Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 8

Just Friends

Aired Unknown Jun 14, 2002 on Disney Channel

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  • I really like this episode!

    Gordo tells Lizzie to do something about her crush on Ethan. She decides to ask him to the Sadie Hawkin's Dance. He tells her he likes being just friends with her and doesn't want to risk their friendship by going to the dance with her. Lizzie is crushed so she asks Gordo to help her find out what kind of girl Ethan likes so she can change for him. She tries everything she can possibly think of, but Ethan still turns her down. I felt sorry for her, but I wanted her like Gordo not Ethan anyway so it was ok. Matt makes some smoothie thing and opens up Club Flamingo in their backyard. Lizzie goes to the club after Ethan turns her down the second time. Matt is going to close his club because a mean kid is making him close it. Lanny plays a slow song and my favorite part of the episode happens...
    Gordo: And as expected poor old Gordo got no invites! The big goose egg, good morning, good afternoon and goodnight!
    Lizzie: So, uhh, dance with me.
    Awww so cute! Then Miranda makes Matt dance with her lol!
  • Sadie Hawkins Day dance. A girl has to ask a boy to go to this dance. Lizzie is going to ask Ethan Craft obviously. When she asks him Ethan said she was more of a friend than a girlfriend. Lizzie and Gordo watch Ethan Craft to see his hobbies.

    Sadie Hawkins Day dance. A girl has to ask a boy to go to this dance. Lizzie is going to ask Ethan Craft obviously. When she asks him Ethan said she was more of a friend than a girlfriend. Lizzie and Gordo watch Ethan Craft to see his hobbies. They track him down and finds that he likes Rohl Dahl , hot dogs and all sorts of things. Gordo went to as far as asking what type of girls he likes. He replies mysterious girls that knows something you don't know. Gordo says thats basically everyone. LOL!!! Lizzie dresses as a spy girl with a black shirt and pants with sunglasses on. Boy I could not read her expressions even though I listen to tapes about reading people like a book. She hangs out with Ethan and they become stronger friends. Lizzie has finally mustered up the courage to ask again but he said nothing at all has changed. Lizzie is distraught about the whole thing at home.

    Meanwhile Matt and Lanny made a lovely smoothie and make a business called 'Club Flamingo'. Matt and Lanny then make it larger until a nasty boy called Sonny comes up and says he does not like competition. He asks for the recipe and Matt purposely told him to put everything disgusting in it. At home he tries the recipe but it is gross.
  • 10
    Gordo encourages Lizzie to finally do something about her crush on Ethan Craft; that is, ask him to the Sadie Hawkins Day dance. But when Lizzie does this she's disappointed when Ethan tells her that he likes their relationship as friends and doesn't want to risk changing it by going out with her. Lizzie is determined to turn herself into a girl who is perfect for Ethan and with the help of Gordo, she begins a surveillance campaign to determine all of Ethan's likes and dislikes so she can make herself over for him. Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny are trying to whip up an "evil potion," but instead they come up with a great-tasting smoothie. It's so good that when they begin to sell it to neighboring kids, Matt's back yard becomes the newest hot spot in town, and soon everyone is flocking to the "Club Flamingo."

    Lizzie goes on her campaign for Ethan and it seems to be working: he's knocked out that all of a sudden they seem to have so much in common. She even knows how to dress like his fantasy woman! So since they're getting along so well, Lizzie once again asks Ethan to the dance. He tells her that nothing has changed: he still likes being friends with her and doesn't want to be boyfriend/girlfriend.

    Lizzie is dismayed and confused by what has happened. Her parents try to console her, but she's still down. Shes goes to Matt's Club Flamingo to drown her sorrows in smoothies. Matt has had his own troubles--a big scary kid named Sonny doesn't like the competition Matt's place has been giving him, so he has pressured Matt into shutting down. Gordo and Miranda drop by. They're dateless for the dance too. So while Lanny "plays it again," Gordo and Lizzie have a slow dance (and so do Miranda and Matt.)
  • This episode involves Lizzie's sense of wanting to impress her long time crush Ethan by changing her entire personality to impress him. To win him over for the Sadie Hawkins Dance, Gordo and Miranda help Lizzie find out everything about Ethan to transform

    This is an unforgettable episode for the ultimate Lizzie McGuire fan--it's cute, funny, and portrays the obvious affection that Lizzie and her friend Gordo have for each other. The humor in this episode was more evident than in most. I always love how Ethan's lines can be (mostly) humorous but serious at times, too. Whether Ethan is telling Lizzie he's still "paddling his kayak alone" or honestly telling Lizzie he views her as more of a friend, the boy especially draws the audience in in this episode. Plus, this episode is a must-see for anyone who roots on Lizzie and Gordo's potential relationship. How adorable is it when the two dance together in the end? Hilary Duff and Adam Lamberg certainly have a chemistry on-screen. Mostly Lizzie and Gordo were shown together throughout the entire episode which shows that Gordo was intent on helping Lizzie to be happy. However, there was a moral to the story as there is with any Disney show: Be yourself. Lizzie learns that through getting her heart broken after trying extremely hard to impress the boy of her dreams. Her sense of sadness was portrayed extremely well by Hilary Duff. The young actress can show many different sides of a charater which is excellent for the overall development of one. I liked the Matt plot in this episode more so than in others. However, the only downside to it is that Jake Thomas's acting is not always top-notch. Sure he was probably only 11 at the time, but sometimes he can be a bit over the top.

    Again, "Just Friends" is a great episode for a huge Lizzie McGuire fan. I would have to say this is one of my favorite episodes and am never disappointed or bored when it is shown on t.v. Even if I have seen it close to a million times.