Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 16

Inner Beauty

Aired Unknown Aug 30, 2002 on Disney Channel

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  • BIG YEAH!!! YEAH!!! YEAH!!!

    I belive they express the issues clearly for a youngsteer to understand i understood this at the age of 7 and I am fine till this day. Its fai to say that We all at one stage may have done what Miranda has done and I can honestly say I have. I like how they did this on a disney channel series its good that kids are aware of something like this from a young age.
  • Poorly Done...

    I am very well-educated on the problems of eating disorders, and frankly I thought this episode did not provide good examples of what eating disorders are all about. Almost all the problems and aspects to an eating disorder were showed or expressed in this episode, but they all happened during a time period of less than a week. An eating disorder is a long process and what Miranda went through was would not have happened after a few days of dieting. Also, the way she overcame in just a few minutes after talking with her friends was not believable. An eating disorder is a long process both diagnosing and overcoming. Girls and boys who have to overcome this disease have to work hard and really fight. I don't think this episode provided an understanding of anorexia at all.
  • ‘A Very Special Episode’

    I believe that is what these kinds of episodes are referred to as. You know, the ones that go beyond the normal ‘moral of the story’ type. Those that attempt to tackle some particularly ‘thorny’ real life problem. Be it drugs, alcohol, sex, or in this case eating disorders.

    It’s an interesting decision that Miranda was chosen to be the one with the problem in this episode, for a couple of reasons. First of all, it is Lizzie’s show, so the fact that one of the other characters get such a ‘meaty’ plot development is a bit of a surprise, though a welcome one. The other reason the choice of Miranda as the one with the problem is interesting is how confident she has shown herself in the past. In this episode that confidence gives way to uncertainty. Uncertainty at the changes that are going on in her life, the changing from a child to a young adult. The need for something controllable, something *she* can control. That being the consumption of food.

    But while these two reasons may make Miranda a surprising choice, that is not to say that the development is inconceivable. Not at all, the plot is very organic in its origins, and indeed, in the watching of the episode one *believes* that Miranda could be/is having this particular problem. So it’s very happening is believable, and in that the episode itself is believable.

    Miranda makes us care for her in this episode, feeling her pain when she reveals why she’s doing what she’s doing. Eating disorders are not things to laugh about, and Miranda and her problem are treated with a serious hand here. Now, it has been said that the problem of anorexia is dealt with in a far too ‘hurried’ manner here than it is in real life. That’s true. But anorexia is never actually mentioned in the episode. Whatever ‘trend’ she may have started is nipped early in the bud thanks to Lizzie and Gordo’s intervention.

    Miranda’s fears of all the changes inherent to growing up manifest themselves in this manner, as opposed to her simply feeling self conscious about her body. This ‘deeper’ reasoning for her change of diet is a good detail. Instead of painting Miranda as suddenly feeling bad about her body, it is simply the result of deeper, more seeded problems.

    And the message here, that if one has problems one can turn to friends or adults is a good one to get across to the audience. Like Miranda, the primary audience watching the show may be going through the same fears and anxieties she is. And getting across the idea that there are always people you can turn to with your problems is good. It is far better to get things out into the open and deal with them than to bottle them up inside and possibly make them worse down the line.

    She responds as one would expect her to at first, that is to say not very cooperative. But she has the good sense to ‘spill’ to her friends later at Gordo’s shoot. So, all is well that ends well. A very good, heart warming, main plot. And one executed finely as well.

    As for the subplot, it too is good. Though, like most times when something ‘serious’ is being handled in the main plot, it tends to take one out of the ‘moment’. Matt’s tapping into his artistic side is a good subplot, but it would have been better suited to a non ‘message’ episode.

    But taken on its own merits, the story comes across quite well.

    Overall, this is a winning episode. The main plot is great. The subplot is great. And while the two may not cohabitate flawlessly, they are both individually great. Definitely one of the best episodes to date. Top 10 material easily.
  • Music Videos and Anorexia.

    In this very special episode of Lizzie, they tackle a very serious issue actually quite well. The issue is eating disorders, specifically anorexia. While Miranda and Lizzie prepare for Gordo's new music video, Miranda stresses over school, exams and her future. She then sees a picture of herself and sees herself as fat and is determined to go on a diet. When lunch hits that same day, Lizzie notices that Miranda does not want anything to eat and Miranda just brushes it off with an "I ate a big breakfeast." I thoguht that line was perfect for the episode because that what truly people with eating disorders say and they start making excuses for not eating, so applause for that.

    Sometime after they all go to Lizzie's house to practice their moves. After lots and lots of practicing Miranda urrges Lizzie to try again and do it once more. So they do and shortly after they start dancing Miranda almost faints. Now the only thing that bothered me about this episode was that she fainted so quickly, i bet a lot of people have skipped a meal and never fainted but nonetheless it is Disney Channel. Soon Lizzie really starts worrying about her as Miranda lies to her mom, doesn't eat and almost fainted in her living room. Lizzie trys talking to Miranda but she just tells Lizzie to back off and that she's not her "big brother."

    The ending of the episode was the best and one of my top ten best dramatic moments. Lizzie and Gordo confront Miranda about what's happening to her and why she isn't eating. She explains that it because her parents are putting so much pressure one her that food is the only thing she can control. That's what I loved about the episode, eating disorders aren't always about losing wieght sometimes its about control. So the episode ends and Miranda is once again back to her normal self.

    Thumbs way up for this episode, and despite the whole fainting early thing, the fact that Miranda's parents were never notified of her eating disorder and the fact that they never once said anorexia, this is an excellent Lizzie episode, I'd have to say the best and stands out to be one of the best of the series. I reccomend this episode to anyone who wants to find out some things abput eating disorders and keeping the rating TV G.