Lizzie McGuire

Season 1 Episode 5

I've Got Rhythmic

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 2001 on Disney Channel



  • Notes

    • Filming dates: September 19-23, 2000. Usually the blooper reels shown before the end credits start off with a shot of a clapboard that has the name of the show, the director and cameraman's names, the production number and the date on it. This episode's blooper reel originally didn't have one. But! At the end of the blooper reel following the episode "The Rise and Fall of Kate," a second clapboard flashes on the screen at the very last split-second. That board is for this episode, production number 104. It gives the date of production as September 20, 2000. Curiously, the director was listed as Alan Myerson on the board, but in the opening credits of "Rhythmic," Savage Steve Holland was originally listed as the director. By the November 7, 2002 rebroadcast of this episode, the credits had ben changed and Myerson was listed as director (or at least that's when a sharp-eyed viewer first noticed it!) The "I've Got Rhythmic" blooper reel also now had an opening shot of a clapboard, but it wasn't the same one that showed up for a split-second in the blooper reel for "Rise & Fall...," "Those Freaky McGuires," "Movin' On Up," "I Do, I Don't," "Random Acts of Miranda," "Night of the Day of the Dead," "Gordo's Video," "Sibling Bonds," "Lizzie Strikes Out," "Gordo and the Dwarves," "Scarlett Larry," and "El Oro de Montezuma."

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