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Hilary's Guest Star Stint on 'Raising Hope'.

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    I'd never watched the show before, but after watching a promo and seeing that our little Lizzie was going to appear on it, I had to make time to see it. I'm glad that I did. The episode mostly had Hilary in a school setting, in the role of a student. The role's characterization was pretty much 'Lizzie In College' in so far as the range of acting Hilary had to do.

    There is one scene where she is doing a 'walk and talk' with one of the main characters in the school's hallway, and Hilary does a customary physical action that longtime viewers of her work recognize (a simple roll of the shoulder), and I tell you, for one brief moment, one shining second in time, it was as if I were watching a new episode of Lizzie McGuire. It was so beautiful! Cry

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the principal actors can still pull off a high school version of the show if Disney were so inclined. Hilary has a little one to think about now; surely she wouldn't turn down a wheelbarrow full of cash, would she? I think it's fair to say that we know the others wouldn't at this point.

    Ah well, one can dream, can't one? Wink

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