy woman! So since they're getting along so well, Lizzie once again asks Ethan to the dance. He tells her that nothing has changed: he still likes being friends with her and doesn't want to be boyfriend/girlfriend. Lizzie is dismayed and confused by what has happened. Her parents try to console her, but she's still down. She goes to Matt's Club Flamingo to drown her sorrows in smoothies. Matt has had his own troubles--a big scary kid named Sonny doesn't like the competition Matt's place has been giving him, so he has pressured Matt into shutting down. Gordo and Miranda drop by. They're dateless for the dance too. So while Lanny "plays it again," Gordo and Lizzie have a slow dance (and so do Miranda and Matt.)moreless
    • The Longest Yard
      The Longest Yard
      Episode 7
      Jo McGuire gets roped into attending the Super Sports Expo with her husband, so she makes Lizzie cancel her plans for the day to stay home and watch Matt (and Lanny.) This infuriates Lizzie, but she tries to be responsible and stops the boys from playing with her dad's prize possession, a football autographed by the legendary Walter Payton. But Matt and Lanny managed to deflate the football anyway. Lizzie and Matt know they're in BIG trouble if they can't get the ball fixed, so Lizzie calls Miranda and Gordo over to help her come up with a solution to the problem. Soon Lizzie has an ever bigger problem. The two young boys have gone off by themselves to try and get the ball fixed. Mrs. McGuire calls to say they will be late arriving home, but she suspects something is wrong when she talks to Lizzie, so Sam asks a couple of his softball buddies to go by the house and check on things. Lizzie and Miranda go off to find Matt and Lanny while Gordo waits at the McGuire house. At first he is happy to be alone with the TV and the refrigerator full of food, but when Sam's friends Jeremy and David come by to check up on things, he has to try to convince them everything is OK. Lizzie and Miranda finally find the boys at the Collector's Corner trying to replace the football. By this time Lizzie is more relieved that Matt is alright rather than worried about the football. She trades in the deflated Walter Payton ball for one autographed by Dick Butkus and the group manages to sneak in just as the parents arrive back home. But of course Sam notice the difference in the footballs. Lizzie and Matt come clean and each try to take the blame themselves, but it turns out that the real Walter Payton ball was accidentally destroyed a few months before--by Jo!moreless
    • And the Winner Is
      Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo walk into Mr. Dig's class all mad at each other about some incident. Mr. Dig assigns them an historical scavenger hunt in place of a regular test. The former friends find new partners for the hunt: Lizzie latches onto Ethan Craft, Gordo reluctantly teams with Kate Sanders, while Miranda gets stuck with Larry Tudgeman. The trio of teams proceed to search the city for clues that Mr. Dig has left, and the first team to complete the task receives an "A." When Matt finds the assignment in Lizzie's room, he reads that there is "treasure" at the end of the search, so he goes off hunting down clues himself. But Mr. Dig's idea of treasure is not the same as Matt's. Meanwhile, Sam and Jo McGuire realize that they have the house to themselves for a while! So what do they naturally do? Act like kids by having pillow fights, eating messy snacks, etc! While they are on the hunt, Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo reveal to their partners what the big fight with their friends was all about--it was just a simple mix-up over who was supposed to meet who at what time. All three agree, though, that they are not going to be the one to apologize. After listening, Larry, Ethan, and even Kate all tell them they are lucky that they have such good friends and that it would be silly to break up their friendship over so trivial an incident. The scavenger hunt heats up with all three teams racing for the finish line. Lizzie and Ethan are in the lead, but before they can cross the line, Lizzie stops and apologizes to Gordo and Miranda when they reach the scene. The former friends make up again and all three teams cross the finish line at the same time--only to find out another team has already won!moreless
    • Working Girl
      Working Girl
      Episode 5
      Lizzie is getting tired of running to her parents every time she wants something, but they won't raise her allowance like she asks. So she finds another solution to make her "free and independent"--she takes a job as a busboy at the Digital Bean. But the new job is more than she bargained for. Her boss is a tough taskmaster, and rude, obnoxious customers--including Kate and Claire--are running her ragged. Lizzie's dad tells her she doesn't have to keep the job if it is too much trouble, but Lizzie insists it's what she wants to do. But the pressures become too much one day and Lizzie goes ballistic, bawling out her rude customers and slave-driving boss. But her tirade gets her fired! Meanwhile, Matt laments to his friend Reggie that Melina doesn't care for him anymore--she's found another guy to get in trouble besides him! Reggie suggests he talk to another girl about it. Since Lizzie is too busy these days, Matt goes to Miranda for advice. But when she offers a sympathetic ear and tells him he's a great guy, Matt develops an instant crush on Miranda, to her horror and to Gordo's great amusement! Miranda doesn't know how she can "break up" with Matt, but the problem is taken care of when Melina arrives upon the scene and says that she's the only one who will be getting Matt into trouble!moreless
    • The Rise and Fall of Kate (aka <i>The Rise and Fall of the Kate Empire</i>)
      At lunch, Gordo tries to get seats at the cheerleaders' table for Lizzie, Miranda and himself, but Kate and Claire run them off and they have to eat on the grass. What's worse, they have to watch the cheerleaders practice. While doing a pyramid formation, Kate falls off the top and dislocates her shoulder. The next day when she arrives at the lunch table with her arm in a sling, Claire coldly informs her that since she can't cheer, she's been voted off the squad and isn't allowed to sit with them. All of a sudden Kate is a social nobody, reduced to eating her lunch alone on the grass and banished to the "dork hall!" Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo soon find out that life with Claire as the new "Queen B" at the school is much worse that it was with Kate at the top, so Lizzie convinces her friends to start a campaign to make Kate popular again. Their efforts don't work at first, so Lizzie tries another idea: make it possible for Kate to cheer once more. After convincing Kate to go along with the idea, Lizzie teaches her a variety of one-armed cartwheels and tumbles. Kate learns well but is her typical self and barely gives Lizzie a word of thanks. Kate then shows up at cheerleading practice and challenges Claire. After watching Kate do a series of spectacular tricks, Claire attempts a cartwheel and injures her wrist. The next day at lunch Claire is in the same situation as Kate was before, and she morosely heads for a table to sit by herself. Lizzie and her friends are disappointed that Kate didn't learn anything from her experience, but they're in for an amazing surprise when Kate goes over to Claire and offers to let her sit with her fellow cheerleaders. Kate briefly looks at Lizzie and acknowledges her debt to her, but just as quickly she and Claire shoot back a nasty look, letting Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda know that things are back to normal. And it looks like that's the way everyone wants it to be. Meanwhile, Matt comes home with big news--he got a one-line part in a school play. With Lanny's help, he constantly practices his one line, but he gets the ego of a leading man. Soon he is ordering his mother around like she's his flunky, much to her irritation. His treatment of Lanny also drives him away. Mr. and Mrs. McGuire put their foot down on Matt's behavior, but when he starts to protest he loses his voice. A humbled Matt apologizes to his mother for the way he acted and he apologizes to Lanny too, who agrees to take over his part! (No, we don't see or hear Lanny at the play!)moreless
    • Mom's Best Friend
      Mr. Dig assigns Lizzie a report on a book about a mother-daughter relationship. Lizzie loves the book and decides that she and her mom should become closer friends. Jo McGuire goes along with it and Gordo and Miranda are surprised when Lizzie brings her mom to the Digital Bean to "hang out!" Mother and daughter are enjoying their new relationship until Jo confides in Lizzie about some problems she was unaware of: Nana and Grandpa Chuck are having marital troubles and her dad was once in some tax trouble (he was mistaken for Bill Gates and supposedly owed the government $618 million!) All of a sudden Lizzie knows more than she wants to. Miranda and Gordo decide to follow Lizzie's example and get closer to their parents. Lizzie starts to avoid her mom a little bit, but Jo tracks her down and tells her that Nana and her grandpa worked out their problems. Lizzie admits that she was freaked out by some of the things her mom told her. Jo apologizes and they both decide that maybe they should wait a few years before being so intimate with each other. Gordo and Miranda agree: it's nice being close to their parents, but they both have their own worlds to live in. Elsewhere, Matt and Lanny are looking for something new to do when--surprise!--a chimpanzee jumps in through the window! The animal messes up the house and quickly departs, leaving Matt and Lanny to take the blame for the mess. When it happens again, the boys realize they must catch this "evil" chimp, and they set a trap--using Matt's dad Sam for bait!moreless
    • El Oro de Montezuma (aka <i>El Oro del Diablo</i>)
      Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo are vegged out in front of the TV watching a Spanish-language game show, "El Oro de Montezuma" ("The Gold of Montezuma"). Miranda's cousin Carlos from Mexico City is scheduled to come to town and compete on the show. At school, a new Indonesian student, Li, is introduced to Lizzie's class. She tries to talk to him but finds it difficult since his English is limited. Mr. Dig assigns the students a paper to write on a culture other than their own. Lizzie asks her parents about her heritage, but they aren't very specific. Miranda introduces Carlos to Lizzie and Gordo. When they find out that his teammates for the game show will be unable to appear, Lizzie suggests that the three of them team up with Carlos and go on the show. Lizzie is not very concerned about learning the language, but would rather practice the games and stunts. Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny are involved in an extreme version of hide-and-seek. The game show begins, and Carlos translates for his teammates. Surprisingly, the team does well, even with the language barrier. When they finally win a game by dressing Gordo as a bullfighter, the host Alejandro Guzman gives them a special challenge. Lizzie has to pick roles for them to play in the next stunt. Unknowingly, she gives Carlos a role which separates him from the group. Now Gordo, Miranda and Lizzie are stuck with a big vat of rice pudding, a bunch of boxes, and no idea of what they are supposed to do. The audience laughs at their bumbling around as they end up having a big food fight. The next day in Mr. Dig's class, Lizzie says that she was going to report on her game show experience, but the whole adventure made her realize what problems people of one culture can have in another one, like the problems Li, the boy from Indonesia, is having in the U.S. So she gives her report on Indonesia instead.moreless
    • First Kiss
      First Kiss
      Episode 1
      Valentine's Day is approaching and Lizzie and Miranda notice that the love bug seems to have bitten everyone in school except Gordo and themselves. At home she talks about it to Miranda on the phone when the McGuire's paperboy Ronny Jacobs comes to the door to collect. She accuses him of eavesdropping on her; he accuses her of being rude to him. She follows him outside to argue, but it's obvious that there is a big attraction between the two. The next day she tells Miranda there's a boy she likes. Miranda is shocked to hear that it's Ronny, not Ethan, and immediately tells Gordo. The next morning Lizzie rushes out to get the paper--because there's a note from Ronny inside it. At school Lizzie is in full crush mode, talking endlessly about Ronny to Miranda, then Gordo. Miranda thinks Gordo is jealous of Ronny, but he denies it. Later Lizzie and Ronny are having a good time skating together. He asks if she considers themselves boyfriend and girlfriend. Both of them are afraid to say it, but Ronny finally does and gives her a ring. It's a romantic moment, and they share a kiss. In the background, a stunned Gordo watches. Lizzie comes home practically walking on air. When Sam and Jo find out about Lizzie's new love, Sam is worried but Jo thinks it's nice--until she sees the ring, then she's concerned too. Miranda tells Lizzie that she's losing her mind over this boy. Lizzie blurts out that Miranda is just jealous because she doesn't have her own boyfriend. Miranda is hurt by this and their friendship seems threatened. But there's trouble with Ronny. The next time he sees Lizzie he tells her there's a girl at his school that he likes too, and he doesn't know if now is the time for he and Lizzie to be boyfriend and girlfriend. He offers to let her keep the ring, but she tearfully give it back. In the library, Lizzie is still upset and crying when Gordo finds her there. She pours out her heart to him and he does his best to console her. Gordo seems right on the verge of saying something else to Lizzie, something big, but he stops short. He and Lizzie leave the library arm-in-arm with Miranda. All are friends again. Meanwhile, Matt just need one baseball card to complete his collection, be can't find it anywhere. The only person who has one is Melina, the girl who got him into so much trouble in the past. She's willing to give up the card for a price--a BIG price. Matt has to do everything she asks for a couple of days, and even after he's done all this, she still demands "one more thing." At home, Sam McGuire admires the way his son went out and chased down the one missing card he needed, but he's not happy when he finds out the "one thing" that Matt traded for it was Sam's own beloved baseball card collection!moreless
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