Lizzie McGuire

Season 1 Episode 23

Last Year's Model

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 2001 on Disney Channel
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Last Year's Model
Lizzie auditions to be in a fashion show presented by "Teen Attitude" magazine at a local mall and she gets accepted. At the show Lizzie looks great on the stage. Afterward, popular girl Jessica asks Lizzie to come to a party at her country club. Lizzie gets Miranda and Gordo invited also. At the party, all three are enjoying the fun, including the hot tub. But already Lizzie's friends are acting different. When Jessica asks her about coming to another party, Miranda starts answering for Lizzie like a press agent and she and Gordo start negotiating future appearances for her like a supermodel! At school things are very different, also. Kids stare at her in the hall like she's a celebrity. Kate is now fawning all over Lizzie, wanting to be her friend. Ethan is so starstruck that he can't even mumble a coherent sentence around her. Gordo and Miranda are as bad as anybody. Lizzie muses, "Gordo and Miranda aren't my friends anymore. They're my people!" Overwhelmed by the attention, Lizzie hides out in Mr. Dig's classroom. When she explains her dilemma to him, he suggests that if she wants them to stop acting like her lackeys, she ought to treat them like such. So Lizzie puts "Operation Superstar Brat" into motion. She blows her nose on the book report Gordo wrote for her. She make Miranda pick out all the green jellybeans in her candy dish. She makes both of them bark like dogs, then walks out on them. But she comes right back and tells Miranda and Gordo that she just wanted to show them what it was like to have a friend treat them so differently, and she wants their relationship to go back to normal. Lizzie is ready to give up being a model, but she still has a contract with the magazine. Miranda suggests that she "stink" as a model, and Lizzie does just that at the next show, looking like a nightmare and even picking a fight with Miranda in the front row! Lizzie is fired on the spot and things go back to normal for the three friends. Meanwhile, Matt gets a $50 gift certificate from Gammy McGuire. He and Lanny put their money together and buy a hammock, but it rips apart the first time they try to use it. Sam McGuire takes them back to the store to return the hammock, but a very rude store clerk won't let them do it. While Sam goes off looking for the manager, Matt and Lanny show that they know how to take care of business with this discourteous clerk.moreless

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Arvie Lowe

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • Nitpick: At Lizzie's last fashion show, when she makes a fool out of herself to escape the modeling contract, Lizzie jumps over Miranda for calling her "graceless" and "dorko." In one shot just after she jumps, Kate is getting out of the way and Miranda is still sitting in the chair just covering her head with her hands. The camera goes back to a jumping Lizzie, and when she lands on Miranda, Miranda is already on the floor and the chair is no longer there.

    • Matt and Lanny buy a hammock with their money, but in "Pool Party" there is a hammock in the McGuire's backyard. So why would they buy a hammock if they already had one. Also, when they're putting the hammock up in the backyard, the camera follows them from the sky, and if you look closely at the grass, you see the outlines of the pads of artifcial grass.

    • On the same day Lizzie has her one-on-one conversation with Mr. Dig and everyone is treating her entirely differently, Gordo is wearing a gray t-shirt with a circle on it under a yellow shirt and Miranda is wearing her hair in 4 pigtails with an orange and white printed shirt. However, when Lizzie puts "Operation Superstar Brat" into action, Miranda and Gordo are wearing the same clothes, which is a Saturday because she threatens to not take Gordo to the Shango Tango that night if he doesn't redo the book report. In addition, Gordo and Miranda are wearing these same clothes at the second fashion show where Lizzie succeeds in getting out of her contract.

    • When Lizzie is putting her pencil box in her locker you can see that there is only one book in the locker. But when she notices that the boy is staring at her and she turns around, you get a good view of her locker and you see that she has several notebooks and textbooks in it.

    • When Lizzie, Miranda, Gordo, and Jessica are in the hot tub, Lizzie is drinking something and the flower in her cup keeps disappearing and reappearing from shot to shot.

    • It's seriously doubtful that Lizzie would be reading Lord of the Flies at a 7th grade level. As it says in cultural references, some of content is scandalous and has been banned in some schools. For school districts that do allow it, it's a part of the high school curriculum.

      Also, Gordo must not have read the book very closely. There's no cannibalism in it. The boys do "hunt" another boy one time, but it's for sport rather than for food, and they don't even catch him. On the island, the boys eat fruit and pork.

    • Not a goof: In the scene where Jessica asks Lizzie to come to the country club, Miranda's necklace keeps appearing and disappearing. Actually, the shadow from her face is concealing it, but if you look closely the necklace is there the whole time.

    • When Lizzie is talking to Mr. Dig about being a model, Lizzie mentions how Gordo and Miranda have been treating her different. Then Mr. Dig says "I don't know who those people are." But Mr. Dig appears to have known them in earlier episodes "Educating Ethan" and "Lizzie Strikes Out."

    • When Matt gets the letter from his grandma, he says "Wow, a 50 dollar gift certificate," as he's opening the envelope, but before he gets a chance to take a good look at what's inside. Also, it sounds like he says "birfday" instead of "birthday."

    • When Lizzie and Miranda are getting in line at the country club for water, Lizzie is telling Miranda that if one of the teachers had known about Lizzie being a model in the future, she would have cast her as the snow princess instead of a sheep in the 5th grade holiday pageant. But in "Random Acts Of Miranda," Lizzie said that neither of them had been in a play before.

    • When Lizzie and Miranda are at the country club in line to get water, it shows Kate and a red-haired girl standing in front of them. Kate and the girl turn around to look at Lizzie and it shows Lizzie and Miranda waiting but the other girl is behind them! Then Kate is shown again and the girl is still next to her.

    • Mr. Dig says "...I was born in East Lansing, Michigan. Go Wolverines!", referring to the sports teams' nickname at the University of Michigan. But Lansing is actually the home of Michigan State University (the Spartans), who are athletic arch-rivals of Michigan. The University of Michigan is in Ann Arbor.

    • The pronunciation of Kate's last name has gone from "Sanders" with a short "a" sound to SAUN-ders, then back to SAND-ers again on this episode.

  • QUOTES (11)

  • NOTES (12)

    • In the last scene, the magazine Miranda is reading is an issue of "Dell Crossword Special" (no relation to the electronics company), which, as its name implies, specializes in crossword puzzles and first started in 1931.

    • Guest-star Masiela Lusha (Model #1) is best known for her role as "Carmen" during the first five seasons of George Lopez. Hilary Duff (Lizzie) has appeared on George Lopez twice, playing two different roles.

    • Gordo appears to be using the same type of "walkman" Mr. Dig was using in "Lizzie Strikes Out."

    • This episode can be found in the paperback novelization book Just Like Lizzie. It is also on Vol. 1 of the Lizzie McGuire DVD Collection entitled "Fashionably Lizzie" released on Dec. 9, 2003.

    • Though his full name is never used, Mr. Dig's character is identified in the credits as Mr. Digby Sellers. This name is taken from a character in the movie The Big Lebowski (1988), Arthur Digby Sellers. This is at least the second reference in Lizzie to Lebowski, the other one coming in "Lizzie Strikes Out."

    • In the blooper reel, Robert Carradine's line "I love being an adult because everything you get [in the mail] stinks," is interrupted by a sneeze. Apparently, the line was cut out of the final version of the show.

    • Mr. Dig says that his family is originally from Tobago, part of the Carribean nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

    • Further character identification: Natasha's last name is O'Neil. One of the runway models is named Cheyenne Keegan.
      Unseen character: Whitney Nussbaum, whose bat mitzvah Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda supposedly went to.
      Character with no lines: Jessica's father, who brings her some tea in the hot tub.

    • Mr. McGuire says that Matt's birthday was seven months earlier.

    • A "little" reference: In the "Untitled Stan Jansen Project", Toon Lizzie says, "How soon he forgets the little people." Then, in the next new episode to air (this one), Gordo says, "Don't forget us little people."

    • The clapboard on the blooper reel at the end of the show is dated March 27, 2001.

    • Music includes:
      "Shopping" by the Pet Shop Boys from their 1987 album Actually, heard when Matt is out shopping, naturally.
      "Everybody Wants Ya" by the English teen singing group S Club 7 from their 2000 debut album. It's played during the first fashion show.


    • Miranda: Why don't you take a picture it'll last longer!
      This is a line made by Paul Reubens in the 1985 film Pee-wee's Big Adventure when a group of people were staring at him.

    • Mr. Dig: ...But I was born in East Lansing, Michigan. Go Wolverines!
      The Wolverines are the mascot of the University of Michigan. As was mentioned in the "goofs and nitpicks" section, it is odd that Mr. Dig would support the Wolverines when Lansing is where Michigan State University---the home of the Spartans--is located.

    • Lizzie: You didn't pick the green ones out.
      Lizzie's complaint about Miranda not removing the green jellybeans from the bowl is reminscent of stories about the rock band Van Halen having a provision in their contract that the brown M&M's were to be removed from the candy bowls in their dressing room food spreads. Some rock bands are notorious for having contract "riders" which go into great detail explaining what kind of food, drink and other services must be provided for them at their live performances. Some bands claimed that the seemingly outrageous requests were just a way to make sure the promoters read the contract.

    • Toon Lizzie: "Stop staring at me! I'm not a celebrity! I'm a human being!"
      A line taken from the movie (and play) The Elephant Man (1980), which was based on the true story of John Merrick, a man with a horribly disfiguring disease who was displayed as a sideshow freak for many years in Victorian England. A doctor came to his rescue and Merrick was eventually introduced into English high society. A famous quote from the movie: "I am not an animal! I am a human being! man!"

    • Gordo: "I have a book report on Lord of the Flies."
      This novel, written by William Golding in 1954, is about a group of boys who have to survive on their own on a deserted island after a plane crash. In doing so, the boys' own little society turns from a civilized one into something barbaric. This book is often assigned reading in schools, but many school systems have banned it because of its themes and sometimes shocking content.

    • Jessica: "We're gonna go in the hot tub and watch the new Backstreet Boys DVD!"
      For anyone who has been living on the moon, the Backstreet Boys have been one of the most phenomenally successful recording groups of the late 1990's. Even after *NSync replaced them as the world's top "boy band," the Backstreet Boys still continued to enjoy big record sales and large, enthusiastic crowds at their live shows.

    • Matt: "I shall call him Mini-Me."
      Mini-Me is the character in the 1999 Austin Powers movie who is a 1/8-size clone of the villainous Dr. Evil. Mini-Me was played by Vern Troyer and Dr. Evil was played by Mike Meyers, who of course also played Austin Powers in the films. Matt says this when he is sitting in a modern-style bucket seat of the type that Dr. Evil used in the movies. It's followed by a shot of Lanny with a tiny body, just like Mini-Me.

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