Lizzie McGuire

Season 2 Episode 14

Just Like Lizzie

Aired Unknown Aug 09, 2002 on Disney Channel

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  • Lizzie Learns A Life Lesson Through Failure.

    Most of the time airing an episode out of production order either does no or very little harm. But in this episode’s case, it has done plenty. The primary problem stems from the fact that *this* episode was intended to be the season opener for Season Two. It’s not just that it was the first episode to be filmed for the new season. It was also intended to *be* the first episode of the new season, not “First Kiss”, and it shows.

    This episode makes it very clear that Lizzie and the gang have graduated to 8th grade, that this season is a new school year for them. This is very important, and as a result of this episode *not* airing when it was supposed to, this particular development was the source of confusion and bedevilment on the part of the fans of the show until nearly halfway into the new season. Not only was the episode shown out of order, but it was shown *way* out of order.

    So besides being the legitimate Season 2 opener, this episode takes a very mature (and bold) look at Lizzie. Namely, the dark/ugly side to her nature. Something we all possess. While I may not personally *like* how Lizzie acts in this episode, I *am* impressed with this aspect being explored, and I *do* feel it is a great story idea. My disappointment focuses more on Lizzie herself than the writing.

    This episode deals with such issues as being a role model/mentor, and a person being themselves, not someone else.

    This is a ‘growing episode’. An episode where Lizzie gains insight and maturity. The big thing here is that Lizzie gains this insight by failing (this theme is reprised to a lesser extent in “Working Girl”). Quite simply, Lizzie blows the job of being a mentor. Lizzie allows her feelings of jealousy, selfishness, and insecurity to take over. Lizzie not only lets herself down in this regard, but her charge/pupil as well. It is in failing Andie that Lizzie truly fails in this endeavor. Andie depended on Lizzie, and she let her down. And in doing so she set Andie down a path she shouldn’t take.

    This is by far the biggest ‘learning experience’ Lizzie has had thus far. And it is made so by the spectacular, phenomenal, monumental, way that she fails at it.

    While all the episodes feature Lizzie (it is her show after all) some focus on her development as a person more so than others. This is definitely Lizzie’s episode, and as a consequence Gordo and Miranda take a backseat.

    Though there *is* some subtle development on the long-standing thread concerning the romantic attraction between Lizzie and Gordo. Gordo goes gaga over the idea of two Lizzie’s, almost manically so. And he even admits he’s attracted to Andie – *after* she has turned herself into a clone of Lizzie!

    Whereas “Gordo and the Girl” established that Lizzie’s feelings toward Gordo might be changing, this episode shows that Gordo’s feelings for Lizzie may be changing.

    The further development of Andie’s character would be a great plot thread, but alas, I feel that she is a ‘one off’ character whom we will never see again.

    As for the subplot, we are treated to Matt’s attempt to gain a merit badge in some youth organization not unlike the Boy Scouts. Not a bad plot, but it seems like an ill fit with the main story. There’s no real overlapping to any meaningful degree. The subplot operates in a vacuum for the most part, and is not as arresting a story as the main plot is. It almost seems to ‘get in the way’ to some degree.

    Overall, while watching Lizzie fail may be painful, it does serve to propel her to another level of maturity, and that is an important thing. As for Matt, well, he’s Matt.
  • This episode explains a lot about being herself.

    This episode tells a lot about being yourself.Andie should have been herself in this episode instead of being Kate or Lizzie.Lizzie could of told Andie it was bothering her that Andie is is being like her.Andie she could of dressed her way instead of dressing like Lizzie and she could of stopped being like Lizzie and coping Lizzie and Kate also ends up making a big deal and showing off that she was a better role model than Lizzie is.This also got Miranda jealous about the who thing.When Miranda wanted a role model,a person that would dress like her and do their hair like her.The key here is be yourself.
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