Lizzie McGuire

Season 1 Episode 5

I've Got Rhythmic

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 2001 on Disney Channel

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  • Go For The Gold!

    Lizzie complains about not having a ‘special skill’ or ‘talent’ (something that will be revisited in “Over the Hill”). Come to find out, she does have one. Rhythmic Gymnastics. Unfortunately, her sense of social standing (Rhythmic Gymnastics is considered ‘dorky’), and just plain antipathy toward the sport, renders this revelation less than cheerful news to her.

    That’s a tough thing to be great at something one dislikes.

    And on the subject of disliking, why does everyone consider Rhythmic Gymnastics ‘dorky’ in the first place? Synchronized Swimming I can understand…

    On the plus side though, Lizzie got to see that she was better than Kate at something, which right there is a confidence booster. One of the small steps she takes throughout the course of Season One to become more confident of herself in Season Two.

    Also notice that this is the last of Kate’s “big time” schemes to get back at Lizzie and gang. First there was the conspiring of the ‘paint attack’ aimed at Miranda in “Picture Day”. Then there was the conspiring of the ‘Lizzie loser’ cheer at the pep rally in “Rumors”. And here it is the conspiring to ruin Lizzie’s gymnastic routine. After this defeat, Kate’s claws are retracted for the most part. It would seem the triple whammy of a broken foot, blown plan, and being upstaged by her former best friend (whom she herself left), took the wind out of her sails. After this episode Lizzie is much more able to ‘take on’ Kate. Another turning point of sorts.

    This episode also marks the first time we, the audience, get to see The Tudge. Larry makes his triumphant debut here—though not in the most stellar of ways. He’s used as Kate’s pawn, here he has his affections toyed with. Basically he comes off as a hapless patsy.

    Though there is an interesting angle in all this. The climax of the episode is when Miranda confronts Larry high above the gym floor. Interesting because it depicts the two strictly at odds. All the more so in so far as this is the first time we see these two characters together on the screen.

    And it is this antagonistic ‘first meeting’ that is so compelling when looked at in retrospect. Why? Because of the subsequent crush Larry displays towards Miranda periodically throughout the rest of Season One and Season Two. And not only that, but this adversarial pairing is practically 180 degrees from where it would stand by the end of “My Fair Larry”. We see these two go from nominal ‘enemies’ to each ‘liking’ the other! Love blooms among the strangest of places. ;-)

    We also get to see Gordo’s wish to be a filmmaker in his filming of a documentary following Lizzie’s training and competition. But one does come away feeling that part of the script was left out. Note at the end when Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo are all on Lizzie’s bed. Lizzie specifically asks Gordo about his documentary, to which he responds that it “didn’t quite turn out the way I thought it would” or words to that affect.

    What happened to it? This lack of explanation puts the viewer in mind that some part of the script didn’t make it into the final cut. Some small bit that would have explained this enigmatic response on Gordo’s part.

    As for the subplot—what subplot? :-)

    I guess in truth this is a ‘growth’ episode. Lizzie grows a bit as a person by the end of this one. Though visually it’s abundantly apparent that the show is yet in its early days. But, any episode that gives Hilary Duff a chance to show off her real life gymnastic abilities can’t be all bad. :-)